Chapter 3 verse 47
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Chapter 3 verse 47

Speak From The Middle Age?



‘And he shall speak to the people in the cradle and when of middle age, and he shall be of the righteous.’(Chapter 3 Verse 47)


Non Ahmadis have tried to use this ayah to state that Allah has said that Isa(As) will speak in the cradle and in the middle age, but because he went to the heavens, he was unable to speak during the middle age. This is just another misunderstood ayah which most non Ahmadis have tried using, but in reality there is no basis to it.  Firstly we do not believe that Isa(as) was raised to the heavens and I have proven through over 30 ayahs so he did indeed die a natural death after speaking in the middle age as well. Secondly the word kahla does not even refer to the old age rather an age of maturity.


In the famous dictionary Al Munjid it states:


The period of the word Kahla is from the age of 30 years to the age of fifty.


In Muntakhitabul Arabiyya it has been stated that kahla is a man of age twenty or thirty.


The word old man has been used in the Qur’an in chapter 11 verse 73 and the word used is sheikh rather than kahla. Secondly I will like to repeat once again that this ayah has no basis to prove the life of Isa(as) as he did indeed reach a age of 120 as ahadith state which I have also proven.