Poetry of Lujjatun Nur
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Poetry of Lujjatun Nur

Some of the anti-Ahmadis raise allegations on the statement of Hadrat Ahmad (as) from Lujjatun Nur. He (as) writes:

The claim about my eloquence that I have made is inferior to the book of God, the Holy Quran. For without a doubt it is a magnificent and glorious miracle full of brilliance and powerful arguments. Moreover, it has surpassed everyone else in subtle statements, vast meanings and in the twofold brilliances of [articulation and expression of verities]. Some people have a difference of opinion in this but they have been unable to show any verdant tree like this that has this sweetness and verdure. No other greenery can compare to its beauty and lushness no matter how perfect in freshness and verdure it may be. Anyone who seeks this same brilliance from any other book in the universe is like the one who seeks to procure flesh from the decayed bones buried in graves. The truth of the matter is, and I always speak the truth, that no manuscript exists that is like the Book of our Lord God. So just as perfection in all attributes is unique to the Almighty God, so is beauty in all its aspects unique to this brilliant book. So, all that exists other than this is not free from error and shortcomings be it the poetry of An-Nabighah or Sahban. For if you find one of their sentences to be like a soft and bright cheek, you will see that the other is like a short blunt nose, if one word is like a beautiful eye with brilliant white and dark blackness, then the other is like a night-blind she camel. If you will find their rhyming to be balanced like a perfectly proportioned woman, then conversely, you will find that the other is like a person with wobbly legs who cannot walk straight. The Holy Quran is like that beautiful person whose teeth you will always find to be beautifully bright and his cheeks to be rosy red. You will find the beauty of his fingers to be their daintiness, his waist will be slimmer than a belt and his brows will be bright and wide and his teeth will be pearly white. His eye lashes shall be long and alluring, his nose straight and high, his forehead will imprison you in his locks and his eyes shall enslave you with their contrasting white and black. So these are the ten organs whose beauty is found in the Holy Quran without any doubt whatsoever.

The beauty of the Qur’an and using such expressions is not against improper usage. It is really good usage and shows how nicely you are explaining the Qur’an and those who know Arabic and Arabic expressions cannot raise allegations. It is not graphic language.

Hadrat Ka’b bin Zuhair (ra) has a famous poem which he read in front of the Prophet Muhammad (sa). Before getting to a subject you first describe the beauty of such. Ka’b bin Zuhair (ra) read poem describing the Prophet Muhammad (sa) but started by describing a woman. Here is the poem with the Arabic and those poem is mentioned by thousands of scholars. The Prophet Muhammad (sa) did not say its improper and that you should stop. The Prophet (sa) would have stopped him if he was wrong:





In the poetry, it begins as all classical Arabic poetry does with a love story that is not to be taken literally. “Su’ad Left Me” is the girl who leaves the man.

Here is the full translation of the poetry: