No Gabriel Mentioned?
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No Gabriel Mentioned?

The next allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims, which is also another lie, is that Ahmadas did not claim that Gabriel came to him. This will firstly be answered with some statements of Ahmadas. He states:


Translation: [Arabic] A’il came to me and he chose me. He revolved his finger and pointed out that: God will guard you from your enemies and will attack fiercely him who jumps upon you. [Urdu] A’il is Gabriel, the angel who conveys good news


Ahmadas added:


” A’il is derived from Ayalat, meaning one who reforms and delivers the oppressed from the oppressor. The reason for the use of the expression A’il rather than Jibra’il [Gabriel] is to indicate that his function will be to deliver the oppressed from his oppressors. Then he pointed with his finger all round and indicated: Allah will safeguard you against your enemies etc. This revelation also has an affinity to the previous revelation He is the Benevolent, He walks in front of you and becomes the enemy of one who is your enemy. As the expression A’il might not be found in the lexicons or its use might be rare the revelation itself has explained it.” (Al-Badr, Volume 1, No.12, January 16, 1903 Page 90 and al-Hakam, Volume 7, No.2, January 17, 1903, Pages 5-6)


He also stated:


” I saw in my dream that my wife came to me dressed in Ihram and sat down near me and said to me: If I should die, you should wash my body yourself. She had in mind her possible death from childbirth. Then I felt a slight earthquake which caused no damage. My wife and I came out of the room from under the roof into the open. This was Thursday 22nd Shawwal 1320 AH. At the time when my wife was speaking to me I had felt as if [the angel] Jibra’il [Gabriel] was sitting near me.” (Notebook of the Revelations of thre Promised Messiah, Page 2)




” Lord teach me that which is good in Your estimation. Allah will safeguard you against your enemies and will attack all those who attack you. They have disclosed all their weapons. I shall inform him (Muhammad Husain of Batala) at the last moment that he was not in the right. Allah is Gentle and Merciful. We have made the iron soft for you. I shall come to you suddenly with My hosts. I shall respond along with the Messenger and will postpone or cancel My decree at certain times and will fulfil it at other times.They will ask: ‘Whence have you obtained this status’? Tell them: Allah is Wonderful. Ayel came to me and chose me and rotated his fingers and signified that the promise of Allah had arrived…”


Ahmadas himself states that:


” Here Allah the Almighty has named Gabriel as Ayel, because he visits often” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 103, Footnote, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 106, Footnote)


He himself has claimed that Gabriel visits often. For every verse of the Qur’an the Holy Prophetsaw did not say that Gabriel came. This does not mean that Gabriel did not descend on the Prophet. In the same way it was not necessary for Ahmadas to mention the name of Gabriel every time. Ahmadas has described the ways Gabriel works step by step with each function in his book Elucidation of Objectives, which further proves that it was Gabriel revealing to him. It is through Gabriel which Allah reveals words and this was the claim of Ahmadas.