More Prophecies in the Words of Ahmad عليه السلام
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More Prophecies in the Words of Ahmad عليه السلام

More Prophecies in the Words of Ahmad عليه السلام

We will now present some signs in the words of Ahmadas himself which prove his truthfulness. He states:


” My late father Mirza Ghulam Murtada was a wellknown chief in this area. He received pension from the British government as well as four hundred rupees as stipend. He also owned four villages. The pension and the stipend would last only as long as he lived. As for the landed property, lawsuits by his collaterals were about to begin. It was in such a state of affairs that he fell ill at the age of eighty-five. Though he did recover eventually, he continued to suffer from a minor complaint of dyspepsia. It was a Saturday afternoon when a slight slumber came over me and I received the following revelation from God:


Its meaning was communicated to me thus: ‘By the heaven, and by the tragedy that will occur after sunset.’ I was made to feel that this prophecy was about my father, and that he would die on the same day after sunset, and that the revealed words were in the manner of a commiseration from God. Immediately after I had received this revelation, the thought crossed my mind, as warranted by the human condition, that I would be faced with great difficulties as a result of his death. All the sources of income that were linked to his person would now cease and a ma jor portion of the agricultural land would be taken away by the collaterals, and only God could tell what else lay in store for me. I was still dwelling upon these thoughts when I was suddenly overcome by a slight slumber, and received this revelation:


‘Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?’ After this, a feeling of comfort and tranquillity descended upon my heart. I went downstairs after Zuhr. It was June and the weather was very hot. I found my father sitting and looking strong. He did not need any support for sitting, getting up, or moving about. It was hard to believe that he would die that very day. In the evening he went to the lavatory and came back. At this moment the sun had set, and when he sat down on his bed the pangs of death began. At first he said to me, ‘What is happening?’ He then lay down and did not speak again. After a few minutes he departed from this transitory world. Today—10th August, 1902— twenty-eight years have passed since the demise of the late Mirza Sahib. After performing his funeral rites I had the revelation


engraved on a signet and kept the signet with me. I swear by Him, in Whose hand is my life, that this prophecy was fulfilled in a miraculous manner. It is not only me, but everyone who knows about the life I led under my father can testify that I was quite unknown at the time. After his death, God Almighty strengthened my hand and sustained me in such a manner as was beyond anyone’s imagination. He proved to be my Helper and Supporter in every respect. I was only worried about how I would provide for my own table, but He has caused millions to eat at my table up to this day. Go and ask the post office how much money He has sent me. I believe it is not less than a million. Tell me honestly, is this not a miracle?” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Pages 494-496)


“God has said to me repeatedly:


‘I shall humiliate him who designs to humiliate you.’ This prophecy has been fulfilled against hundreds of my enemies. This book is barely enough to accommodate all the details. Most of these opponents had said regarding me, ‘He is an impostor, and will die of the plague,’ but by God’s power, they themselves died of the plague. There were many who came up with their revelations and said, ‘God has told us that this man will die soon.’ Glory be to God, they themselves died soon afterwards. Still others prayed against me that I may soon die. But they themselves died very soon. People might remember the revelation of Maulavi Mohyi-ud-Din of Lakhokay, who had proclaimed that I was a disbeliever and had likened me to the Pharaoh, and had published his ‘revelations’ about the torment that was to befall me. In the end, he himself died, and it has now been several years since he departed from this world. Maulavi Ghulam Dastgir of Kasur had similarly crossed all limits in hurling abuses at me. He had procured from Mecca edicts of disbelief against me and would invoke curses upon me day in and day out. The curse of Allah be upon the liars was his routine invocation…But since I was the truthful one, Ghulam Dastgir fell prey to the Divine revelation I shall humiliate him who designs to humiliate you, and the perpetual humiliation which he had wished for me, overtook his own self.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 353-354)


“The following are the details of the sign relating to the mubahala initiated by Charagh Din. When Charagh Din continuously received satanic revelations to the effect that I was Dajjal [the Antichrist] and that he himself had been commissioned by God to annihilate this Dajjal, and that Jesus had given him his own sceptre to kill him, his arrogance knew no bounds. He wrote a book entitled Minaratul Masih in which he stressed again and again that I was, in fact, the promised Dajjal. A year after the publication of Minaratul Masih, he wrote another book to prove that I was the Dajjal , and continued to remind people that I was the same Dajjal whose advent has been foretold in Hadith. Since the hour of Divine wrath upon him had drawn near, he included in the second book the prayer of mubahala, and supplicated before God for my destruction. After denouncing me as ‘a mischiefmaker’, he prayed to God that He may rid the world of my ‘mischief’. It is a marvellous manifestation of Divine power, as well as a warning, that when he had handed over the piece of writing concerning mubahala to the scribe, and even before it could be placed on the lithographic plates, both his sons died of the plague. Finally, on 4th April, 1901, only two or three days after the death of his sons, he too contracted the plague and departed from this world, thus making it clear to the people who was the truthful one, and who was the liar. Those who were present at the time of his death report him as having said, “Now even God has turned against me.”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 387)


“The following Hadith related by Imam Muhammad Baqir is recorded in Sahih Dar-Qutni:


Translation: There are two signs for our Mahdi, and ever since God created the heavens and earth, these two signs have never appeared at the time of any other Appointed One or Messenger of God. One of them is that, in the time of the Promised Mahdi, during the month of Ramadan, the lunar eclipse will take place on the first night, i.e., on the thirteenth; while the solar eclipse will take place on the middle of its days, i.e., on the twenty-eighth day of the month of Ramadan. Such a phenomenon has never occurred at the time of any Messenger or Prophet since the beginning of the world. It was destined to occur only at the time of the Promised Mahdi. All English and Urdu newspapers and all astronomers testify that in my time lunar and solar eclipses of this particular description did take place about twelve years ago, during the month of Ramadan.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 202)


“A strange revelation was vouchsafed to me in Urdu in 1868 or 1869, and it would be quite appropriate to mention it here. It happened this way: When Maulavi Abu Sa‘id Muhammad Hussain Batalvi—who had at one time been my fellow student—came back to Batala after finishing his theological studies, the people of Batala were offended by his ideas. One of them insisted that I should hold a debate with Maulavi Sahib on a certain issue. Yielding to his persistent request, I accompanied him to the residence of Maulavi Sahib one evening and found him in the mosque with his father. To cut a long story short, when I heard the views of Maulavi Sahib, I concluded that there was nothing objectionable in what he said. Therefore, merely for the sake of Allah, I forbore to hold a debate with him. That night God granted me the following revelation with reference to my refraining from the debate:


(Translation)”Your God is well pleased with what you have done. He shall bless you greatly, so much so that kings shall seek blessings from your garments.”


