Prophet Can be Raised
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Prophet Can be Raised

Prophet Can be Raised

ابو بكر افضل ھذہ الامة الا ان یكون نبی


Abu Bakr (ra) is the most superior from among the Ummah, except that a prophet is raised.”(Kanzul Ummal)


(There is also another version of this Hadith which uses best among the people ابو بكر خیر الناس الا ان یكون نبی )


Both of these Ahadith leave no doubt that according to the Prophet Muhammad(Saw) the coming of a prophet was possible. The Holy Prophet(saw) has said “most superior from among the ummah” meaning that Abu Bakr(ra) is the most superior in the ummah “except that a prophet is raised” which shows us that the prophet who would be raised would also only be from the ummah rather than a prophet from outside of it. This also is in line with the Ahmadi belief on prophethood. If prophethood was indeed closed, the Prophet Muhammad(saw) could have stopped at ummah or people and would not have stated the next portion.