The Great Conference
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The Great Conference

The Great Conference

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas  also prophecied in regards to the great conference where The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam was read out. He stated:


“It was revealed to me beforehand that the paper which would be read on my behalf in the conference of religions to be held in Lahore, would surpass all other papers. I, therefore, published an announcement about it well in advance, which I now reproduce in the footnote. In accordance with the revelation, my paper was accorded such wide acclaim that even my opponents were forced to acknowledge that the paper surpassed all others” (Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 11, Page 299)




” In the ‘Conference of Great Religions’, which will be held in Lahore Town Hall, on 26th, 27th and 28th December, 1896, a paper written by this humble one, dealing with the excellences and miracles of the Holy Quran, will be read out. This paper is not the result of any ordinary human effort, but is a sign among the signs of God, written with His special support. It sets forth the beauties and the truths of the Holy Quran and establishes, as clear as day, that the Holy Quran is truly God’s own Word, and is a Book revealed by the Lord of all creation. Everyone who listens to this paper and to my treatment of all the five themes set out for the conference from beginning to end, will surely develop a new faith and will perceive a new light shining within him, and will acquire a comprehensive commentary on the Holy Word of God. This paper of mine is free from human weakness, empty boasts and vain assertions.
I have been moved by sympathy for my fellow beings to make this announcement, so that they should witness the beauty of the Holy Quran, and should realize how mistaken our opponents are in their love of darkness and their hatred for light.


God, the All-Knowing, has revealed to me that my paper will be declared supreme over all others. It is full of the light of truth and wisdom and understanding, which will put to shame all the other parties, provided they attend the conference and listen to it from beginning to end. They will never be able to show these qualities in their own scriptures, whether they are Christians, Aryas, those belonging to Sanatan Dharam, or anyone else. This is because God Almighty has determined that the glory of His Holy Book shall be manifested on that day. I saw in a vision that, out of the unseen, a hand was laid on my mansion, and by the touch of that hand a shining light emerged from the mansion and spread in all directions. It also illumined my hands. Thereupon someone who was standing by me cried out:


The interpretation is that the mansion signifies my heart, on which the heavenly light of the verities of the Holy Quran is descending, and Khaibar signifies all the perverted religions that are afflicted with paganism and falsehood and in which man has been raised to occupy the place of God, or Divine attributes have been cast down from their perfect station. It was thus disclosed to me that the wide publication of this paper would expose the untruth of false religions, and the truth of the Holy Quran will spread progressively around the earth till it arrives at its climax. From this vision, my mind moved towards revelation, and the following was revealed to me:


i.e., God is with you, God stands where you stand. This metaphorically conveys the assurance of Divine support. I need not write any further. I urge everyone to attend the Conference in Lahore, even at some inconvenience, and to listen to these verities. If they do so, their reason and their faith will derive benefit beyond their expectation.


[Peace be upon him who follows the guidance.] The humble one, Ghulam Ahmad, Qadian, 21st December, 1896 (Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 11, Pages 299-301, footnote)




“I prayed to God that He may reveal to me a discourse that may triumph over all the speeches that would be made in that Conference. After this supplication, I found that a certain power had been breathed into me, and I felt this heavenly power stirring within me. My friends who were present at the time know that I did not write any preliminary draft of this paper. What- ever I wrote, I wrote extemporaneously. And I wrote the manuscript so quickly and with such flow that the copyist found it hard to keep pace with me. When I finished writing the paper, I received this Revelation from God Almighty, ‘The paper transcends all others.’ Thus when the paper was being read out in that conference, the audience were in an ecstasy and exclamations of acclaim were heard from every corner. So much so that the Hindu gentleman who presided over the conference, could not help exclaiming, “The paper transcends all others.” An English daily, The Civil and Military Gazette, which is published from Lahore, also recorded its testimony, “The paper transcends all others.” About twenty Urdu newspapers also gave the same testimony. With the exception of a few prejudiced individuals, everyone present bore out that this paper had surpassed all others. To this day there are hundreds of people who continue to give the same testimony.


Thus with the testimony of every sect, as well as of the English newspapers, my prophecy, ‘The paper transcends all others’, was fulfilled. This challenge was like the one that Prophet Mosesas had to take up against the sorcerers, for in this Conference exponents of different schools of thought delivered speeches about their respective faiths. Some of them were Christians, some were Hindus of Sanatan Dharam or Arya Samaj, some were Brahmus, some were Sikhs, and some were Muslims who oppose us. All of them had turned their sticks into imaginary snakes, but when God unleashed the rod of the truth of Islam against them in the form of a pure and profound discourse, it turned into a python and devoured all their snakes. To this day people are all praise for the address that issued from my mouth.


[Praise be to Allah for this.] (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, Pages 291-292)


The secretary of the Conference named Dhanpat rai, B.A, L.L.B, the Pleader Chief Cort Punjab wrote in the report of this conference:


” There was a break of half an hour after Pandit Gordhan Das’s speech, but since a speech was to be delivered after the break by a well-known advocate of Islam, most of the audience remained in their seats. Well before 1:30 the spacious building of Islamia College started getting filled up quickly and it was full in just a few minutes. There was a crowd of about seven to eight thousand. Several respected and scholarly men of different religions, communities and societies were present. Even though chairs, tables and room were provided, hundreds of men could not do anything but stand. And among the admirers standing were Chiefs, respected leaders of Punjab, accomplished scholars— barristers, lawyers, professors, extra assistants and doctors. In short, all kinds of men from various branches of high society were present there. The extent to which these respected people had sympathies with this noble cause was apparent from the fact that these people gathered like this and then stood, at that time, for four to five hours with patience and forbearance…


Even though the committee had assigned only two hours for this essay, the participants of the conference generally developed such interest in it that the moderators allowed, with pleasure and fervour, the proceedings of the conference to continue until this essay was finished. This decision of theirs was exactly in line with the wishes of the organizers and participants of the conference; because the participants and the moderators thanked Maulavi Abu Yusuf Mubarak ‘Ali with a loud applause when, after the elapsing of the assigned time, he gave his time to this essay as well… The essay was finished in about four hours and carried a sustained interest and popularity from the beginning to the end.” (See Report on the Conference of Religions, Pages 79-80)