Allegations On Prophecies And Prayer Duels
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Allegations On Prophecies And Prayer Duels

Prophecies and Prayer duels

This section will include the allegations against some prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام and in regards to some prayer duels which the anti Ahmadis take completely out of context

Die In Mecca Or Medina?

This allegation is brought up by non Ahmadi Muslims many times and its sad that they do not even read the entire prophecy nor understand it.

Age Prophecy?

The allegation against Ahmad عليه السلام is that he claimed he would live over 80 years in his writings and died before this. This is totally false and not true

Sanaullah, The Terrified Maulvi of Amritsar

The allegation of the anti Ahmadi Muslims is extremely dishonest. Firstly, it is important to note that Ahmad عليه السلام did not claim that Sanaullah would die during his life time

Abdullah Atham, A Christian Fraud

The next allegation is one we are answering in great upset. It is sad that Ahmad عليه السلام was defending Islam against a Christian and had a clear victory, and yet the anti Ahmadi Muslims raise an allegation against him

Muhammadi Begum, A Prophecy Fulfilled

The allegation against Ahmad عليه السلام which is most often brought up, is his prophecy in regards to Muhammadi Begum


Now what the non Ahmadis try to do is say that Ahmad عليه السلام said the marriage is Taqdir-e-Mubram and try to say the prophecies are unconditional since they say “we joined her in marriage to you” and “unmarried or as a widow”

Joined her In Marriage to You and Unmarried or Widow

Now the next revelation they accuse is “we have joined her in marriage to you”. The same has been used in Surah Al Ahzab where Allah states:

Pir Mehr Ali,Another Humiliated Opponent

The next allegation is quote often raised by the minority of followers belonging to Pir Mehr Ali Shah He was another opponent of Ahmad عليه السلام

Falsehood of Abdul Hakeem of Patala

This is just another out of context allegation which some ignorant non Ahmadi Muslims have raised against the jamaah of Allah

Reality of the mubahalah Of Abdul Haq Ghaznavi

Before this allegation is answered, it is extremely important to note the verse about the mubahalah in the Holy Qur’an. Allah the Almighty States:

Pigott, The False Claimant of Divinity

John Hugh Smyth Pigott was a leader of the Agapemone, which had similar views to the Protestant Christians

Illias Sattar, Another Mullah Exposed (Allegation against our beloved Mirza Tahir Ahmad(ra)

To begin this answer, Illias Sattar only jumped for a mubahila because he could not answer this clear ayah of the Qur’an

Plague Entering the House of the Messiah?

Opponents allege that the plague entered the house of the Messiah(as)

40 Year Mission?

40 Year Mission

Subjugation of the Jewish Nation

Subjugation of the Jews

Prophecy of Bashir al-Daula, Son to Miyan Manzur Muhammad

Son to Miyan Manzur

Prophecy Regarding Trip To Delhi

Trip to Delhi