More Messiahs and Mahdis?
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More Messiahs and Mahdis?

“I Do Not Claim That I am The Same Mahdi …”

One of the false allegations of the non Ahmadi Muslims is a passage which is completely out of context. They claim that Ahmadas himself did not believe he was the Mahdi who was prophecied. They quote:

“I Do Not Claim That I am The Same Mahdi who Will Come According to Words of Ahadith from the Son of Fatima and from My Progeny”(Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Volume V, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, Page 356)

Anyone who will read this passage in context will themselves know the reality behind what Ahmadas is saying. Here is the context below and one can see that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas is showing that there are many fabricated ahadith that say that the Messiah would for example physically be of the lineage of Fatimah. Although Ahmadas was, we do not believe these ahadith had to be fulfilled physically. The same page states that there is no Mahdi but Isa and Ahmadas is explained that the Mahdi is in reality the Messiah and that the ahadith which state a Mahdi would come and cause bloodshed and kill the disbelievers are not authentic and contradict the Qur’an. He is explaining that these ahadith are fabricated and are full of contradictions. These contradictions include where the Messiah would be from, whether from the Progeny of Abbas or Fatima. He also quotes the views of some scholars.


“We admit that several mahdis may have come before and possibly will come in future as well and probably someone by the name of imam Muhammad may also appear”

This is also misinterpreted by the non Ahmadi Muslims. In this writing it is stated that Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim have not mentioned Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (the name of the Imam Mahdi according to many Non Ahmadi Muslims). He explains that both Imams rejected these narrations and that it does not make sense to say that the Messiah would be present, but another leader would be needed, who leads him. Ahmadas explains that in reality the Messiah would himself be the mahdi. He quotes the hadith of the Prophetsaw in which he states “There is no Mahdi but the Messiah” referring to the Isaas of the end times who is none other than Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas. As for more Messiahs possibly coming in the future, this has been abrogated by Hazur (as) himself and clarified that no more Messiahs will come after him who would be the fulfillment of the Messiah prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (sa). Although, a Jalali Masih prophecy is mentioned.

“It is possible that 10,000 more Messiahs may come and one them may descend in Damascus”

This statement is also abrogated. Ahmadas himself has cleared this confusion beautifully and has stated in Khutbah Ilhamiyah in regards to being the only Messiah that was prophesied by the Holy Prophetsaw as nabiullah, and that no one would appear :

“Other than me there will be no other Messiah after my age” (Ruhani Khazain, Volume 16, Khutbah Ilhamiyya page 243)

He also States:

“O mankind! hearken, this is the prophecy of God Who made the Heavens and the Earth. He will spread this Movement in all the countries and will give it supremacy over all through reason and arguments. Remember, no one will descend from heaven. All our opponents who are living at present will die and not one of them will see Jesus, son of Mary, descend from the sky and then their children who survive them will also pass away and none of them will see Jesus, son of Mary, coming down from the heaven. Generations of their posterity will also perish and they too will not see the son of Mary descending from heaven. Then God will create restlessness in their hearts; that the day of the glory of the Cross had passed away and the world had taken another turn but Jesus, son of Mary, had still not come down from the sky. Then all the wise people will discard this belief and the third century from today will not have completed when all those who had been waiting for Jesus, both Muslims and Christians will despair of his coming and entertaining misgivings shall give up their belief and there will be only one Faith in the world and one preceptor. I came only to sow the seed. That seed has been sown by my hands. It will now grow and blossom forth and none dare retard its growth” (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Tadhkirah-tush-Shahadatain, Ruhani Khazain Volume 20, Page 65)

They also quote:

“It is possible and quote possible that at some time in future, such Messiah may appear upon whom the literal words of ahadith fit”

These are all statements taken from early writings of Hazrat Ahmad (as) where he is speaking of this same subject. These writings are abrogated and Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) has also explained this. The statement of Hazrat Ahmad (as) in Khtuba Ilhamiyyah makes this clear.

Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) has also explained this and wrote that this statement was abrogated since Hazur (as) himself said that no more Messiahs for the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (sa) would now come (referring to the latter-day Messiah)