Baitullah or Black Stone?
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Baitullah or Black Stone?

The allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas stated:


” In His revelation God has also called me the Baitullah [House of Allah], which indicates that the more my opponents strive to demolish this House, the more treasures of divine knowledge and heavenly Signs will emerge from it. Accordingly, my experience is that with every persecution a new treasure is disclosed. One of the revelations in this context is:


Someone kissed my foot and I told him: ‘I am the Black Stone.’(Arbain, No.4, Page 15, Footnote, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 17, Pages 444-445 Footnote)


What the non Ahmadi Muslims forget to mention is that Ahmadas himself stated in Al-Istifta Page 41:


“Interpreters of dreams have said that the interpretations of the Black Stone in a dream are: the man of learning, the jurist and the wise.”


This is a metaphorical statement and we see similar statements by the Holy Prophetsaw. He stated to Hazrat Alira :


“O Ali you are like the Ka’ba”