Chapter 5 verse 18
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Chapter 5 verse 18

Jesus عليه السلام cannot be “touched”?



“They have indeed disbelieved who say, ‘Surely, Allah is none but the Messiah, son of Mary.’ Say, ‘Who then has any power against Allah, if He desire to bring to naught the Messiah, son of Mary, and his mother and all those that are in the earth?’ And to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them. He creates what He pleases; and Allah has power to do all things.”(Chapter 5 Verse 18)


This verse in no way whatsoever has anything to prove that Jesus (as) is alive. Allah is simply replying to the Christians who consider Isa(As) to be a god since he has no abilities to protect himself from divine wrath. Since Allah has the ability to give Isa(As) death as He has throughout the Qur’an, Isa(as) cannot be god as he does not have the qualities of our Creator. This ayah has no proof for the life of Isa(as) at all and if one tries to claim it means Isa(as) is alive they have to say his mother is alive as well. Its sad that in today’s day and age it is Muslims themselves who are twisting ayahs of Tauheed to prove the life of a prophet who Qur’an says has died.