Chapter 30 verse 41
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Chapter 30 verse 41

Four Events In The Law of Allah With Life



“It is Allah Who has created you, and then He has provided for you; then He will cause you to die, and then He will bring you to life. Is there any of your ‘partners’ who can do any of these things? Glorified be He and exalted above that which they associate with Him.” (Chapter 30, verse 41)


In this verse, Allah is describing his natural law that there are four outstanding events in the life of man. Firstly comes the death of the person, then he receives his share of physical and spiritual nourishment for his upbringing and also the consummation of this life on earth, followed by death which comes to him and after all of this he is raised to life again. It is clear and evident from these verses that there is no one or no exception made to this life style by Allah. There is no word indicating any exception from the general rule which shows us that the incidents of Isa(as)’s life are also the exact same, since he was a human being and no one is excluded from the universal law.