Thereafter, in a vision, I was shown the kings riding upon horses. Since I had adopted humility and disgrace purely for the sake of God and His Messengersaw, the Absolutely Benevolent did not desire to leave this act of mine unrewarded.” (Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, ,Ruhani Khazain, Volume 1, Pages 621-622, Sub Footnote 3)


“Once Khalifa Sayyed Muhammad Hasan, minister of the State of Patiala, wrote to me in a state of great anxiety and requested me to pray for him. Since he had rendered services to our Jama‘at on several occasions, I prayed for him and received this revelation from God:


(Translation) Blowing is the breeze of Divine grace, All that you pray for shall be granted this day.


Thereafter, out of His infinite grace, God Almighty removed his troubles and he wrote a letter to me expressing his gratitude. (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 393-394)


“Some signs are such that there is not even a minute’s delay in their fulfilment. They are fulfilled instantly. In such cases it is hard to produce an eyewitness. The following sign falls in the same category. One day, after morning prayer, I passed into a state of vision, in which I saw that my son Mubarak Ahmad was coming in from outside when his foot slipped on the floor-mat near me, and he fell down and hurt himself so badly that his whole shirt was covered with blood. Immediately after I had narrated this vision to Mubarak Ahmad’s mother, who was standing close by, he came running from somewhere. As soon as he reached the floor-mat, he slipped and fell down and hurt himself seriously, and his shirt was soaked in blood. Thus this prophecy was fulfilled within a minute. An ignorant person would say, ‘How can we trust the testimony of his wife?’ Such a person does not seem to understand that every person naturally guards his faith, and does not dare to tell a lie having sworn in the name of God Almighty.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 398-399)


“Shaikh Hamid ‘Ali, resident of Thae Ghulam Nabi in Gurdaspur district, who has lived with me for a long time and is witness to a number of signs, saw the following take place before his very eyes. One day, about the time of Zuhr, I received the Revelation ‘You will see a painful thigh’. I told him of this revelation and immediately afterwards I went to the mosque for prayers with him. We had just got down from the stairs when we saw two young men, one younger than the other but none more than twenty years of age. They were riding on horses and stopped near us. One of them said to me, ‘This rider is my brother. He is feeling severe pain in his thigh, and we have called to inquire about some remedy.’ I said to Hamid ‘Ali, ‘Bear witness, this prophecy has been fulfilled within a mere two or three minutes.’ (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 15, Pages 196-197)


“I have a sincere friend, Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Baig, who hails from Samana in the State of Patiala, and has had ties with me for a long time, and I hope that he will maintain them throughout his life till he departs from the world. Once he wrote to me requesting me to pray for his ailing son, the late Mirza Ibrahim Baig. I supplicated for him and saw in a vision that Ibrahim was sitting close to me and saying, ‘Convey to me greetings from Paradise.’ From this I understood that his life was about to end. I was reluctant to let his father know, but after much thought I informed Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Baig of the impending tragedy. A few days later his grown-up, gentle, and obedient son departed from this transitory world before his eyes.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 601)


“I had a daughter by the name of ‘Ismat Bibi. Once I received a revelation concerning her, from which I understood that she would


not live, and so it came to be. Lest some presumptuous person should harbour any objections with regard to such signs, and ask why I did not pray for her to have long life, and, if I did, why was it not accepted, let me make it clear that whenever one receives such revelations, the recipients naturally experience two kinds of feelings. Sometimes, inspired by the unseen, they feel great concentration and urge to pray, which indicates that God has willed to accept the prayer. And sometimes God does not want to accept the prayer and desires instead to show His will. He, therefore, cools down the supplicant’s urge to pray, and does not allow the necessary conditions of concentration and enthusiasm for prayer to come into play.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 593)


“On 20th February, 1886, and then on 12th March, 1897, I publicized a prophecy in an announcement, the gist of which was that Sayyed Ahmad Khan, K.C.S.I., would be afflicted by various kinds of troubles and difficulties. This is exactly what came to pass. First, in his old age, Sayyed Sahib had to bear the heavy bereavement of the demise of his grown-up son. Then a close confidant of his, a malicious Hindu, betrayed him by embezzling one hundred and fifty thousand rupees which had been entrusted to Sir Sayyed by the Muslims. As a result he suffered such shock, grief and agony that it sapped all his powers and faculties. Soon afterwards he went the way of all flesh.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 569)


“Having been informed by God, the All-Knowing and the All-Aware, I had disclosed in my announcement of 12th March, 1897, that the death of Sayyed Ahmad Khan, K.C.S.I., was near. I also expressed my regret for not having met him, but I urged him to read the announcement carefully as it was a substitute for our meeting. One year after that announcement Sayyed Sahib died.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain Volume 18, Pages 569-570)


“Mirza A‘zam Baig, a retired Extra Assistant Commissioner, instituted a suit against us on behalf of some of our absentee co-sharers to recover their share from our property. My brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir believed that our case was strong and began to prepare its defence. When I prayed about the matter, I received a revelation from the All-Knowing God:


Thereupon I collected all my relatives and told them very clearly that God, the All-Knowing, had informed me that they would not succeed in that lawsuit and they should therefore not proceed with its defence. But they paid no heed to my warning and, relying upon the apparent strength of their case, went on trying to defend it. In the court of first instance the decision went in favour of my brother, but in the Chief Court he lost the case, for how could the matter be concluded contrary to the revelation of the All-Knowing God! Thus the truth of the revelation became manifest to everyone.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Pages 590-591)


“It has happened more than two thousand times that, at the time of need, God Almighty informs me through a revelation or a vision that some money will soon arrive. Sometimes I have even been informed of the exact amount, and at times I have been told that such an amount of money would arrive on such and such a date and from such and such a person. And it would come to pass in the same manner. A number of Hindu residents of Qadian and several hundred Muslims have witnessed these happenings, and they can testify to them under oath. Two thousand or more of such signs have occurred. This is further evidence of how God Almighty has been my Helper and Caretaker at every hour of need. More often than not, God informs me in advance of any worldly gift that He desires to bestow on me. Quite often He informs me that tomorrow I will eat or drink such and such a thing, or a particular thing will be given to me. And so it comes to pass. Everyone, after living in my company for a few weeks, can testify to such happenings” (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 15, Pages 199-200)


“Once I received a specific revelation that on that day I would receive exactly twenty-one rupees, not an anna more or less. Therefore, in order to give the lie to the Aryas of Qadian, I informed them that this amount would be forthcoming. Hearing this an Arya went to investigate. He returned and announced gleefully that only five rupees had been received. Then again I received the revelation ‘Twenty-one rupees have arrived.’ Another Arya then rushed to the post office and brought back the news that in fact twenty rupees had arrived, and that the post office had been mistaken in reporting five rupees. After this a man named Wazir Singh paid one rupee for medical treatment. Thus the amount added up to twenty-one rupees. The twenty rupees had been sent to me by Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh, Accountant. When this prophecy had thus been fulfilled so clearly and the Aryas had borne witness to it, I bought sweetmeats worth one rupee and distributed them among the Aryas so that they may always remember this prophecy.”(Nuzul-ul-Masih, Volume 18, Page 512)


