Prayers Against Opponents
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Prayers Against Opponents

The foolish allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is that a prophet does not do mubahalas nor wish death upon people. This statement itself shows that the non Ahmadi Muslims do not have much knowledge in regards to the Qur’an. The Prophets in the past have made much harsher prophecies and asked for much harsher punishments for the wrongdoers as well. Firstly one has to understand that the greatest Prophet, Muhammad(saw) himself was going to do a mubahalah with the Christians, which they were too afraid to accept. The Qur’an itself has a verse which was revealed during the time of this incident.


Allah the Almighty states:




Now whoso disputes with thee concerning him, after what has come to thee of knowledge, say to him, ‘Come, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and our people and your people; then let us pray fervently and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie.’(Chapter 3 Verse 62)


Prayer duels are not something new, rather many prophets have challenged the opponents to show them the truth.


There are much harsher punishments asked by previous prophets and many statements in the Qur’an make this clear. Allah states:



We sent a storm of stones upon them except the family of Lot, whom We delivered by early dawn,As a favour from Us. Thus do We reward him who is grateful.(Chapter 54 Verses 35-36)


Allah further States:




And Moses said, ‘Our Lord, Thou hast bestowed upon Pharaoh and his chiefs embellishment and wealth in the present life, with the result, our Lord, that they are leading men astray from Thy path. Our Lord! destroy their riches and attack their hearts — and they are not going to believe until they see the grievous punishment.’He said, ‘Your prayer is accepted. So be ye twain steadfast, and follow not the path of those who know not.’(Chapter 10 Verses 89-90)


Here Moses(as) has asked Allah to destroy the people and attack their hearts as well. Can you compare this to what Ahmad(as) has said? There is absolutely nothing wrong with nor the statement of Allah, Ahmad(as) or Moses(as). Nor is there any fault in Muhammad(saw)’s mubahalah interaction with the Christians. Allah has further Stated:




And Noah said, ‘My Lord, leave not in the land a single one of the disbelievers;‘For, if Thou dost leave them, they will only lead astray Thy servants and will not give birth but to a sinner and a disbeliever.(Chapter 71 Verses 27-28)


These Quranic ayahs make it clear that Ahmad(as) was indeed a prophet of peace just as Muhammad(saw) was. There is nothing wrong with his statements if looked at in context. Nor are there any faults in the statements of Moses(as) or Noah(as) or any other prophet.