Allegations On His Revelations
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Allegations On His Revelations


This section will mainly contain of the allegations against the beautiful revelations of the Promised Messiah عليه السلام

Claim of Divinity

This allegation can only be raised by one who has no knowledge of the Qur’an, Ahadith, or Islamic Dreams

New Heaven and New Earth

An allegation on the beautiful revelation explained above is also that Ahmad عليه السلام stated that he would create a new heaven and a new earth

Listen My Son?

This is just another false allegation against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام. The non Ahmadi Muslims accuse him of claiming to be the literal son of God

Glad Tidings of a Son From Heaven?

This is just another baseless allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims. It is sad that they fall into the trap of takng all revelations and visions to be literal

Allah Fasting And Sleeping?

Another lie which the anti Ahmadis quote is against a revelation of Ahmad عليه السلام where Allah had said that “I pray and Keep fasting; I stay awake and sleep”

I Fast And I Break My Fast?

This is just another allegation out of context. Let us read what Ahmad عليه السلام has himself written in the footnote

I Can Be Wrong Or Right?

“I shall respond along with the Messenger and will postpone or cancel My decree at certain times and will fulfill it at other times”

Oh Sun, Oh Moon

This allegation is completely baseless and has no fault in it.It has been beautifully explained by the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام in many places

Whatever Matter You Determine…

The allegation is that Ahmad عليه السلام was revealed to that:

“Whatever matter You determine, it takes place immediately with Your command” (Ruhani Khazain Volume 22, page 108)

You Are From Our Water And They Are From Cowardice?

This is just another allegation which Non Ahmadis fail to understand and ignore the interpretation which Ahmad عليه السلام has given

You Are From My Unity...

The revelation is as follows: “You are to Me like My Unity and Uniqueness.”

Signature of God

This is yet another baseless allegation. We will firstly look at the entire vision in context, in the words of Ahmad عليه السلام himself

I Decided To Appoint A Khalifah

The entire revelation which the non Ahmadi Muslims try to mock at is:

“I decided to appoint a Khalifah [vicegerent] from Myself so I created Adam. I will establish in the earth.”

God Made of Ivory?

This allegation is a complete lie and it is mistranslated. The revelation of stated by Ahmad عليه السلام is:

[Arabic] Say: “I have with me proof from Allah, then will you not believe?”

Allah Praises You?

This is just another allegation which can only be raised from a person who has no knowledge of the Qur’an or Ahadith at all

The Heavens And The Earth Are With You

“I am pleased with you. I shall raise you towards Me. The heaven and the earth are with you as they are with Me”

Entered Into A Bargain With Thee?

Another allegation which is brought up a lot is that the sunnis claim : “God made a pledge of fealty at the hand of Mirza”

Tichi Tichi?

This allegation is full of mockery and no where will you find the words tichi tichi in the books of Ahmad عليه السلام. Here is the excerpt which they accuse:

Qadian In The Qur’an?

The Quran mentions the names of three cities: Mekkah, Medina, and Qadian.” (Khutba-Ilhamia, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 20)

Descend Near Qadian

That is [Arabic] We have caused these Signs and wonders and this revelation filled with points of wisdom and verity, to descend near Qadian.

Qur’an Is God’s Book and Words of my Mouth?

This allegation is also out of context from a long revelation of Ahmad عليه السلام. Allah is referring to Himself rather than to Ahmad عليه السلام

Die In Mecca Or Medina?

This allegation is brought up by non Ahmadi Muslims many times and its sad that they do not even read the entire prophecy nor understand it

Baitullah or Black Stone?

The allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام stated:

Thy Throne Has Been Laid Above All Others?

This is another allegation which can only be quoted by such people who have not read the Qur’an or Ahadith properly. Allah States in the Qur’an:


The allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is against the revelation of Ahmad عليه السلام where he states:

English Revelations

Firstly, the allegation on revelations is not something new, rather this was an allegation used against other prophets as well. Allah states in Chapter 11 Verse 92:Firstly, the allegation on revelations is not something new, rather this was an allegation used against other prophets as well. Allah states in Chapter 11 Verse 92:

Mans Language Different Than Revelation

All prophets come and speak in the language of the people they are sent to.  Allah tells us :

Joined her In Marriage to You and Unmarried or Widow

Now the next revelation they accuse is “we have joined her in marriage to you”. The same has been used in Surah Al Ahzab where Allah states:

Naked Dream?

This is another allegation which is brought up by many Non Ahmadi Muslims. They accuse Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام of seeing Muhammadi Begum Naked in a dream and also a man

Gradual Claims of Ahmad عليه السلام

The allegation raised against Ahmad عليه السلام is that he slowly increased his claim. It is important to note that Allah States:

The Heavenly Graveyard

Firstly one has to understand that the institution of this heavenly graveyard was a prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Qur’anic Verses Revealed

The allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is that verses of the Qur’an were revealed to Ahmad عليه السلام and that this is not Islamic

You Are From Me and I am From You

“You are From Me, and I am From You”

You Are My Purpose and Are With Me

“Good news for you, O My Ahmad. You are My purpose and are with Me. I have planted your honour with My own hand.” (Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 82)

First of The Believers

The allegation of the non Ahmadi Musims is that Allah called Ahmad عليه السلام the first of the believers

No Gabriel Mentioned?

The next allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims, which is also another lie, is that Ahmad عليه السلام did not claim that Gabriel came to him

Jesus Mentioned as A Metaphor

The allegation is against a statement of the Promised Messiah which states:

“God Almighty has disclosed to me in a clear vision that the [second] advent of Ibn-e-Maryamas, [the son of Mary] is indicated metaphorically in the Holy Qur’an.” (Izala-e-Auham, Page 667, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 3, Page 460)