“Once this Divine revelation issued from my tongue: ‘Abdullah Khan, Dera Isma‘il Khan. It was still morning and some Hindus happened to be with me, Bishan Das among them. I informed them that God had revealed to me that some money would come to me today from a man of this name. Bishan Das at once said, ‘I will go to the post office and test your claim.’ Since in those days the mail reached Qadian at about two in the afternoon, he immediately went to the post office and brought back the information that, according to the postal clerk, a man by the name of ‘Abdullah Khan, who was an Extra Assistant, had in fact sent money from Dera Isma‘il Khan. He then asked me in great surprise, ‘How on earth did you know?’ I replied, ‘God, Whom you people do not recognize, informed me.’ (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Pages 537-538)


“Once I was in need of fifty rupees and, as sometimes happens to mendicants and people who put their trust in God, I had no money at all. When I went out for a walk in the morning I was urged by my need to pray in the jungle. I, therefore, found a solitary place on the bank of the canal which is three miles from Qadian on the way to Batala, and made my supplication there. As soon as I had finished, I received a revelation which is translated as follows: ‘Observe how quickly I accept your prayers.’ I returned joyfully to Qadian and went to bazaar to inquire at the post office whether any money had arrived for me. There I received a letter in which it was mentioned that someone from Ludhiana had sent me fifty rupees, and the amount reached me the same day or the next day.”(Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 612)


“Early in the morning one day, I received the revelation: ‘Some money will arrive today from a relative of Haji Arbab Muhammad Lashkar Khan.’ I communicated this prophecy to two Aryas of Qadian, Sharampat and Malava Mal. It was still morning and long before the mail was delivered. But, on account of their religious hostility, both the Aryas insisted that they would only believe if one of them went to the post office. The sub-postmaster also happened to be a Hindu. I accepted their request and when the hour approached Malava Mal went to collect the mail. He returned with a letter in which it was stated that Sarwar Khan had sent ten rupees. This gave rise to the question as to whether or not Sarwar Khan was in any way related to Muhammad Lashkar Khan. The Aryas had the right to have this matter settled so that the truth may be ascertained. A letter was thereafter dispatched to Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh, Accountant and author of ‘Asa-e-Musa, who was in Hoti, Mardan, at the time, and had not yet turned against me. He was asked whether Sarwar Khan was related to Muhammad Lashkar Khan or not. A few days later Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh’s reply was received from Hoti, and he wrote that Sarwar Khan was the son of Arbab Lashkar Khan. Upon this both the Aryas were left speechless. This is the knowledge of the unseen which reason cannot attribute to anyone other than God!” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 360)


“Some time ago I was in dire need of money and the local Aryas who used to come to visit me knew this very well. They also knew that there was nothing I could place my hopes on. They were personally aware of the state of my affairs and can testify to them. Since they had full knowledge of my difficulty as well as of the paucity of means to resolve it, the desire surged in my heart that I should pray to God, the One and Only, so that He may resolve my difficulty, and so that, through the acceptance of my prayer I may not only overcome my own difficulty, but may also furnish a proof of Divine support to my opponents—a sign to which people should bear witness. The same day I prayed that, as a sign from Him, God should inform me of the coming of financial assistance. Thereafter I received the revelation:


(Translation) “Then will you go to Amritsar.”


This means that the money will arrive after ten days, and that God’s succour is as close as the birth of the foal when a she-camel raises her tail to give birth, and that after the money arrives I will have to go to Amritsar, as was revealed in English. All this was fulfilled in the presence of Hindus (the Aryas aforementioned), exactly as it had been foretold. I did not receive a penny for ten days, and then, on the eleventh day, I received 110 rupees from Muhammad Afdal Khan, Superintendent, of Settlement, Rawalpindi, as well as twenty rupees from some other source, and thereafter money began to come in quite unexpectedly. On the same day, when the money had come from Muhammad Afdal Khan and others, I had to go to Amritsar having received a summons from the Small Causes Court to appear as a witness. This is the great prophecy of which the local Aryas are well aware.” (Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 1, Pages 559-561 Sub footnote 3)


“Once, the late Nawab ‘Ali Muhammad Khan, a chief of Ludhiana, wrote to me that he had lost some of his means of income and therefore wished me to pray for their restoration. When I supplicated on his behalf, I received the revelation [They will be restored]. I communicated this to him through a letter, and three or four days later those means of income were restored and his faith in me was greatly strengthened. On another occasion, he sent me a letter regarding some private matter. The moment he had posted it, it was revealed to me that a letter from him, with such and such contents, would arrive shortly. I immediately wrote to him that he would send me a letter with these contents. His letter arrived the next day. And when he received my letter, he was greatly amazed as to how I came to know his secret, because no one had been privy to it. As a result his faith in me increased so much so that he was totally lost in his love and affection for me. He recorded both these signs in a small diary which he would always keep with him.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 257-258)


“There is a lawyer in Sialkot, by the name of Lala Bhim Sen. When he appeared in the law examination from Sialkot district, I told him that it had been conveyed to me in a dream that the candidates who had taken the law examination, or that of paralegal status from that district, would all fail, with the sole exception of Lala Bhim Sen. I communicated this to about thirty other people also. So it came to pass: with the exception of Lala Bhim Sen, all candidates who sat for the law or paralegal examination were declared unsuccessful. He still lives in Sialkot and can testify on oath to what I have stated.”(Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 15, Page 256)


“When Dayanand, the founder of the Arya faith, propagated his views in the Punjab and incited meanminded Hindus to insult our Holy Prophetsa and other Prophets; and when he himself, from the moment he began to write, had insulted and denigrated all holy and chosen Prophets of God, and had made frequent use of the filth of lies, particularly in Satyarath Prakash, and had abused the chosen Prophets, it was then that I received this revelation about him:


I also received this revelation:


That is, Arya religion is fated to be defeated by God, and they will run away from their religion, turning their backs on it, and will finally become nonexistent. This revelation came to me a long time ago, a matter of nearly thirty years, and I communicated it to Lala Sharampat of Arya Samaj. He was told in plain words that their foul-mouthed pundit Dayanand would die soon. Accordingly, God Almighty saved His religion from this abusive pundit before the year was out.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 607)


“I had published in my announcement of 24th May, 1897, that the character of most of the Ottoman officials was injurious to their Empire. As mentioned in the same announcement, what led me to publish this prophecy was a man named Hussain Bek Kami, vice consul, based in Karachi, also known as the Ambassador of the Ottoman Empire, who once came to Qadian to see me. He was of the opinion that he and his father had the interests of the Turkish Empire at heart, and were its loyal confidants, beside being men of integrity. When he came to see me, my intuition testified that this man was neither trustworthy nor honourable of character. At the same time, my God revealed to me that the Ottoman Empire was in grave peril due to misdeeds of such people. Hence I became averse to him. But he requested a private audience with me, and since he was a guest I could not refuse him. He requested me to pray for him when we met privately. The answer I gave him was the same as was published in the announcement of 24th May, 1897. This announcement contained two prophecies: First, you are a people of evil character, and you lack the moral qualities of integrity and trustworthiness.


