Status Greater Than Muhammad ﷺ?
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Status Greater Than Muhammad ﷺ?

The passage quoted is :


Muhammad(saw) has once again descended among us And he is greater in status than before He who wishes to see Muhammad(saw) O Akmal Should see Ghulam Ahmad(as) in Qadian


This is totally a lie by the anti Ahmadis. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) never claimed such a thing rather this is a statement of Qadi Zaharud Din akmal. They cannot be associated with the amaat themselves.


Lets look at what Ahmad(as) said:


My life and heart are an offering for the graces of Muhammad(saw)


I am equal to the dust of the alleys belonging to the progeny of Muhammad(saw)


The poet himself states


“the aforementioned couplet is in great respect in the Court of Muhammad Mustafa (saw) (the Chosen One). God, who knows the hidden secrets hidden within the hearts, is witness that even my subconscious never considered any personality to be in any way comparable to the Seal of the Prophet(saw). Allah the Almighty knows better that by writing this couplet – ‘and he is greater in status than before’—I never imagined that I was bringing anyone in comparison with the Holy Prophet(saw). Rather, what I said was that Muhammad(saw) has descended—that is his second coming has taken place. This is the belief of all Ahmadi Muslims. It is neither by the way of incarnation nor by the transmigration of souls, but is the descent which is his spiritual manifestation as Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran :




Surely every hour that follows is better for thee than the one that precedes.(Chapter 93 verse 5)


By virtue of durud sharif and noble deeds, not only is such a believer blessed, but the status of the Holy Prophet(saw) is also raised and would continue to be raised because there is no limit to God’s bounties. Therefore, I have said only that the blessings and munificence of Muhammad Mustafa(saw) are descending once again, and that his descent can only mean that his glory is being manifested more than ever before. No other person is mentioned in this couplet, in fact, the final couple of the poem is:


“that is Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) has attained the status of the Promised Messiah as a consequence of his complete submission to, and perfect followership of , the holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) (Al Fazl, August 13, 1944)

In the time of Hadrat Musleh Maud (ra), he removed this couplet and apologized and Hadrat Musleh Maud (ra) said some people can misunderstand this. People like Hadrat Masih Maud (as) who are so busy, they sometimes listen to such poetry but to think he (as) listened to every couplet and praised it and focussed on it, this is not correct nor is there any proof for this. When the son of Hadrat Masih Maud (as) corrected it so how can there be an allegation?

Praising something doesn’t mean Hadrat Masih Maud (as) praised every couplet or the voice of the person or anything like that. The details are not known to us. The Prophet Muhammad (sa) was also at times in this condition. For example, someone would ask a question and then later the Prophet Muhammad (sa) said where is the questioner and answered him later because of his focus being towards Allah alone. Those chosen by Allah are in a different world at times. In Salah we sometimes have our thoughts wave to other places but the Prophets even when they are not praying, their thoughts and focus is only towards Allah the Almighty. The meaning the anti-Ahmadis give is completely against Hadrat Masih Maud (as)’s writings till his very last breath.

We see such a condition among the saints as well.