Falsehood of Abdul Hakeem of Patala
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Falsehood of Abdul Hakeem of Patala

This is just another out of context allegation which some ignorant non Ahmadi Muslims have raised against the jamaah of Allah. It is important to note that Abdul Hakeem of Patala had beliefs that were completely against Qur’an and Islam in general which was the reason he was removed from the jamaat. His belief was that Muhammad(saw) is not important and does not have to be accepted. He said the second part of the kalima is basically useless. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) tried to explain this to him and wrote letters to him also. This is all available in the book Haqiqatul wahi. Because he continuously disagreed, Ahmad(as) could not keep him in the jamaat as one who disrespects our master Muhammad(saw) has no room in this jamaat nor does he belong here.


Its sad that some non Ahmadi Muslim opponents now claim that is prophecy became true. a man who did not even believe in the Holy Prophet(saw). Strangely enough the bitterest opponents of Ahmadiyyat agreed that his prophecy failed. The truth is when the death of Mirza Ghulam ahmad(as) came near, he continued to publish prophecies about his death. Abdul Hakeem used to use the prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) to make prophecies about when he would die. In the end Abdul Hakeem said Ahmad(as) would die on August 4, 1908. This was his final prophecy. Before this he claimed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) would die on the fourth of August. Now Ahmad(as) passed away on May 26th 1908 but Abdul Hakeem said he would die on August 4, 1908. Clearly, Ahmad(as) was proven truthful and Allah had humiliated Abdul Hakeem and exposed his fraud to the entire world, including the sunni scholars.


I will now explain this case in depth. Three years before the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as), he(as) received more revelations in regards to his death. For example in Braheen e Ahmadiyya Volume 5 page 70, Allah told the Promised Messiah(as) “Your determined term of life is near its end”. In the same year, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) saw a dream where he was told by Allah that the appointed term for him had only a small portion remaining, meaning his death was near. During the rest of the year Allah continued to reveal to Ahmad(as) about his death. Allah the Almighty also revealed to Ahmad(as) the following “He will send down from heaven that which will please thee. A mercy from our self and a matter that has been determined. That which you are being promised is near. I have issued my decree” (Al Hakam, Volume 9, Number 44, 24th October 1905, Page 4)


Ahmad(as) also  stated:


“To begin with, all praise is due to God, the Lord of all the worlds; and peace and blessings upon his Messenger, Hadhrat Muhammad(Saw), his progeny and his companions, all. And after that, since in repeated revelations, coming one after the other, God Almighty has conveyed to me that the time of my demise is near and since revelations in this behalf have come to me with such repetition and force as to shake the foundation of my being, turning my heart cold to this life, I have deemed it proper to set down in writing, some words of admonition and advice for my friends and other people who might be disposed to derive benefit from them( The Will, pg 2). The will also had other revelations which showed  Ahmad(As)’s death was near. These included “the end of his time was approaching (ibid), and “not much was left before this event took place (ibid pg 3). There was also a vision stated where an angel was measuring the ground and arriving at the location where his grave had been destined to be situated (ibid pg 15)


Now we are to come to Dr. Abdul Hakeem who had been excommunicated from the jamaat because of his beliefs which he began to spread. He was already upset and angered because of his excommunication and because of the humiliation he had suffered. This made him develop hatred towards the jamaat of Allah. He started to write against Ahmad(as) and also threatned him. Abdul Hakeem also claimed to be a recipient of Divine revelation. Now everyone in India who knew about Ahmad(as) were aware of his prophecies in regards to his near death. Abdul Hakeem used this as a opportunity to make a prophecy about his death. Abdul Hakeem basically copied the prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) and made assumptions of when Ahmad(As) may die. He firstly “prophesied” that Ahmad(as) would die within three years of this prophecy of his (Al Haq Wa Atmam al Hujjat Wa Tamilah page 4). He was clearly repeating what Allah was telling Ahmad(as) but trying to apply dates to his prophecies. Even in the year of 1905 in December, Ahmad(as) stated “A few days back, I saw a dream that someone had given me some water in a new earthen vessel in which there only remained two or three sips of water but, the water was extremely clear and pure. This was accompanied by a revelation, water of life” (Review of Religions, December 1905, pg 480)


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) knew that God does not allow a fabricator to spread such lies and be successful so he stated:


Those accepted of God carry with them the signs of such acceptance. They are known as the princes of peace. No one can prevail over them


Ahmad(as) then supplicated to Allah to distinguish between the turhtful and the lair as he is all knowing and was aware of all knowledge (Tadhkirah, English Edition page 353)


