Pandit Lekhram, A Miserable End
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Pandit Lekhram, A Miserable End

Pandit Lekhram, A Miserable End

The prophecy of Pandit Lekhram was a prophecy which brought many to Islam and helped establish the truth of Islam throughout the country of India. Hundreds of thousands of people have been convinced about Islam because of this prophecy alone and it is continuing to bring many to the true teachings of Islam.


The prophecy revolved around a new sect which started around the time of the Promised Messiahas called the Arya Samaj. It had the plan to convert many Muslims to the religion of Hinduism and started to publish many attacks against Islam and the holy founder of the religion. Lekh Ram was basically the most vile in these attacks and the most known of them all. Ahmadas showed the true teachings of Islam to the Pandit many times but Lekh Ram continued to mock Islam regularly. Lekh Ram would spread many lies about the Qur’an and went to such an  extent that he would continuously distort the translations of this book. He believed that the Prophet who was sent as a mercy for all of mankind was in reality the worst of all people. He continously mocked the Holy Prophetsaw and also the Promised Messiahas. Lekh Ram allowed Ahmadas to publish a sign in regards to him and was curious for a sign as well. Ahmadas prayed to Allah for this sign and was revealed that his end was near.


In the beginning the revelations which were bestowed upon Ahmadas, were general and had no set time limit of when Lekh Ram would die. However, Lekh Ram wanted a time limit and when Allah revealed to Ahmadas the time limit, and he was given more knowledge by Allah, he published the exact time of the death of Lekh Ram. He learned that Lekh Ram would die within six years from February 20, 1893 and was further revealed:


“A miserable half-dead calf; nothing awaits it but disgrace and destructions”


Ahmadas further stated that “If within six years from today February 20, 1893, this man does not meet with punishment from God, which is unusual in its poignancy and tragedy and which empresses all and sudry with the fear of the Lord, then let everybody think that I am not from God”


Allah further gave glad tidings to Ahmadas through further revelations. He wrote:


“And God gave me the tidingss that I will witness a day of Eid, and this day will be close to the Eid”


“Among the graces of God which I have received is that He has accepted my prayers relating to one Lekh Ram and that He has informed me tht he will soon receive his just deserts. This man was foul in abuse of the Holy Prophet.I prayed against him. So God informed me that this man will die within six years. There are signs for the seekers after truth”


Soon after these revelations, Ahmadas added more details to this prophech which he published in his book Barakat-ud-Dua and it was headed “A further Prophecy About Lekh Ram of Peshawar”. He wrote:


”Today, April 2, l893 A.D. (Ramadhan 14, 1310 A.H.), early in the morning, in semi-sleep, I saw myself sitting in a large house, some friends with me. Suddenly in front of me I saw a man, fearful looking with blood-shot eyes. As I saw, he seemed a strange creature, of a strange character. Not a human being, I thought, but a dreadful and dangerous angel. He struck terror into those who saw him. As I looked at him, he asked, ‘Where is Lekh Ram?’ Then he named another and asked me his whereabouts also. I then understood that this person had been appointed to punish Lekh Ram and this other man.”


Ahmadas also spoke about Lekh Ram in his poem in Aina-e-Kamalate-Islam. He stated:


Foolish and misguided foe,
Fear the sharp sword of Muhammad.


Denier of the greatness of Muhammad,
And of the luminous light of Muhammad!


Miracles may seem a thing of the past,
Come yet and see one through the devotees of Muhammad.


After analyzing the prophecies in regards to Lekh Ram, we are given the information that Lekh Ram would meet a calamity which would desstroy him and prove fatal for him, it would take place within six years, he would meet the fate of the Calf of Samri; meaning death and his ashes dispersed into a river, he would be killed by a person with blood shot eyes, and that he would be a victim of the sword of Muhammadsaw.


The details of this prophecy are extremely clear and no one should have doubts about it. When five years passed after the prophecies were published, people began to mock the Promised Messiah and claimed that it was an unfulfilled prophecy. To their surprise, the next Eid-ul-Fitr which was the end of Ramadhan occurred on a Friday and on the following day in the afternoon,a person stabbed Lekh Ram in the stomach with a sharp knife which caused him to die on Sunday. Allah’s words were clearly fulfilled beautiully. The prophecy whcih was stated claimed that Lekh Ram would die within six years, which was clearly fulfilled. It also stated that the event would occur on a day close to the Eid and this was also fulfilled as he was stabbed the day right after Eid. It also said that he would meet his end from a person with blood shot eyes, and this also occurred. Lekh Ram was to be a victim of the Sword of Muhammad, and he ended up dying by a sword. He was also suppose to meet the same end as the Calf of Samri and he was burnt to ashes and then dispersed into a river.


