God Made of Ivory?
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God Made of Ivory?

God Made of Ivory?

This allegation is a complete lie and it is mistranslated. The revelation of stated by Ahmadas is:


“[Arabic] Say: I have with me proof from Allah, then will you not believe?


This refers to the support and help of God, His revelation comprising matters of the unseen and prophecies with regard to the future, acceptance of prayer, revelation in various languages, and revelation of points of wisdom and divine truths. All this is divine testimony, which it is the duty of everyone who possesses faith to accept. The [translation] of the remaining revelations is:


Indeed my Lord is with me. He will show me the way. O my Lord! forgive my sins and show mercy from heaven. Our Lord is [‘Aji ] (The meaning of this has not been disclosed as yet). O my Lord, prison is more attractive to me than that the unworthy things towards which they invite me. O my Lord deliver me from my anxiety. [Hebrew] O my Lord! O my Lord! Why have You forsaken me? [Persian] Your bounties have made us daring. All these are mysteries which apply to their proper times, which are in the knowledge of the All-Knowing.” (Brahin-e-Ahmadiyyah, Part 4, Pages 555-556, Sub Footnote 4, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 1, Pages 662-664 Sub Footnote 4)


The non Ahmadi Muslims falsely translate the words ربناعاج as our Lord is made of ivery but this is totally unacceptable as the words before this clearly state that :


” Indeed my Lord is with me. He will show me the way. O my Lord! forgive my sins and show mercy from heaven.”


Then come the words ربناعاج meaniing our Lord is one who exalts His Vice.


The word عاج is derived from the word عج. The meaning of this would be that He cried out of raised his voice, and عج would mean he raised his voice as well. Albani declared a hadith Hassan which states:

افضل الحج العج والثج

And the meaning of this is that “the most excellent of the actions of the pilgrimmage are the raising of the voice..”. In Lanes Lexicon, عجيج means crying out or vociferating and clamouring of a people or party. The true meaning is that “Our Lord is One Who Exalts His Voice or one Who Calls the World to Him By Exalting His Voice”. Many more dictionaries support the same meaning of عجيج and anyone who knows simple Arabic would agree with this meaning as the dictionaries support it.