After this prayer of Ahmad(as), Allah the almighty began to expose Abdul Hakeem. It started by him first causing Hakeem to change his original “prophecy” of Ahmad(as)’s death which was by ten months and eleven days. Abdul Hakeem switched his original prophecy to that God told him to reduce Ahmad(as)’s lif by ten months and 11 days which would mean that Ahmad(as) would die within the fourteen months of this dated “prophecy” (Al Haq Wa Atmamul Hujjat Wa Takmilah page 6). In reply to this Ahmad(As) was told by Allah that God will seize Abdul Hakeen and lengthen Ahmad(as)’s days and his enemies prophecy will not be fulfilled(Announcement, 5th November 1907, Tadhkirah English Edition page 404). Now Abdul Hakeem saw this prophecy of Ahmad(as) and was once again confused to change his “prophecy”. He first said Ahmad(as) would die within 14months of July 1907 and then switched it to 12th of February 1908 and now had said that Ahmad(as) would die before the 4th of August 1908 (Al Haq Wa Atmam Al Hujjat Wa Takmilah, pg 26) Ahmad(as) once again replied to this by saying Allah will protect him from the predictions of the doctor (Chashma-e-Marifat page 232). Now again Abdul Hakeem was scared and said “God annulled the prediction of Ahmad(as)’s death before the fourth of August 1908 (Al Haq Wa Atmam al Hujjat Wa Takmilah Page 9)


Now in the next prediction of Abdul Hakeem which was a letter from the 8th of May 1908, he stated “


“I shall be grateful if you publish my latest revelations concerning the death of Mirza. They said Mirza will die of a fatal disease on the 21st day Of Saavan in the year 1965″( which is August 4th 1908).” An important woman from the family of Mirza will also die with him (Paisa Akhbar, Lahore and Ahle Hadith Amritsar, 15th May 1908). This was the last “revelation” of Abdul Hakeem which had a date for Ahmad(as).


Allah had confused him in such a way that he was making himself look like one who is completely ignorant and has no converse with God whatsoever. Now Hakeem predicted a specific date for Ahmad(as)’s death which is why there was no need for Allah to now extent the life of Ahmad(as) as before since the date varied from the date of August 4, 1908.


Ahmad(as) passed away on the 26th of May in 1908. This is two months and ten days before the date of which Hakeem “prophesied”. The opponents of Ahmad(as) including the editor of Paisa Akhbar said that why did Hakeem change his prediction of Ahmad(as)s death within fourteen months of the first of July of 1907 to a certain death on the 21st day of Savaan of the year 1965 which is the fourth of August 1908. He claimed if Abdul Hakeem left his prediction he would have been shown truthful. This shows that they themselves admit it was a false prophecy.


Now let us see what Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsar has said about the “prophecies” of Hakeem. One has to remember that Sanaullah was one of the biggest opponents of Ahmad(as) and had extreme hate for the Promised Messiah(as). Despite all of this hatred, he was forced to state:


“Alas! We write these lines with the greatest regrets and a painful heart. But what else can we do when we must admit the truth? We were indeed, concerned, when we saw that Mirza had published his Will in which he stated that it had been revealed to him that his life was going to end very soon and some people will feel relieved that a certain person has departed from this world. We did not want this to happen so soon, hoping that God Almighty would leave him to flounder in his transgression. But, we expected this to happen soon, as had been announced by Dr Abdul Hakeem of Patiala. The doctor had stated “My revelation concering Mirza of Qadian, which may kindly be published, is that 1)The Mirza will die on the 21st day of Saavan, 1965 (4thAugust, 1908) of a fatal disease. 2) A distinguished woman of the family of Mirza shall also die [Weekly Ahle Hadees :15.4.1908] However we cannot refrain from saying what is true. Had the doctor STOPPED at what he had stated before, that is, his predition of Mirza’s death within fourteen months and not fixed a specific date as he has done then those objections could have never been raised as are being raised today by the Paisa Akhbar of the 27th, wherein it is stated that had the prophecy been left as “upto the 21st of Saavan” and not altered to “on the 21st of Saavan” it would have, indeed, been wonderful. But alas, his revelation that Mirza will die on the 21st of Saavan, that is the 4th of August, has been published in the Ahle Hadees issue of 15thMay, 1908. We wish that he would have left his earlier revelations unaltered, without giving a specific date. Then there could have been no excuse” (Ahle Hadees, 12th June 1908)


This is a statement of the great opponent of Ahmad(As).I will end these two explanations with a verse of the Quran:


وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا


And say, ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Falsehood does indeed vanish away fast.’(Chapter 17 Verse 82)