Second, if you continue as you are, the result will not be too laudable nor will your end be a good one. It was also pointed out in the announcement that it would have been better for him not to have come to see me, and that it was his sheer misfortune that he would return with such a warning from me. Thus he did not like my admonition and spoke ill of me upon his return. In the announcement of 25th June, 1897 I had also pointed out: Is it not possible that what I have said about the internal workings of the Ottoman Empire may actually be true, and might there not be in the fabric of the Turkish government strands that will snap at the crucial moment and betray their treasonable intent? These were the revelations vouchsafed to me that were publicized through announcements among hundreds of thousands of people. It is regrettable that thousands of Muslims and Muslim editors of newspapers pounced upon me with frenzied rage. About Hussain Kami they said that he was the representative of the Divine Caliph, the Sublime Porte, and that he was divine light incarnate on account of his righteousness. With regard to me they declared that I deserved to be put to death. Now, let it be known that these prophecies were fulfilled two years after this episode, and there was an uproar in the whole of India about Hussain Kami’s embezzlement and criminal breach of trust. For instance, let me quote here an excerpt from the newspaper Nayyar-e-Asfi, Madras, dated 12th October, 1899:


“Hussain Kami, with brazen cheek, misappropriate all the money (collected in India for the poor victims of Crete). With great finesse and effort the concerned committee forced him to repay the whole amount which was approximately one thousand and six hundred rupees, and it was recovered through public auction of the landed properties owned by Hussain Kami. And he was dismissed on account of this embezzlement.”(Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Pages 565-566)


“About twelve years ago, a Hindu gentleman, who is now a member of the Arya Samaj Qadian and is still alive, used to deny the miracles and prophecies of the Holy Prophetsaw. Because of his antagonism, he believed, as did Christian clergymen, that all these prophecies had been concocted by the Muslims and that God had never revealed anything of the unseen to the Holy Prophetsa, and that he was totally devoid of this particular sign of Prophethood. But we can only glorify God for the grace and the lofty station He has granted this innocent and holy Prophetsaw, for the rays of his truthfulness shine even today as brilliantly as ever. A few days later it so happened that a relative of this Hindu was coincidentally implicated in some offence and sent to jail along with another Hindu. Their case was taken up to the Chief Court on appeal. In that state of uncertainty and anxiety, the Arya gentleman said to me that if someone could inform them of the result of their appeal beforehand, it would certainly constitute a true prophecy. I replied that the knowledge of the unseen is an attribute peculiar to God, and that no one is cognizant of His hidden mysteries, whether he is an astrologer, a diviner or any other creature. God, Who knows all that happens in heaven and earth, reveals certain hidden mysteries to His perfect and holy Messengers as and when He wills.


At times He also discloses certain secrets to the perfect followers of His True Prophetsaw, who are the Muslims, on account of their obedience and being inheritors of the Holy Prophet’s knowledge, so that this may serve as a sign of the truth of their religion. But those who are in the wrong, such as Hindus and their pundits, or Christians and their padres, are all devoid of these perfect blessings. The moment I said all this, he began to insist that if the followers of Islam had any superiority over the people of other faiths, then such a superiority should be demonstrated there and then. I said that it was God alone Who had such power, and that man had no authority over the unseen. But he continued to persist in his demand. When I saw that he was a vehement denier of the prophecies of the Holy Prophetsaw and the excellences of the religion of Islam, I was overwhelmed by an intense desire that God should confound him in this very matter. I therefore supplicated: “Lord of Majesty, this man denies the honour and greatness of Thy Noble Prophetsaw, and denies the signs and prophecies that Thou hast shown and promulgated through Thy Messenger, and he can certainly be confounded if the result of this lawsuit can be revealed to him beforehand. Thou hast power over everything.


Thou dost ordain everything according to Thy will and Thy pleasure, and there is nothing hidden from Thee and nothing beyond Thy all-encompassing knowledge.” Thereupon God— Who upholds His true faith of Islam and desires the honour and greatness of His Messengersaw—revealed to me the whole matter in a dream that same night, and disclosed to me the Divine will that the case would be remitted by the Chief Court back to the Lower Court, and there the sentence of Bishambar Das would be reduced by one half but he would not be acquitted; his companion would also not be acquitted and would serve out the whole of his sentence. On waking up after this dream, I thanked my Gracious God that He had saved me from embarrassment before an opponent of Islam. I related this dream to a large number of people and informed Sharampat about it the same day. Maulavi Sahib! you may come here and inquire, in whatever way you like, from that Hindu who lives here in Qadian, and ask other people as well, whether or not the account I have related is true and accurate.” (Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 1, Pages 277-279, Sub-footnote 1)


“I was once shown in a dream that the carpet of Shaikh Mehr ‘Ali’s house, a chief of Hoshiarpur, had caught fire, and I poured water over it until the fire was put out. At once God caused its true meanings to dawn upon my heart with great clarity: Shaikh Sahib and his honour would be in great peril, and it would only be removed through my prayer. I wrote a detailed letter to the aforesaid Shaikh Sahib and informed him of the matter. Six months later, he became so seriously embroiled in a lawsuit that he was sentenced to death by hanging. At that critical time, upon the request of his son, I prayed for him and conveyed to his son in writing the glad tidings of his acquittal. He was accordingly acquitted.” (Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 579)


“A few years ago, Seth ‘Abdur Rahman, a businessman of Madras, and a very sincere member of my Jama‘at, came to Qadian. His business matters were in a state of disarray. He requested for prayer and I consequently received the following revelation:


The meaning of these revealed words was that God Almighty would set right a ruined undertaking but, after a while, He would again break it up. This revelation was communicated to Seth Sahib while he was still in Qadian. Within a few days, God caused a sharp upturn in his business affairs and certain factors came into play from the unseen that brought him financial benefit. But it all collapsed after some time.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 259-260)


“Approximately twenty-five years have passed since I saw in a dream a long ditch running for miles on end. Thousands of sheep were laid alongside the ditch and their heads were laid over its edge so that the blood would flow into it when they were slaughtered. The rest of their bodies were outside the ditch. The ditch ran from east to west and the sheep had been laid on the south side. Each sheep was attended by a butcher, and every butcher had a knife in his hand which was placed on the neck of the sheep. The butchers were looking towards the sky, as if waiting for the Divine command. I found myself walking in the plain to the north and felt that the butchers were, in fact, angels who were ready to slaughter the sheep as soon as they received the command from above. I approached them and recited this verse of the Holy Quran:


