Jesus (as) Ate Grain Till He Was Raised?
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Jesus (as) Ate Grain Till He Was Raised?

Jesus (as) Ate Grain Till He Was Raised?

Some of the non-Ahmadi Muslims present the following narration from Kanzul Ummal:

كان طعام عيسى الباقلاء حتى رفع، ولم يأكل عيسى شيئا غيرته النار حتى رفع

“The food of Isa was grains until he was raised and he has not eaten anything cooked by fire until he was raised” (Kanzul Ummal, vol. 11, p. 504)

This hadith once again has no chain of narration, and it is not marfu mutasil. This is another fabrication of the anti-Ahmadis and they can only present such weak narrations without chains to support their false belief of hayat-e-Isa.