Prophecy of Preparation in One Night
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Prophecy of Preparation in One Night

Prophecy of Preparation in One Night

The Holy Prophetsaw made a clear prophecy, that Allah would prepare the Messiah and Mahdi in a single night. Hesaw stated:

يُصْلِحُهُ اللَّهُ فِي لَيْلَةٍ

“Allah will rectify the Mahdi in one single night” (Ibn Maja, Hadith #4085)

When we study the life of Ahmadas, we see that he was quite often mocked by the non Ahmadi Muslims in regards to his Arabic language and that it was not special or eloquent. The true meaning of this hadith was that Allah would prepare the Mahdi in one night against his opponents, and Allah revealed to Ahmadas, roots of 40,000 Arabic words in one night. This is a beautiful sign of the Imam Mahdi and anyone who reads the Mahdis Arabic works will be forced to agree in regards to its eloquence.

Ahmadas stated:

I have been given the sign of eloquence and mastery in Arabic, as a reflection of the Quranic miracle of eloquence, and no one can challenge me on this. (Need for the imam, Page 42)