This prophecy was beautifully fulfilled. The story of the one who murdered Lekh Ram was a man with blood shot eyes came to him and wished to convert from Islam to Hinduism. He became a trusted companion of Lekh Ram and when Lekh Ram asked for a book, the man instead stabbed him and disappeared according to the statement of the family of Lekh Ram. Lekh Ram was on the upper floor of the house and there were many men on the ground floor but no one saw the murderer escape. The mother and wife of Lekh Ram were sure that he was somewhere in the house but he was nowhere to be found. On a Sunday just like the Promised Messiah saw in a vision, Lekh Ram met his end and this is a great warning for the disbelievers..


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas states:


” Let it be clear that among the awe-inspiring and majestic signs is the sign of Pundit Lekh Ram’s death. My books, Barakat-ud-Du‘a, Karamat-us-Sadiqin, and A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam are the basic sources of this prophecy. It was foretold that within six years Lekh Ram would depart from this world as a result of an assassination, and that the day of his assassination would be the very next day after Eid, and this would be a Saturday. Thus it was decreed that the Eid should be on Friday and, just as this signifies two Eids for the Muslims, the following day would bring two kinds of mourning for the house of the Aryas. This prophecy is not only recorded in my books, but Lekh Ram himself quoted it in his book and, thereby, made it known to his own community prior to its fulfilment. In response to this prophecy, he wrote in his book concerning me, “My Parmeshwar has revealed to me that this man (meaning myself) will die of cholera within three years, for he is a liar…” I had prophesied that Lekh Ram would be cut to pieces like the calf of Samiri, and this hinted at the fact that the fate of Lekh Ram would be like the calf of Samiri that was smashed to pieces on a Saturday. And it also alluded to the fact that he would be assas- sinated. Accordingly, Lekh Ram was assassinated on Saturday. Only a day before—on Friday—the Muslims had celebrated Eid. The calf of Samiri had also been cut to pieces on a Saturday, and that had also been a day of Eid for the Jews. Just as the calf of Samiri was burnt after being cut to pieces, so was Lekh Ram burnt after he had been cut to pieces. His assassin lacerated his intestines to begin with, and then the surgeon further opened up his wounds, and he was finally cremated. His bones were then cast into the river just like Samiri’s calf. God Almighty also likened him to Samiri’s calf because just as the latter was quite lifeless and was like modern toys that produce a sound when they are pressed, Lekh Ram was also lifeless and devoid of the spiritual life. And his sound too was quite like that of Samiri’s calf, and he was without true knowledge, true perception, true relationship with God, and true love for Him. It was the fault of the Aryas that they accorded to this lifeless person, who had no life of spirituality in him and was simply dead, a position where a living person should have been. Therefore, he ended up like Samiri’s calf…


I know for a fact that his blood is upon them. Despite all his zealotry, he did have a certain naivety in his disposition as he would let himself be swayed by the remarks of mischievous people, without investigating or inquiring into them. This is why God Almighty compared him to a calf. At any rate, we cannot help feeling sad at his sudden death. But what could we do? That which was decreed by God Almighty was bound to be fulfilled…


God knows that I bear no malice against anyone. Although I am happy to see the Divine prophecy come true in the case of Lekh Ram, I am also sad that he had to die in the prime of his life. Had he turned towards me, I would have prayed for him so that this calamity would have been averted. And for this he did not have to become a Muslim, all he had to do was to refrain from using abusive and foul language.” (Haqiqatul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages  294-302)


He further explains:


Now, I proceed to set out in detail the prophecy concerning Lekh Ram, along with the original text from the books that contain this prophecy. I call upon my readers to fear God and read these lines carefully, and then ponder as to whether it is the work of man or of God, Who is the Lord of heaven and earth, and is All-Powerful… A very important thing worth remembering here, which is also the object of this book, is that this prophecy was meant for a great purpose. It was meant to prove that the Arya religion is totally false, that the Vedas are not from God, that our lord and master Muhammadsaw is His Holy Messenger and His Chosen Prophet, and that Islam is His true religion. This is what I had written again and again, and it was with this object in mind that I had prayed. Thus this prophecy must not be taken only as a prophecy. Rather, it constitutes a Heavenly Decree from God Almighty to decide between Hindus and Muslims. For some time past, the Hindus had become more and more aggressive. And Lekh Ram did not even seem to believe in God. Hence, God showed a dazzling sign to these people. Everyone had better learn a lesson from it. The end of such a person can never be good who lets his tongue loose against the holy Prophets of God.


