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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas stated:


Allah the Almighty has named this humble one Sultan-ul-Qalam


and has called my pen the Dhulfaqar of ‘Ali ra. (Tadhkirah, Page 333)


He further stated:


That is, I see his hand, which flashes like a sword in respect of incontrovertible arguments, and then I see him with Dhulfaqar. This means that there was a time when ‘Ali (may Allah bless his countenance), held the Dhulfaqar in his hand; but God Almighty will grant the sword to this Imam, and his shining hand will accomplish that which had been accomplished by Dhulfaqar in the past. Thus his hand will seem as if it was the Dhulfaqar of ‘Ali ra that has reappeared. This also indicates that the said Imam will be sultan-ul-qalam and his pen will serve as Dhulfaqar. This prophecy is an exact translation of a revelation granted to me, and published in Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya ten years ago. It reads:


That is to say, The book of this saint is the Dhulfaqar of ‘Ali. This refers to myself, and on this account I have been called Ghazi in some visions.” (Nishan-e-Asmani, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 4, Page 375)


He further states:


” I particularly experience God’s miraculous power when I put my pen to paper. Whenever I write something in Arabic or Urdu, I feel as if someone is instructing me from within. My writings, whether in Arabic, Urdu or Persian, are of two kinds. (i) Words and their meanings keep unfolding themselves before me and I go on writing without too much difficulty. This is not something beyond my own mental capacity, and even if I was not accompanied by special Divine support, I could still be able to write it with the help of His grace—which is a necessary accompaniment of human faculties—though after expending a great deal of time. God knows Best.


(ii) The second part of my writings is completely miraculous in nature. For instance, when I write something in Arabic and require a word that I do not know, Divine revelation guides me and the Holy Spirit puts that word in my heart in the form of verbal revelation and causes it to flow over my tongue, and for an instant I am cut off from the outer world. For instance, once when I was writing in Arabic, I required a word that would be the exact translation of ‘a large family’. I did not know the word but I needed it in that piece of writing. Then all of a sudden the word dafaf, which means ‘a large family’, was put into my heart in the form of verbal revelation. An- other time I needed a word that would convey the sense of ‘becoming speechless due to grief or anger’, but I did not know it. All at once I received the revelation: wujum. The same thing happens with regard to whole sentences in Arabic. During the process of writing Arabic, hundreds of complete sentences descend upon my heart, either in the form of verbal revelation or in the form of a writing on a paper which is shown to me by an angel.


Some of these sentences are verses of the Holy Quran, or similar to them with minor modification. Sometimes I only find out later that a certain Arabic sentence that had been revealed to me by God was in fact present in a certain book. God, being the Lord of everything, has the authority to reveal to my heart a fine sentence from some book, or an exquisite verse from some book of poetry. So much for Arabic, but even more surprising is the fact that I receive revelations in languages like English, Sanskrit or Hebrew, with which I have no familiarity whatsoever. Some specimens of these were included in Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya. God, in Whose hand is my life, is my witness that this is how He has been dealing with me. This is one of the signs pertaining to matters of the unseen that continue to be revealed to me in various forms. My God cares not if any phrase that is revealed to me happens to figure in some Arabic, Sanskrit or English book, because for me it is a matter of the unseen. For instance, God Almighty has related many episodes from the Torah in the Holy Quran, and has included them in the category of the unseen, because they were the unseen for the Holy Prophetsaw, though not for the Jews. This is why I challenge the whole world to compete with me in writing a miraculous exegesis of the Holy Quran in eloquent Arabic. Otherwise what is a mere mortal, and what power does a son of Adam have to arrogantly challenge the whole world? ” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain,Volume 18, Pages 434-436)


This was a fulfilled prophecy as well and everyone is a bear witness to the fact that Ahmadas was the King of the Pen. He authored over 80 books in the defence of Islam and revived Islam to its pure and original teachings. This lecture is read by people daily till today and is continuing to bring people to Islam over 100 years later.