New Heaven and New Earth
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New Heaven and New Earth

New Heaven and New Earth

An allegation on the beautiful revelation explained above is also that Ahmadasstated that he would create a new heaven and a new earth. This is yet again a foolish misinterpretation of a vision. The meaning of this is explained beautifully by Ahmadas himself. He states:


” In a state of vision I saw that I had created a new earth and a new heaven and then I said: Now let us create man. At this the ignorant maulavis raised a cry: Watch now, this man claims to be God. Actually, the meaning of the vision was that God will bring about through me such a change as if the heaven and the earth had been renewed and true men will come into being.” (Chashma-e-Masihi, Page 58 Footnote, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 20, Pages 375-376 Footnote)


He also stated:


” I am anxious every moment that the Christians and we should somehow come to a settlement. My heart is rent asunder because of the mischief caused by the worship of a dead man.…I would have expired long ago under the burden of this grief had not my Lord, the Strong and Powerful, comforted me with the assurance that in the end God’s Unity will be victorious. Other gods will be destroyed and false gods will be cut off from their godheads. The worship of Mary will die off and the death of her son will now be definitely established. God the Almighty says: If I were to will so, I would cause Mary and her son Jesus and all that are on the earth to perish. He has now determined to put an end to the wrongful worship of both. So now both of them will die and no one will be able to save them. All those evil faculties which were prone to accept false gods will also perish. There will be a new earth and a new heaven. The days are approaching when the sun of truth will rise from the West and Europe will recognise the True God. Thereafter the door of repentance will be closed, for those who wish to enter will have entered eagerly and only those will remain outside whose hearts are by nature sealed, and who are in love, not with light, but with darkness. The time is near when all religions will perish except Islam. All weapons will be broken except the heavenly weapon of Islam for it will neither be broken nor will it be blunted till it has broken all Antichrist tendencies to bits. The time is near that the true Unity of God, which is perceived within their nature even by those who dwell in the desert or are completely unaware of any teaching, will spread through all regions. On that day there will remain no artificial atonement nor an artificial god. A single stroke of God will frustrate all the plans of disbelief, not by any sword, nor by any gun, but by bestowing light on eager souls and by illumining the pure hearts. Then will there be an understanding of all that which I say.” (Al-Ishtiharu Mustaiqinan bi-Wahyillahil-Qahhar, Announcement Dated January 14, 1897, Majm’ah Ishtiharrat, Volume 2, Pages  304-305)




“Even if a person were to strive all his life in the hope of finding some prophecy of mine about which he could assert that it has remained unfulfilled, he will not find a single one, though, out of shameless audacity or ignorance, he may say whatever he likes. I declare emphatically that there are thousands of explicit prophecies of mine that have been fulfilled with great clarity and to which hundreds of thousands of people bear witness. If you try to find precedence among past Prophets, you will not find it, with the sole exception of the Holy Prophetsaw…I know it for a fact that the clarity with which God Almighty is manifesting Himself in this age and the way He is revealing to His servant hundreds of matters pertaining to the unseen, no parallel of it can be found in earlier times. People will soon see the Countenance of God Almighty becoming manifest in this age, as though He Himself had descended from heaven. For a long time He kept Himself hidden, and He was denied but He remained silent. Now, however, He will conceal Himself no longer and the world shall witness such manifestation of His Power as their forefathers had never seen. This shall happen because the world has become corrupt, and people no longer believe in the Creator of heaven and earth. They only pay lip service to Him, but their hearts have turned away from Him. This is why God said, ‘Now I shall create a new Heaven and a new Earth.’ This simply means that the earth had died, i.e., the hearts of the people of this earth had become cold as if they were dead, for the Countenance of God was hidden from them, and all previous heavenly signs had come to be regarded as mere tales. God, therefore, willed to create a new Earth and a new Heaven. What is that new Heaven? And what is that new Earth? The new Earth are the pure hearts whom God prepares with His own hand; they are manifested by God and He shall be manifested through them. The new Heaven are the signs that are being shown by His servant with His permission. Alas! the world treated this New Manifestation of God with hostility. They are left with nothing but tales, and their ‘God’ is none other than their own fantasies. Their hearts are awry, their will exhausted, and their eyes covered with veils.” (Kashti Nuh, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 19, Pages 6-7)