Lekh Ram, with his death, has furnished an abiding warning to the Aryas. They ought to dissociate themselves from the mischief that Dayanand has spread in the country, and should treat Islam with courtesy, warmth and respect. It is now up to them. It is also time for foolish and nominal Muslims, who had inclined towards the Aryas, to repent. They must realize the power of the God of Islam. At the time of this prophecy, the Aryas were informed through published announcements that if your religion is true, and Islam is false, then the only option you have is to save Lekh Ram, your advocate, from the consequences of this prophecy, and to pray for him as much as you can. Enough respite was given for prayers, but they could not change the wrathful will of God. For a certainty the dagger that killed Lekh Ram was the same which he himself had so disrespectfully, and for so many years, employed against our lord and master the Holy Prophetsa. The very sharpness of his tongue took the shape of a knife and penetrated his belly. For, until the knife moves in heaven it can never move on earth. People would think that Lekh Ram has only now been murdered, but I considered him a murdered man ever since an angel with a blood-thirsty visage had visited me and asked, ‘Where is Lekh Ram?’ You will read all about this in the prophecies that follow.


First (On page 4 of the announcement published on 20th February, 1886, only the following reference is to be found regarding Lekh Ram): In the coming book, I shall write something about the fate of Lekh Ram and specify the time and date. If such a prophecy happens to hurt someone, he is free to inform me in writing, with his signature, before 1st March, 1886, or within precisely two weeks of the first publication of this article in any newspaper, so that the prophecy whose fulfilment they fear may be excluded from this book and no one may be told about it, lest it should hurt people’s feelings. Thereupon, I received a postcard from Pundit Lekh Ram which stated: ‘I grant permission that the prophecy concerning my death be publicized, but a time limit must be fixed…’


Second: The following Revelation, recorded in Karamat-us-Sadiqin, published in Safar, 1311 AH:


i.e., God Almighty gave me a promise and heard my prayer concerning Lekh Ram, who is an enemy of Allah and His Messengersaw and utters profanities against the Holy Prophetsaw. When I prayed against him, God gave me the tidings that Lekh Ram would perish within six years. This is a sign for those who are in search of the true faith.


Third: The following Revelation recorded in the Announcement of 20th February, 1893, which is also included in A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam…”


A Prophecy Regarding Lekh Ram of Peshawar


On 20th February, 1886, I published an announcement wherein I proposed to Indarman and to Lekh Ram of Peshawar that, if they so wished, I could publish some prophecy regarding their future destiny. Inderman avoided my proposal and died soon afterwards. Lekh Ram, on the other hand, accepted the proposal with great audacity and wrote to me a letter stating that I could go ahead and publish any prophecy regarding him. Thus, in answer to my supplications, I received the following Revelation from God Almighty:


i.e., This is just a lifeless calf, from which a mournful bleating emanates. For him, on account of his blasphemy and foul language, grief and severe chastisement has been ordained.


Today, Monday 20th February, 1893, when I prayed to be informed about the time of this impending punishment, it was revealed to me that within six years from today—20th February, 1893—this person would suffer dreadful chastisement on account of the foul and abusive language he has used against the Holy Prophetsaw. Therefore, I now publish this prophecy for the knowledge of Muslims, Christians, Aryas, and people of other faiths. If this person is not visited by some Divine punishment—which is miraculous in nature, and is distinct from everyday afflictions, and is far beyond ordinary suffering, and is accompanied by Divine awe—within these six years, then let it be known that I have not been commissioned by God, and these words are not from Him. And if I prove to be false in my prophecy I shall be ready to face any punishment, and shall be quite willing to be hanged. Notwithstanding this willingness on my part, a man can’t face greater humiliation that to be proved false in his prophecy. What more can I say?


Be it clear that this man is guilty of showing such rank disrespect to the Holy Prophetsaw that one shudders at the thought of it. His books are filled with a shocking variety of insult, sacrilege and abuse. Who among the Muslims can listen to anything from these books without feeling his heart torn to pieces? Besides being insolent and spiteful, he is grossly ignorant. He does not even have a nodding acquaintance with Arabic, nor the potential for writing refined Urdu. This prophecy is not a matter of chance. On the contrary, I prayed specifically for this purpose and received the foregoing answer. This prophecy is a sign for the Muslims as well. Only if they would realize the truth, and if only their hearts would soften! I now conclude in the name of the Glorious God in Whose name I had begun.


