Allegation on Plague
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Allegation on Plague

Hadhrat Ahmadas prophesied that the plague would not harm him or anyone who is in his house. However, heas did make exceptions of those who do not truly follow him. Heas also prophesied that plague would come to Qadian as well but would not be a destructive plague. Heas challenged other Muslim scholars on this and claimed that it was a sign for his truthfulness.

Every non Ahmadi Muslim scholar was fearing death while the Lion of Allah


The plague killed millions but failed to touch the Messiahas.

Now the first letter quoted is mistranslated badly.


Nowhere does this letter say that plague has entered into the house of Hadhrat Ahmadas. Nor does it say that the lady working in the house or Muhammad Din have been inflicted by the plague. They were only made to leave the house because of their fever and so that no one else is affected. The letter does not even mention that they were Ahmadi. In this letter, the opposite is mentioned. Hadhrat Ahmadas speaks of everything being fine in his house. He mentions that the lady worker got a fever and was therefore removed from the house, but it was not the plague. She was taken out for safety concerns. The same happened to Muhammad Din.  Nor did the lady from Delhi get afflicted by the plague, rather she had a fever as well.


This critic also lies about the condition of Hadhrat Ahmadas. In reality, heas  said that he is spending all of his time in prayers and he prays so hard and with so much focus and strength that at times he gets so ill that it felt like death was two to three minutes away. This shows the pure character of Hadhrat Ahmadas and him following the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammadsa who continued to pray till his feet swelled, despite being promised victory.