Whatever Matter You Determine…
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Whatever Matter You Determine…

Whatever Matter You Determine…

The revelation which the non Ahmadi Muslims raise an allegation on is as follows:

“Whatever matter You determine, it takes place immediately with Your command.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 105, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 108)

This allegation is totally baseless. This is a revelation, but the word qul has been taken out. We can compare this revelation to Surah al-Fatihah. For example, when Allah says in the Qur’an “Thee Alone do we worship” we are speaking to Allah, not to the Prophet Muhammadsaw. Promised Messiahas has himself explained that such revelation is descended upon him, and it is not in reality from him. If one wants to raise a allegation on this, the same allegation would fall on Surah al Fatihah. This revelation is referring to Allah, that Whatever matter He determines takes place immediately with His command.

Even according to Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, Allah has Stated that ” O son of Adam, I am Allah, there is no God except me. If I say to something “be” then it is. If you obey me I will make you say to a thing ‘be’ and it will be. Allah has done so with many of his prophets and chosen people from among the children of Adam”