Allegation on Menstruation
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Allegation on Menstruation

The anti Ahmadis often raise allegations against the Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas.  One allegation they often raise, is that Hadhrat Ahmadas believed in men going through physical menstruation. This is totally false. The anti Ahmadis hide the actual meaning given by the Promised Messiahas. The revelation is as follows:


I have received the book of Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh, accountant, entitled: ‘Asa‘-e-Musa, in which he has made personal attacks—based entirely on ill-thinking—on me and has also attacked some of my true and holy prophecies without due consideration. When I had looked through that book and had put it aside, I received the revelation concerning Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh:


یریدون ان یروا طمثک واللّٰہ یرید ان یریک انعامہ۔ الانعامات المتواترۃ۔ انت منی بمنزلۃ اولادی۔ واللّٰہ ولیک وربّک۔ فقلنا یانارکونی بردا۔ ان اللّٰہ مع الذین اتقوا والذین ہم یحسنون الحسنٰی


Translation: [Arabic] They desire to see menstruation blood in you. [That is, they are seeking to discover impurity and filth and vileness] but God desires to exhibit His continuous favours unto you.


How can they find in me any matter resembling menstruation and what trace of it is left in me, for God has converted, through holy changes, that matter into a handsome boy; and that handsome boy has the status of a son in the estimation of Allah, meaning that although the limbs of a child are nourished and developed through menstruation blood, the child cannot be called impure like menstruation. God has affirmed that I had developed from the state of impurity which is part of human nature into purity and that it is folly on the part of my opponents to seek impurity in me because I have become a pure child by the hand of Allah and like a son in His estimation. God is my Guardian and Providence. There is, thus, the resemblance of a paternal relationship. God has put down the fire which has been sought to be kindled through this book ‘Asa-e-Musa. God is with the righteous who carry out their duty to the utmost and mind the finer points of taqwa [fear of God]. (Arbain, no.4, Page 19, Footnote, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 17, Page 452)


Hadhrat Mirza Bashir Ahmadra stated that al Hakam, Volume 4, number 44, December 10, 1900 writes about this revelation:


On the morning of December 4, 1900, the Promised Messiahas said: Last night I was shown the appearance of Ilahi Bakhsh Accountant’s book, and then I received this revelation…


Referring to the revelation, he said: This revelation has an academic and philosophic aspect, which is related to the juxtaposition of [menstruation blood] and [my progeny]. What is the significance? That these people see you as an impure and useless thing, whereas they are not aware that [You are to Me like my progeny]. In short, this blessed revelation shows the ultimate destiny of the true Promised Messiah as against that of a victim of wrath and anger.


Ruhul Bayan is a widely accepted Tafsir of non Ahmadi Muslims and it states:


’’کَمَا اَنَّ لِلنِّسَآءِ مَحِیْضًًا فِی الظَّاھِرِ وَھُوَ سَبِبُ نُقْصَانِ اِیْمَانِھِنَّ لِمَنْعِھِنَّ عَنِ الصَّلٰوۃِ وَالصَّوْمِ فَکَذٰلِکَ لِلرِّجَالِ مَحِیْضٌ فِی الْبَاطِنِ ھُوَ سَبَبُ نُقَصَانِ اِیْمَانِھِمْ لِمَنْعِھِمْ عَنْ حَقِیْقَۃِالصَّلٰوۃِ۔‘‘(روح البیان زیرآیت وَقَدِّمُوْا لِاَنْفُسِکُمْ وَاتَّقُوااللّٰہَ……الخ البقرۃ:۲۲۳)


Meaning, “Just as women go through physical menstruation, which is a cause for deficiency in their faith as it prevents them from praying and fasting, men also go through an intrinsic menstruation, which creates a deficiency within them from understanding the reality of prayer. In the terminology of Sufis, this is called menstruation” (Ruhul Bayaan Volume 1, Page 236)


Since the non Ahmadi Muslims have become just like the Jews, they love taking references out of their older books which defend the Promised Messiahas. However, in Tadhkiratul Auliya (all translations before 1928) it is stated that, just as women go through menstruation, the religious devotee also goes through a kind of menstruation on his path of spirituality and that the kind of menstruation that a religious devotee aces is in the form of speech and there are some devotees who remain stuck in this menstruation and are never purified of it (Tadhkiratul Auliya, Page 450)


Hadhrat Sheikh Fariduddin Attarh states regarding a well known saint, Hadhrat Bayazid Bastamirh:


“Once Hadhrat Bayazid, while about to enter the mosque, stopped at the door and began to cry. When people enquired of him the reason for crying, he replied “I see myself to be like a women on her menstruation cycle who fears entering the mosque because of her impurity” (Tazkiratul Auliyaa)



They also forget the following narration which is in their books:


الكذب حيض الرجل والاستغفار طهارته


Meaning that lying is a menstruation for a man, and istigfar is its purification.


The meaning of the revelation of Hadhrat Ahmadas was simply that his opponents want to see him fall prey to lying or another sort of affliction, but Allah would always protect him from all sorts of immorality and impurity, as He protected all other prophets.