Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام Have Teachers?
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Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام Have Teachers?

The next allegation which will be answered is not surprisingly, another baseless allegation. The non Ahmadi’s bring fourth two quotes and try to suggest that Ahmad(As) has made a contradiction in regards to where he learned from, however this is baseless. The quotes which they bring fourth are:


“And the reason for the name ‘Mahdi’ as has been narrated, is this that he will not take knowledge from scholars and will get guidance from God, just as the way God had given guidance to his Prophet Muhammad(saw), he had taken knowledge and guidance from God only.” (Najm-ul-Huda, Roohani Khazain vol.14 p.90)
“Thus, the coming person was named Mahdi, and there is this hint in it that that coming person will get religious knowledge from God, and will not be a student of any teacher in Quran and Hadith. Thus I say it on OATH that this state is my state. No one can prove that I have studied even a chapter of Quran or Hadith or Tafseer from any human or have been a student of any Mufassir (Commentator of Quran) or Muhaddith (Expert of Hadith). Thus this the Mahdi-hood which I have attained on the pattern of Muhammadi prophethood. And secrets (i.e in-depth understanding) of religion have been unveiled to me directly (i.e without the help of worldly resources)” (Ayam-us-Sulh, Roohani Khazain vol.14 p.394)


From the above passages Ahmad(As) has shown us that he has not gained religious knowledge from any scholar, nor has he studied the Quran from any sort of Mufasireen, nor has he studied the Hadith from any type of Muhadith and that the secrets of religion which he has shown are not because of him being a student of anyone.


Now the anti Ahmadi’s quote a passage of Ahmad(As) stating:


“In childhood, my education was done in this manner that when I was 6,7 years old, a persian-speaking teacher was appointed for me who taught me Holy Quran and some persian books and the name of this teacher was Fazal Ilahi. And when my age was about 10 years, then an Arabic teacher was appointed for my education whose name was Fazal Ahmad ……. From him I read some books and the grammar. When I reached 17 or 18 years of age, I had the opportunity of receiving education from another Molvi Sahib, his name was Gul Ali Shah……. From this lastly mentioned Molvi Sahib I studied grammar and logic and Herbal Medicine (Hikmat).” (Kitab ul Bariyah, Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.180-181)


Ahmad(As) above has stated that when he was still a young boy aged 6 or 7, a teacher was appointed to teach him the Quran and some Persian books. Now its clear from the age itself that the teacher could have only taught him simple reading and not any commentaries of Quran which he claimed he got from Allah directly. Secondly when he was 10 years old another teacher taught him some books and grammar. Books and grammar only not Quran. Then at the age of 17 or 18 he was taught by another teacher in regards to grammar, logic, and herbal medicine. No Quran or Hadith was taught at this age either.


The second passage shows us that Ahmad(As) only learned Quran and Hadith at the age of 6 or 7 and that was only simple reading nothing more then that. He was never a student under any institution of any religious scholar or teacher of Hadith which are referred to as muhadditheen. His education was only occasional rather then somewhere he would go often. Both ways no Quran or Hadith was taught to him from those people.


There is no one in the entire world who has not received some sort of knowledge from a human being. In fact every baby learns from his mother at first and every child receives basic knowledge and learns manners from his parents also. This includes the prophets. Now all your allegations are answered yet repeated which makes me wonder if there will ever come a day when you reply to our arguments from Quran and Ahadith or will always take things out of context?