The humble one, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadian, District Gurdaspur 20th February, 1893.” (Essence of Islam, Volume 5, Pages 69-76)


He further states:


“Today, on the morning of 2nd April, 1893, which is 14th of the month of Ramadan, 1310 AH, in a state of slight drowsiness, I saw myself sitting in a large house with some friends, when a robust and frightful man, who seemed to be in a terrible rage, appeared  before me. I looked up and saw that he was a man of an unfamiliar creation and disposition. He seemed not a man but one of the terrible and awe-inspiring angels, and his terror seized the hearts. As I looked at him, he asked, ‘Where is Lekh Ram?’ He also named another person and asked of his whereabouts. It was then that I realized that this man had been appointed for the chastisement of both Lekh Ram and the other person, whose name I do recollect. But I do remember that he was one of those regarding whom I have already published an announcement. This happened on Sunday at four o’clock in the morning. [Allah be praised for it]…


In sum, this prophecy refers to a terrifying incident that will take place within six years, on a day that will be next to the day of Eid—2nd Shawwal.


Now pause and ponder: Could it be the work of man that the date was foretold, and the time was foretold, and the cause of death was foretold, and it was also foretold that this incident would take place in an aweinspiring manner? All this was fully depicted in Barakat-ud-Du‘a. Can it be the work of a schemer to make a prophecy six years in advance with such explicit signs, and, what is more, the prophecy should be fulfilled? The Torah testifies that the prophecy made by a false prophet can never be fulfilled. God stands up against it lest the world is ruined. For instance, during those very days Lekh Ram had also cunningly made the following announcement with regard to me: ‘You will die within a period of three years.’ Now, why couldn’t he conspire with an assassin to make his words come true?


And it is outright devilish to think that a disciple of mine could have murdered him. Any sensible person can see that disciples have a delicate relationship with their guide, and their faith [in him] is based on his righteousness, purity, and virtuous conduct. Those who take someone as their mentor do so because they are convinced that he is a Godly man, and that his heart is free from deceit and mischief. But if he is such a sinful and accursed person that he fabricates a false prophecy about someone’s death and, when its time is about to expire, humbly begs one of his disciples to save his face and prove his truthfulness by putting the noose around his own neck, let me ask fair-minded people if anyone would retain the relationship of discipleship with such a wicked and accursed man, having found him guilty of such misdemeanour and having listened to his diabolic plan? Would he not consider his mentor to be an evil, accursed, depraved and sinful man? Would he not say to him, ‘O scoundrel! O corrupter of our faith! was this the reality of your prophecies? Is it your intention that while you tell the lie, the noose should tighten around someone else’s neck, so that your prophecy may be fulfilled?…


I proclaim aloud that my Jama‘at consists of upright, civilized and righteous people. Is there any impure and accursed ‘disciple’ of mine who claims that I had appointed him to murder Lekh Ram? I consider worse than a dog the mentor, and the disciple, who concocts self-made prophecies and then contrives through deception and trickery to fulfil them or to have them fulfilled…


Still if someone finds it hard to dispel his doubts and thinks that I am involved in the conspiracy of this murder, as has been propagandized by Hindu newspapers, then let me put forth the following proposal which will settle the whole matter: Such a person should swear an oath before me in the following words: ‘I know for a fact that this man is involved in the conspiracy of murder, or the murder took place at his behest. But if this is not true, then, O Omnipotent God! inflict upon me, within one year, such a terrifying punishment as involves no human agency and can be ascribed to no human design.’ Then if such a person survives for one year, despite my prayer against him, I shall be the guilty and shall merit the same punishment as a murderer. Now, if there is a stout-hearted Arya who wishes to free the entire world from doubt, let him adopt this very simple and decisive method. Perhaps our Maulavis can also benefit from this method. I have written this in all sincerity. But, remember, the person who wishes to try this method must come to Qadian in person, and I will myself bear all his travel expenses. The statements from both sides will be published. If God does not destroy him through a punishment, which contains no traces of human intervention, I shall prove to be a liar. And let the whole world stand witness that, in such an event, I shall deserve the same punishment as a murderer” (Siraj-e-Munir, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 12, Pages 11-29)