That is: ‘Say to them, What does my God care for you, if you do not worship Him and obey His commandments.’ The moment I said this, the angels understood that they had been granted permission, as though the words of my mouth were the Words of God. Thereupon the angels, who looked like butchers, ran their knives through the necks of the sheep, and the sheep began to writhe in agony. The angels severed the necks of the sheep saying: ‘Your are no more than rubbish-eating sheep.’ I interpreted this to mean that there would be a severe epidemic and many would die of it on account of their misdeeds. I related this dream to a large number of people; most of whom are still alive and can affirm it on oath. This was followed by a cholera epidemic in the Punjab and other parts of India. In Amritsar and Lahore hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and corpses were taken for burial or cremation loaded on carts, and it became difficult for Muslims to arrange funeral prayers.” (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 15, Pages 263-264)


“The Divine revelation, “The sick shall be blessed through you,” covers both the spiritually sick and the physically sick. Spiritually, because I see that there are thousands of people whose conduct was unbecoming prior to their Bai‘at to me, but after pledging Bai‘at their conduct improved, and they repented of all kinds of sins and became regular in their prayers. I find hundreds of people in my Jama‘at whose hearts are burning with the desire to be cleansed of carnal passions. As for physical illnesses, I have observed on numerous occasions that most of those who suffered from serious diseases were cured as a result of my prayer and attention. My son Mubarak Ahmad became so seriously ill at the age of about two that his condition appeared hopeless. While I was still praying, someone called out, ‘The boy is dead!’, which implied that I should stop praying as prayer was of no use now. But I did not cease to pray. I placed my hand on my son’s body while still praying to God, and, suddenly, I found him breathing. Before I moved my hand away I felt definite signs of life in him. Within a few minutes he had regained consciousness and was sitting up. Again, at a time when Qadian was afflicted with the plague, my son Sharif Ahmad was suffering from high fever which seemed to be typhoid. He had lost consciousness and was beating about his arms in that condition.


I thought to myself that no one was immortal, but if this boy died while the plague was raging in Qadian, all my enemies would say that this fever had in fact been the plague, and would claim that the Divine revelation vouchsafed to me:(Translaton) [I shall safeguard all who dwell in thy house], had been false. This caused me indescribable distress. At about midnight the boy’s condition deteriorated and I became apprehensive that it may be something quite serious and not just ordinary fever. I cannot describe my feeling, because if the boy was to die—God forbid—it would provide the prejudiced people with a convenient excuse to suppress the truth. In that state I performed the ablution and stood up for prayer. Immediately I found myself in the state which is a clear sign of the acceptance of prayer. I call God to witness, in Whose hand is my life, that I had just completed about three rak‘as when I saw in a vision that the boy had recovered completely. When I finished my prayer, I saw him sitting fully conscious asking for water. He was immediately given water and when I put my hand on his body I found no trace of temperature whatsoever.


His state of delirium, restlessness, and unconsciousness completely disappeared, and he regained full health. I was thus granted fresh faith in the acceptance of prayer through witnessing this spectacle of Divine Power. Then, a long time afterwards, it so happened that the son of Nawab Sardar Muhammad ‘Ali Khan, a nobleman of Malir Kotla, fell seriously ill in Qadian, and his life was almost despaired of. He beseeched me for prayer. So I retired to my Bait-ud-Du‘a and prayed for him. After I had prayed I learned that his death had been decreed and that it was futile to pray at the time. Upon this I said: ‘Lord, if the prayer is not to be accepted, then I intercede on his behalf that You may cure him for my sake.’ These words involuntarily escaped my lips but I was afterwards filled with remorse for having uttered them. Immediately after this I received the revelation:


‘Who can dare to intercede without His permission?’ I fell silent after hearing this revelation. Hardly a minute had passed before I received the following revelation:


‘You are granted permission to intercede.’ I then prayed fervently and I could feel that this time the prayer would not go unanswered. The boy recovered that very day, nay that very moment, and it was as if he had come out of his grave. I know for a fact that the miracles of Jesusas, whereby he gave life to the dead, were no greater than this. I am grateful to God that many miracles of this kind have been demonstrated at my hands.


Once my son Bashir Ahmad became ill due to an eye condition. He received a long treatment but to no avail. In view of his restlessness I prayed to God and received this revelation:


That is, ‘My son Bashir has opened his eyes.’ By the grace of God, his eyes were cured the same day. Once I myself fell so seriously ill that people thought I was about to die, and Surah Ya-Sin was recited to me three times. But God Almighty accepted my prayer and healed me without the agency of any medicine. I had fully recovered when I woke up the next morning. Immediately, I received the revelation:


This is, ‘If you are in doubt as to the mercy which We have poured upon Our servant, then do bring any precedent of such recovery.’ I have had numerous similar experiences in which, only through prayer and earnest concern on my part, God Almighty healed the sick, and their number defies counting. Recently, on the night preceding 8th July, 1906, my son Mubarak Ahmad was down with measles and feeling very restless. He spent the whole night tossing and turning with pain, with hardly a moment’s sleep. The following night he was much worse and in a state of delirium. His whole body itched terribly. I was greatly overcome and received the revelation:


Then I prayed and immediately afterwards I saw in a vision that there were numerous mice-like creatures on his bed that were biting him. Someone then got up, collected all these creatures, tied them up in a sheet, and said, ‘Throw them out.’ Then the vision faded; and I cannot say whether the vision had faded first or whether the illness had disappeared first. The boy slept comfortably till the morning. As God Almighty has granted me this special miracle from Himself, I therefore proclaim it with the certainty that nobody on the face of the earth can compete with me in this miracle of healing the sick. And if someone tries to compete with me in this, God shall put him to shame.”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 86-91, Footnote)


“On a number of occasions, I saw ill-boding dreams which clearly indicated that the family of Mir Nasir Nawab, my father-in-law, was likely to face some tribulation…When it became obvious to me that there was some impending trouble in store for the family of Mir Sahib, I turned to God and engaged myself in prayer. It so happened that my father-in-law, along with his son Ishaq and the rest of the family, were about to leave for Lahore. I related all those dreams to him and stopped them from going. He said he would never go to Lahore without my leave. Next morning Mir Sahib’s son Ishaq was laid up with high fever and was very restless. Buboes appeared on both sides of his groin, and it was thought to be a clear case of the plague which had broken out in some villages of the district. It was then that I learnt the interpretation of those dreams, and my heart was overwhelmed with grief. I told the members of Mir Sahib’s family that I would undoubtedly pray for him, but they too must repent and seek God’s forgiveness, because I had seen in a dream that they themselves had invited the enemy to their house, which indicated some wrongdoing on their part. I knew that death was an eternal law of nature, yet it occurred to me that if someone died of the plague in my house it would give rise to such an uproar of denial, that even if I were to present a thousand signs they would be of no avail against this particular objection. I had already written and publicized hundreds of times, and told thousands of people, that all members of my household would remain safe from death by the plague. I can not describe my feelings at the time.


