Holy Prophet ﷺ ate Cheese with Lard?
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Holy Prophet ﷺ ate Cheese with Lard?

The allegation of the non Ahmadi Muslims is that the Promised Messiah(as) stated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad(Saw) God forbid used to eat cheese made by the Christians which included pig fat. This is another lie of the non Ahmadi Muslims in twisting what the Promised Messiah(As) in reality stated.


This is totally out of context. The Promised Messiah(as) is stating that something Halal should not be classified as haram based on suspicion. The Promised Messiah(as) mentions a practice of the Holy Prophet(saw) and is referring to a hadith rather than actually claiming that the cheese had lard in it. Hazrat Sheikh Zainul-Abidin Bin Abdul Aziz writes in Fathul Mu’in Sharhu Qur’atil Ain which ws compiled in 982 Hijra, under the heading of Babus Salat:




“It is believed that Jokh(a type of cheese) is made with lard, and the cheese of Syria is made of liquid lard. Someone brought it to the Holy Prophet(Saw) and he ate it and did not ask any questions in regards to it”


This translation is from Izharul Haqq Darbarah Jawaz Ta’am Ahl-e-Kitab and was published in 1875 by the Extra Assistant Commissioner Khan Ahmad Shah. It is speaking of the same hadith and this fatwa he placed was signed by many scholars of India and this magazine itself is endorsed by people like Maulvi Nadhir Husain of Delhi who is known al around India.


 The Promised Messiah(as) is giving an answer to a question in regards to Fiqh. He states that the Holy Prophet(saw) and his sahaba would eat cheese made by the Christians even though it was “famously known” (rumor) that lard (pig fat) was mixed in it. The basic principle that the Promised Messiah(As) is saying is that when one has the knowledge of something being haram, and then eats it, it is wrong. However, until you have absolute knowledge one should not question the food continuously and assume that there is something wrong in it.If we were to do that everything would seem haram in our eyes. Ahmad(As) is not stating that the pig fat was actually in the cheese rather giving a example of what used to occur. He himself did not say that the cheese actually had fat, rather it was known by the people of that time and this is included in the ahadith.


The sahaba said we think it has lard in it, to which the Prophet(saw) said eat it as they did not have knowledge and were simply assuming.


<Ahmad(As) is simply stating that if you have full knowledge then do not eat it. The sahaba said its famous but the Holy prophet(Saw) said do not worry until you are fully aware. The statement of Ahmad(as) is from the hadith of the Holy Prophet(saw) which shows the sahaba said it was known that it uses pork.


Here is a version of the saying: