If Moses and Jesus were alive…
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If Moses and Jesus were alive…

If Moses and Jesus were alive…


“If Moses and Jesus were alive, they would have had no choice but to follow me.”

(Tafsir Ibni Kathir, Under the Verse ‘Mithaqun-Nabiyyin’; Al-Yawaqitu wal-Jawahir, Volume 2, Under Al-Mabhathuth-Thani wath-Thalathun, Zarqani Sharah Mawahibul-Luduniyyah; Fathul-Bayan, Al-Bahrul-Muhit,)


This narration is from one of the most used tafsir’s of the Non Ahmadis. It is clear here that Muhammad(Saw) has said that If Jesus(as) had been Alive (meaning he is not alive) he would have accepted the Prophet(saw). However since Moses and Jesus are not alive they do not have the ability to follow Muhammad(Saw) in this world. Some try accusing the translation and say it refers to living.Well if we read the hadith carefully the Prophet(saw) has made it clear that it is alive and him putting Prophet Moses(as) together with Isa(as) further supports that he has indeed died.


A similar narration narrated by Ibn Qayyimra, who is a great scholar of Islam, states:


If Moses and Jesus had lived in the time of the Holy Prophet (sa), they would have been from among his followers.” (Madarijus-Salikin, Imam Ibni Qayyim)

This also supports the previous statement.