I immediately engaged myself in prayer, after which I witnessed a wondrous spectacle of Divine power that, within two or three hours, Ishaq’s fever miraculously disappeared and no trace of the buboes was left. He not only sat up but started walking, playing, and running around, as if he had never been ill! This, indeed, is giving life to the dead! I proclaim it on oath, that raising of the dead by Jesusas was absolutely no more than this. Let people exaggerate his miracles as much as they like, but this is what their reality was. He who really dies, and truly passes away from this world, and the Angel of Death takes away his spirit, can never return. Look, Allah says in the Holy Quran:


(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazin, Volume 22, Pages 340-342)


“Once it was shown to me in a dream that very few days, in fact no more than fifteen days, were left in the life of my brother, the late Mirza Ghulam Qadir. After this he suddenly became very ill and was reduced to mere bones. He became so emaciated that he was hardly visible in his bed. One could not tell whether someone was lying on the bed or it was empty. He would defecate and urinate on the bed since he was unconscious most of the time. My father, the late Mirza Ghulam Murtada, who was a skilled physician, declared his condition to be hopeless, and said that it would be all over within a few days. I was full of youthful vigour at the time, and had the power to undertake spiritual exercises. I am, by nature, a strong believer in the Omnipotence of God. No one can ascertain the limits of His powers and nothing is impossible to Him, except for things that are contrary to His promise, or inconsistent with His glory and His Oneness. Thus, despite his hopeless condition, I started praying for him.


I had decided in my mind that through this prayer I would enhance my spiritual perception with regard to three things: First, I wanted to see if I was worthy enough in the sight of God for Him to accept my supplications. Second, I wanted to know if it could be possible for dreams or revelations received in the form of warning to be averted. Third, is it possible for a patient, who has been reduced to a mere skeleton, to be cured through prayer? With these things in mind I started to pray. I swear by Him, in Whose Hands is my life, that, simultaneous with the prayer, his condition began to change for the better. In the meantime I saw him in another dream walking in the courtyard on his own, whereas his real condition was such that he needed help even to change his side on the bed. After I had prayed for fifteen days, there were visible signs of recovery in his condition and he said that he wanted to walk a few steps. He was helped to his feet and started walking with the help of a stick. He later discarded the stick and was restored to full health in a few days” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 265-266)


“The fifth sign that was manifested in those days was that of the acceptance of prayer, and it in fact amounted to the raising of the dead. The details of this episode are as follows: ‘Abdul Karim, son of ‘Abdur Rahman, who is from Hyderabad, Deccan, is a student in our school. He was bitten by a mad dog and we sent him to Kasauli where he underwent treatment for a few days and then returned to Qadian. But a few days later he began to show signs of madness that are peculiar to being bitten by a mad dog. He became hydrophobic and his condition deteriorated rapidly. I was deeply moved out of pity for this poor boy, who was so far away from his home, and I felt a strange urge to supplicate for him. Everyone thought that the poor boy would expire within a matter of hours. Inevitably, he had to be moved out of the boarding house and placed in a room away from other people. He was given great care and a telegram was sent to the British doctors at Kasauli, inquiring if there was any remedy available for his condition. The reply came by telegram that there was no remedy for him. This added to my feeling of pity for him and I was deeply concerned about this poor homeless lad. My friends also insisted that I should pray for him, for his pitiable condition aroused great compassion. I was also afraid that if he died under these dire circumstances, his death would provide the enemies with an occasion to rejoice.


This further added to my feeling of sympathy for him and I was moved in an extraordinary manner. Such a feeling cannot be self-induced, it can only be caused by God Almighty Himself. Once such a condition comes about, it is so effective that—by God’s permission—it can very nearly bring the dead back to life. In short, the condition of absolute reliance on Allah was vouchsafed to me, and when my concern for him reached its limit and anguish took hold of my heart, the patient—who had been as good as dead—began to show signs of recovery. He who had been so afraid of water and light at once took a turn for the better and said that he was not afraid of water anymore. He was given water which he drank fearlessly. He then performed ablution with it, offered his prayer and slept through the night. His frightful and wild condition disappeared and he recovered completely within a few days. I was suddenly made to feel that the madness had not come to him as a presage of death, rather it was meant as a sign from God.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 480-481)


“Once, on account of mental fatigue and headache, I became so weak that I was afraid I would not be able to go on writing anymore. Such was my weakness that I felt no life in my body. In this condition, I received the revelation:


Within a few days I began to feel that my lost powers were being restored, and I soon became so strong that I am now able to write at least two chapters of a new book everyday with my own hand, and am able to do the reflection and thinking that are necessary for such creative writing. Of course I suffer from two ailments, one relating to the upper part of my body, and the other to the lower one. In the upper part I suffer from headache, and in the lower I suffer from frequent urge to pass water. I have suffered from these ailments ever since I published my claim that I had been appointed by God. I supplicated for relief from these ailments, but the answer was always no. I was also made to feel that it had been decreed from the beginning that the Promised Messiah would descend clad in two yellow sheets, with his hands resting on the shoulders of two angels. These [two illnesses] are indeed the same two yellow sheets which represent my physical condition. All Prophets agree that yellow sheet are interpreted as disease. The two yellow sheets therefore symbolize two ailments, which relate to two parts of the body. God too has disclosed to me that two yellow sheets stand for two ailments. And the word of God was bound to be fulfilled.”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 319-320)


“Once I fell seriously ill, so much so that on three different occasions my relatives—perceiving that my last moment had arrived—recited Surah Ya-Sin to me, as is customary among Muslims. On the third occasion that the Surah was being recited, I saw that some of my relatives, who have since passed away, were standing behind walls, crying uncontrollably. I was suffering from a species of severe colic, and was purging blood every few minutes and continued in this condition for sixteen days. Another man who had been suffering from the same disease had died on the eighth day, even though he had not suffered as severely as I had. When the sixteenth day arrived, everybody despaired of my life, and Surah Ya-Sin was recited to me for the third time. All my relatives were now sure that I would be in my grave before sunset. Then it so happened that just as in the past God has taught some of His Prophets prayers for deliverance from afflictions, so did He teach me this prayer through revelation:


God also revealed to my heart that I should put my hand in some water from the river, mixed with some sand, and then wipe my chest, my back, my hands and my face with it. In this manner I would be healed. Accordingly, water was quickly brought from the river with some sand and I started doing as I had been directed. My condition at the time was such that I felt a fire leaping out of every strand of my hair and my whole body was in terrible pain. At that time the thought involuntarily came to me that death would be preferable to this condition, for it would bring relief. But when I started doing as I had been directed, I call God to witness in Whose hands is my life, that every time I recited these blessed words and wiped my body with the water from the river, I felt the fire departing from my body and a coolness and peace taking its place. The water in the vessel had not yet been used up when I felt that my illness had completely departed from me and, after sixteen days, I at last slept peacefully. The next morning I received this revelation:


