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The allegation of the anti Ahmadis is once again a false allegation full of ignorance. The anti Ahmadis say that Ahmadas plagiarized from Maqamat-al-Hariri which was known as the best poetry collection. Ahmadas claimed in his book Hujjatullah, which means convincing proof from Allah, that his Arabic was eloquent and that the superiority of his Arabic would be shown. The non Ahmadi Muslims claim Ahmadas plagiarized but this is totlly false as he deliberately included some of the writings of Al Hariri with his own writings and challenged the critics to compare the two as his claim was that his Arabic was the most eloquent. The anti Ahmadis fail to understand that Ahmadas was showing his superiority of his Arabic, that one would not be able to tell the difference between both writings. Ahmadas makes it clear in the beginning of the book of Hujjatullah that the only reason Ahmadas did this was because the opponents would mock his Arabic and this would clarify everything once and for all. After this challenge not a single person came forward and never did Ahmadas plagiarize.


Ahmadas stated:


Thus the method which will free the people from his deception is that we present to him paragraphs from our writing and some other paragraphs from the writings of a great Arab writer while concealing the names of the authors, and then call upon him to tell us which paragraph out of this is ours and which is theirs, if you are truthful. Then if he recognizes my sayings and theirs and distinguishes between them as between a shell and its kernel, then we shall give him fifty rupees as a reward. ( Hujjatullah, pg. 4-5)


Furthermore, in regards to Ahmadas being accused for Ijazul Masih and plagiarising in it, this is a total baseless allegation. Ahmadas answered this allegation in Nuzul-ul-Maih and explained the point beautifully. He stated that it is common to find similar themes in a few sentences between writers, sentences are used as excerpts by authors, some verses of the Qur’an are found in Harir’s book, Hariri’s writings have sentences and couplets of other authors with no change in his writings, some sentences of Abul Fadl Babi-uz-Zaman, match Hariri, two poets of Sab’ah Muallaqah have similar lines of poetry, the Jews prove that some passages of the Torah are taken from Talmud and some evil critics accuse the Qur’an to have ideas adopted by the new and old testaments as well.