Entered Into A Bargain With Thee?
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Entered Into A Bargain With Thee?

Entered Into A Bargain With Thee?

Another allegation which is brought up a lot is that the sunnis claim : “God made a pledge of fealty at the hand of Mirza”


The real translation is that “I have entered into a bargain with thee, ie. Something was mine and thou wert made the owner of it and something was mine of which I became the owner. Thou also acknowledges and sayest that God has made a contract of exchange with me.” Its in line with the verse of the Quran which says :




They are the ones who turn to God in repentance, who worship Him, who praise Him, who go about in the land serving Him, who bow down to God, who prostrate themselves in prayer, who enjoin good and forbid evil, and who watch the limits set by Allah. And give glad tidings to those who believe.(Chapter 9 Verse 112)