‘If you are in doubt as to the sign that We have shown by granting you recovery, then do cite a cure like this one.’ There are more than fifty people who are aware of this episode.” (TIryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 15, Pages 208-209)


“I once suffered from severe toothache and couldn’t find a moment’s peace. I inquired of someone if there was any cure, but he told me that the only cure for an aching tooth was to remove it. But this I shrank from. I was sitting on the floor feeling quite restless and there was a bedstead nearby when I felt a little drowsiness coming over me. In my restlessness, I placed my hand on the foot of the bedstead and fell asleep for a while. When I woke up there was no sign of the toothache, and this revelation was on my lips:


i.e., ‘When you fall ill, it is He that heals.’ [Allah be praised for this.]” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 246-247)


“Among the Divine signs which appeared in my support is the sign pertaining to Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan, a Minister in the State of Bhopal, and it is as follows: Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan had written in some of his books that when the Promised Mahdi would appear, monarchs belonging to other faiths would be arrested and brought before him. In this context he had also said that since this country was under the British rule, it was quite possible that when the Mahdi appeared, the Christian monarch of this country would also be brought before him. These were the words that he had used in his book and are still to be found therein; and these words were taken as evoking rebellion.… Since Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan was under the influence of extreme Wahhabism, he had threatened nonMuslims with the sword of the Mahdi, and was eventually arrested. His title of ‘Nawab’ was revoked and he wrote very humbly to me, requesting me to pray for him. Considering his situation pitiable, I prayed for him and God Almighty said to me:


I informed him of this through a letter, and I also informed many others who were then my opponents. Among them were Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf—a district irrigation officer, presently a pensioner, and a resident of Amritsar—and Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi. After some time, the Government issued orders to the effect that Siddiq Hasan Khan’s title of ‘Nawab’ would be restored. They understood that what he had said was no more than a customary religious belief, and that he did not mean to be seditious”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 467-470)


“It so happened in the year 1900 that one of my paternal cousins, Imam-ud-Din, who was bitterly opposed to me, created a great difficulty for us by building a wall across the front of our house. The wall stood in such a place that it blocked our access to the mosque and also stopped visitors from coming to see me in my sitting room or in the mosque. Thus me and my Jama‘at were put in a great deal of trouble and we felt besieged. We were therefore compelled to go to the Civil Court to obtain relief, and we filed a suit in the court of Munshi Khuda Bakhsh, District Judge. After we had filed the suit, we learnt that the case could not be won because it was evident from a previous decree that Imam-ud-Din—the defendant—had long been the owner of the land on which the wall had been erected. This piece of land had belonged to a co-sharer by the name of Ghulam Jilani but it had gone out of his possession and he had sued Imam-ud-Din for recovery of possession in the Civil Court at Gurdaspur. This suit was dismissed on the basis of evidence that the opponent was the owner of the land. And Imam-ud-Din had since continued to be in possession of this land. Now Imam-ud-Din had erected a wall on the same land claiming that it was his. Thus after we had filed the suit we saw an old decree which placed an insoluble problem before us, and clearly indicated that our suit would be dismissed, for, as I have already mentioned, this old decree established that Imam-ud-Din was in possession of the land.


In face of this difficulty, our lawyer Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din advised us to settle the matter through compromise. That is to say, we should appease Imam-ud-Din by offering him some money. I reluctantly agreed to this suggestion, but Imam-ud-Din was not to be persuaded so easily. He harboured a personal grudge against me, and indeed against Islam itself. He had realized that our suit could never succeed, and therefore became more arrogant than ever. In the end we resigned the matter to God Almighty. But, as far as we and our advocate was concerned, we knew that there was no chance of success, for the old decree established the possession of Imam-ud-Din. And he intended even further mischief. He would stand in the courtyard in front of our house where our visitors’ yakkas arrived and would obstruct them and abuse me. What is worse, he also planned that after our case has been dismissed, he would erect a long wall in front of the gates of our house in order to besiege us like prisoners and make it impossible for us to go out. These were days of great anxiety for us, so much so that the verse:


applied perfectly to our condition. It was a calamity that had appeared out of nowhere. Thus I prayed to God and sought His help, after which I received the revelation which follows. This revelation was not received bit by bit at different times, but was revealed at one and the same time. I remember that when the revelation began, Sayyed Fadl Shah of Lahore, brother of Sayyed Nasir Shah, who was an overseer stationed at Baramula, Kashmir, was kneading my feet. It was noon when this series of revelations relating to the case began. I told Sayyed Sahib that this revelation was about the lawsuit relating to the wall and he should write it down as I receive it. He therefore took up pen and paper. It so happened that every time drowsiness came over me, Divine revelation would come sentence by sentence—as is the way of God—and after one sentence was completed and written down, I would again feel drowsy and the next sentence would flow from my tongue, until the entire revelation was completed and written down by Sayyed Fadl Shah of Lahore. I was given to understand that these revelations related to the case relating to the wall that had been erected by Imam-ud-Din, and I understood that in the end the case would be decided in our favour. Accordingly, I announced these revelations to a large number of my followers and informed them of their meaning and the occasion of their being revealed. They were also published in AI-Hakam and I told everyone that, though the case appeared hopeless, God Almighty would create the means whereby we would win. The text of these revelations, along with their translation, is as follows:


Meaning: The mill will revolve and Divine decree will descend. The grace of Allah will surely come, and no one can ever turn it away. Tell them: Yea, by my Lord, this is the truth. It will not change nor will it remain hidden. A matter will arise which will surprise you. This is a revelation from the Lord of the high heavens. Surely, my Lord does not err nor does He forget. There will be a clear victory, but it will be delayed till its fixed term. You are with Me, and I am with you. Tell him: this matter is in the hand of Allah; and then leave him in his error and pride and arrogance. He is with you, and He knows all that is secret and most hidden. There is no God but He. He knows everything and sees everything. Allah is with those who are righteous, and with those who do good fully and in every respect. Surely, We sent Ahmad to his people, but they turned away, and they said: He is a wicked liar. They bore witness against him, and they fell upon him like a fierce storm that comes down from above, but he says: My Beloved is near. He is near but is hidden from the eyes of His opponents. [Publisher]


…This is the prophecy which was made at a time when the opponents were sure that the lawsuit would be dismissed. Regarding me they would say, ‘We will erect a wall in front of all the gates of his house, and torment him so much that he will feel like in a prison!’ But, as I have already pointed out, in this prophecy God communicated to me that He would disclose something on account of which the victim would become the victor and the victor would become the victim. This prophecy was so widely publicized that a number of my followers had memorized it, and hundreds knew about it and wondered how it would happen. At any rate, no one can deny that this prophecy had become commonly known several months before the judgment was passed. It had also been published in the newspaper AI-Hakam and had reached people in the remotest corners of the country. Then came the day when the judgement was to be delivered. On that day my opponents were jubilant that the suit would be dismissed, and they announced that from then on they would find every opportunity to torment me in every conceivable manner. That indeed was the day when the meaning of the prophecy was destined to be disclosed, that something hidden would be revealed at the end which would turn the case around.


