Isa عليه السلام Lacking Powers?
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Isa عليه السلام Lacking Powers?

The anti Ahmadi Muslims quote that Isaas lacked powers. The quotation which the anti Ahmadi Muslims say is as follows:


” When thousands of insects are born by themselves during the rainy season, and Adamas was also born without parents, it is no proof of Jesus’ eminence if he, too, was born in the same manner. In fact, being born without a father deprives a person of certain faculties.” (Fountain of Christianity, Page 29)


There is no sort of mockery in the passage. Firstly, the reason this book was written was to reply to a book named Yanabiul Islam which was written by a Christian pirest who mocked Islam. Ahmadas answered all of his false accusations and told the Muslims who were speechless in regards to his book to not worry nor be influenced. It was written by St. Clair Tisdall who was a Christian missionary and it was written in Persian. This book was extremely harsh against Islam and Ahmadas was the only one who stood up to refute it entirely.It is quite sad that the Muslims raise a quote from a book which was defending Islam and decide to accuse it. The context of this statement, is the answer to the allegation that in the Qur’an Mary is caled the sister of Aaron and this human error proves the Qur’an to be false. Ahmadas answers telling them that their Gospels and full of objections including ones about the marriage of Mary with Joseph. Ahmadas further states:


” Only those who do not at all fear God can make such objections against the Holy Prophetsaw, for it is obvious that the people of the Peninsula in which the Holy Quran was revealed had virtually no knowledge of Christian and Jewish books, and the Holy Prophetsaw was himself unlettered. If such an objection can be raised against the Holy Prophetsaw, then just imagine the sort of objections that would be raised against Jesusas, who learnt the Torah word for word from a Jewish scholar, and read all the books of the Jews such as the Talmud, and whose Gospel is replete with passages from Talmud and the Old Testament! The Gospel is, in fact, so susceptible to all kinds of suspicions that we would not have believed in it had the Holy Quran not commanded us to do so. What a pity that there is nothing in the Gospel which is not to be found in earlier scriptures in exactly the same words. Why, then, should it be considered unreasonable and outrageous if the Holy Quran has collected the scattered truths and verities of the Bible in one place?” (Fountain of Christianity, Page 30)


These are not our beliefs rather beliefs from the Bible which the Christians cannot answer. Ahmadas used such arguments in the defense of Islam and the Muslims themselves sadly accuse him. This further shows that they have become just like the Jews and the Christians. If one reads the entire book, Fountain of Christianity, they are forced to agree that Ahmadas destroyed the teachings of Christianity entirely.