More Miracles Than Muhammad ﷺ?
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More Miracles Than Muhammad ﷺ?

This is just another lie of the Anti Ahmadis. May Allah guide them to the true teachings of Islam, Ameen. The allegation comes from two different books. They claim that Ahmad(As) has said that the Holy Prophet(sa) showed 3000 miracles while he had 300,000 SIGNS (remember there is a difference between signs and miracles!)


The best way to answer such false allegations is from the writings of Ahmad(As) himself. Ahmad(As) states:
“Arrange for a gathering and listen to our miracles and prophecies. And continue writing the testimony of our eye witnesses which shall be on oath. If then, with the exception of our Holy Prophet (sa), it is possible for
you to present the miracles of any prophet or saint of this world in comparison to my own, then do so.”(Nuzulul-Masih, p. 84)


“In order to support my claim, He (i.e., God) has shown so many miracles that very few prophets have appeared who manifested so many miracles. Rather, the truth is that he has made an ocean of miracles flow forth for me to such an extent that with the exception of our Holy Prophet (sa), that such abundance cannot be seen in all the past prophets (peace be upon them).”(Tatimmah Haqiqatul Wahi, p. 136)


“No prophet has shown as many signs as were manifested by our Holy Prophet (sa). The miracles of our Holy Prophet (sa) are being manifested even today and shall continue to manifest themselves until the day of resurrection. All that which is manifested in my support is in actuality counted among the miracles of the Holy Prophet (sa).”(Tatimmah Haqiqatul Wahi, p. 35.)


Ahmad(As) himself has stated that “all which is manifested in my support is in actuality counted among the miracles of the Holy Prophet(sa)”. How can one raise such an allegation after such beautiful statements by Ahmad(As)? Some also try to say that Ahmad(As) limited the miracles of Holy Prophet(sa) but this is also a false allegation as he has stated:


“The miracles of the Holy Prophet (sa) are shining from all sides. How can they remain hidden. The miracles which are testified to by the companions equal 3,000 alone. And as far as his prophecies are concerned they must be more than 10,000, which were fulfilled in their respective times and continue to be fulfilled.”(Tasdiqun-Nabi, p. 20, By Fakhruddin Multani from the writings of the Promised Messiah (as))


(The 3000 miracles are from Ahadith which were testified by the companions but as we know miracles of The Prophet(sa) are shining today as they did 1400 years ago and Ahmad(As) himself stated that all of his miracles are in actuality counted among the miracles of the seal of the prophets, Muhammad(Saw).