It so happened that my counsel, Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din thought of consulting the index, or appendix, of the old file of the case which contains a summary of the pertinent judgements. The appendix, when examined, disclosed what we never expected to find. It was an order certified by the competent authority that this portion of land is under the occupation of not only Imam-ud-Din, but also of Ghulam Murtada, that is, my father. At this our counsel realized that we had as good as won the case! When this fact was brought to the notice of the judge, he at once ordered the index to be produced and, upon consulting it, immediately arrived at the truth and passed a decree against Imamud-Din with costs. Had that document not been produced before the competent authority, what choice would he have but to dismiss the suit, and to leave us to suffer at the hands of our malicious enemies? These are the ways of Allah! He does whatever He wills.”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 278-284)


“In my book Anjam-e-Atham, I invited many opposing Maulavis to a mubahala [prayer-duel] by name, and wrote on page 66 of the book that should anyone of them enter into mubahala with me, I would pray that some of them may become blind, while others may be stricken with paralysis, or go mad, or die of snakebite, or meet an untimely death, or be dishonoured, or suffer financial loss. Although all the opposing Maulavis were not courageous enough to accept the challenge of mubahala, they continued to abuse me behind my back, and persisted in their denial. Rashid Ahmad of Gangoha, for instance, not only invoked The curse of Allah be On the Liars on me, but also denounced me as ‘Satan’ in one of his announcements. Consequently, only twenty out of the fifty-two opposing Maulavis have survived so far, and they too are victims of one tribulation or another. The rest have all perished. Maulavi Rashid Ahmad became blind and later died of snakebite, as a result of the prayer of mubahala. Maulavi Shah Din went mad and died. Maulavi Ghulam Dastgir became a victim of the mubahala initiated by himself. As for those who are still alive, none of them has been spared one of the above named calamities, although they never formally entered into mubahala in the prescribed manner.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Page 313)


“In order to hurt me and to abuse me, the Aryas of Qadian brought out a newspaper from Qadian which was named Shubh Chintak. It was edited and managed by three people, Soam Raj, Ichchar Chand and Bhagat Ram. The deaths of these three served as three signs from God. All three of them were extremely malicious and cruel. Anyone who has read even a few issues of their paper Shubh Chintak will concede that all these papers were full of filth and lies…About me it said: ‘This man is selfish, self-conceived, depraved and a sinner; that is why he sees dirty and unholy dreams…Mirza of Qadian is an immoral fame seeker, and a glutton…A wretched, one who shirks work to earn a living, and a past master at cunning, deception and lying…We will surely expose his shenanigans, and we do hope to succeed in our plans…Mirza is an impostor and a liar. Members of the Mirza’i community are evil-doers and rogues.’ In short, every single issue of their paper has been full of filthy abuse. I beseeched God a number of times that  He may destroy the people who run this newspaper and eliminate this mischief. As a result it was disclosed to me a number of times that God Almighty would root them out. What disturbed me most was the fact that these people lived in Qadian, and their lies were taken as the truth due to their proximity to me.


When the editor and manager of the newspaper Shubh Chintak crossed all limits in abusing me, God revealed to me that their end was imminent. Most of those revelations were published in the newspapers Al-Badr and AlHakam. Then arrived the hour of retribution for these luckless ones, and they were three in number: one was Soam Raj, the second was Ichchar Chand and the third was Bhagat Ram. Divine wrath made short work of them within a matter of three days and all three died of the plague. Their offsprings and their families too got their share of retribution. For instance, Soam Raj did not die until he had seen his dear ones die of the plague. Such is the punishment for mischief and impudence! But I still cannot believe that the rest of their ilk, who are living in Qadian, will stop short of mischief. On account of their abuse and blasphemy, the spirits of the chosen Prophetsas are invoking Divine intervention. Without doubt these holy souls do have such position of honour that Divine wrath should flare up for their sake. These people are certainly planting the seed of their own destruction with their own hands. Remember! Those who are evil can never prosper. How can a tree which is dried up and poisonous ever deserve to be protected? It should in fact be the first to be cut down” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 590-594)


“The martyrdom of Sahibzada Maulavi ‘Abdul Latif is also a sign of my truth, for ever since God created the world it has never happened that a person should knowingly sacrifice his life for the sake of an impostor, and a charlatan, and a liar, or put his wife through the misery of becoming a widow, or be willing to make his children orphans, or offer himself to be stoned to death. True, there are hundreds of people who are killed unjustly, but when I proclaim the martyrdom of Sahibzada Maulavi ‘Abdul Latif Sahib to be a grand sign, I do not do so because he was killed unjustly and was martyred, rather I proclaim it because at the time of his martyrdom he demonstrated such steadfastness that one can conceive of no greater miracle. On three different occasions, the Amir counselled him in a conciliatory manner, that if he would only renounce the oath of allegiance to the man from Qadian who claimed to be the Promised Messiah, he would be freed, nay he would be honoured more than before; and if he did not, he would be stoned to death. But every time he replied, ‘I am a man of learning and have experienced the world. I have entered into his Bai‘at by way of enlightened conviction. I know him better than the whole world.’ He was kept in prison for many days and tortured. He was tied from head to foot with a heavy chain.


And he was made to understand time and again that if he renounced his Bai‘at he would be greatly honoured, for he had had a long-standing relationship with the State of Kabul, and possessed privileges in the state due to his services. But he kept saying, ‘I am not insane. I have found the truth. I am absolutely convinced that the Messiah who was to come is none other than the one at whose hands I have pledged Bai‘at.’ They then despaired of him, pierced his nose, put a rope through it, and led him in chains to an open ground to be stoned to death. Just before stoning him to death, the Amir once again advised him, “There still is time for you to revoke the Bai‘at and turn back.” “This shall never be,” he replied. “My end is near. I would never prefer the life of this world over my faith.” It is reported that after witnessing such perseverance on his part, hundreds of people were awestruck and declared, “How unshakable is his faith! We have never seen anything like it.” And there were many who said, ‘If the man, to whom he pledged allegiance of Bai‘at had not been. sent from God, Sahibzada ‘Abdul Latif would never have shown such perseverance.’ Thereafter this innocent man was stoned to death but he did not let out so much as a cry.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain Volume 22, Pages 359-360)