Answering Misquotations of Qur’an From Non Ahmadi Muslims
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Answering Misquotations of Qur’an From Non Ahmadi Muslims

Misquotes & misinterpretations of Qur’an

Here are the Ayahs that the Non Ahmadi Muslims try to quote in the attempt to prove the life of Isa(as) In reality none of them even hint to the fact that he is alive if read properly.(Note:Ahmadi Muslims count Bismillah as a verse, so for example Chapter 4 Verse 158-159 would be Chapter 4 verse 157-158)

(4:158-159) Allah Raised Jesus عليه السلام to Himself

Firstly, it is clear that in no way does the fact that Isaas was not killed or crucified, suggest that heas is alive in the heavens. This same ayah can apply to even the Holy Prophetsaw who was neither killed nor crucified and was also raised. This applies to many prophets and many righteous people who have passed.

(4:160) People of The Book Would Believe?

This verse is one of the ayahs in the Qur’an which has such a confusion on many non Ahmadis sadly but this can easily be cleared up once the Qur’an is read in context. This verse in context and many other ayahs in context as well need to be read to understand this ayah.

(43:62) Sign Of The Hour?

Firstly, the argument of the non Ahmadi Muslims that this refers that Isaas is alive, has no basis at all. In this verse, no where has Allah stated that Isaas will be a sign of the hour and that the hour will come soon.

(5:18) Jesus عليه السلام Cannot Be Touched?

This verse in no way whatsoever has anything to prove that Jesus (as) is alive. Allah is simply replying to the Christians who consider Isa(As) to be a god since he has no abilities to protect himself from divine wrath.

(5:110) Prophets Will Not Be Witnesses?

This ayah is totally used out of context and is misinterpreted. This ayah is actually referring to the hearts and minds of the people. The prophets will admit the rejection they faced but will plead to their ignorance in regards to the hearts of the people.

(3:47) Speak From The Middle Age?

Non Ahmadis have tried to use this ayah to state that Allah has said that Isa(As) will speak in the cradle and in the middle age, but because he went to the heavens, he was unable to speak during the middle age.

(3:49) Book, Wisdom, And The Torah And The Gospel

So their claim for trying to use this to prove Isa(as) being alive is already proven as a failed attempt and would mean that all prophets are alive who have not seen the Qur’an as this ayah states Book and Wisdom for all of the prophets.

(5:111) Jesus عليه السلام Protected From Persecution?

The non Ahmadis try to quote this ayah to state that the word kafafu refers to the opponents touching Jesus(as) and could not put him on the cross however this is totally basis as well. In the Qur’an Allah has stated in regards to the Believers in Chapter 5 verse 12:

If Jesus عليه السلام Died, Why Can’t He Come Back?

Allah can do anything He wants but never would He go against His words of the Qur’an in which He clearly has stated that once a person dies never do they return.