Exceeding Spirituality of Muhammad ﷺ?
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Exceeding Spirituality of Muhammad ﷺ?

The anti Ahmadis quote Al Fazl of July 17 1922 and say that it claims


“It is abosolutely true that every person can progress and attain a higher and higher status, even beyond that of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him”


This is just another lie. You will read all thousands of pages of Al Fazl and not find such a statement anywhere. You can read the entire library of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and never will you find such a statement.This is a clear fabrication and lie by the anti Ahmadi Mullahs since they have no allegations left.


In reality Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad(ra) has stated:


Neither has any mother ever given birth to a child, nor will a child be born until the Day of Judgment, who can be greater than Muhammad(sa), the Messenger of Allah. (Friday Sermon delivered by Hadrat Khalifatul-Masih II(ra), February 11, 1944, published in The Al-Fazl Daily, Qadian, June 16, 1944. p. 8, vol. 22, no. 39)


He also states:


We say that God Almighty has not restricted anyone from surpassing the status of the Holy Prophet(sa). If anyone has the will to do so then he can try, but he will not be able to do so, because no one is capable of offering the sacrifices that have been offered by the Holy Prophet(sa) . It is obvious that the possibility of surpassing is different from actually surpassing. The possibility of surpassing only means that every person has the opportunity to advance, and that the path is not closed, but rather open for anyone; however, since no one has exceeded the status of the Holy Prophet(sa), this establishes that no one else can display the love of Allah that has been exemplified by the Holy Prophet(sa). Ordinary people aside, not even Hadrat Ibrahimas, Musa as and ‘Isa as [Abraham, Moses and Jesus] could demonstrate that ability.(Al Fazl)


He further states:


If someone asks me whether anybody can achieve a status higher than the Holy Prophet(sa), I tell them that Allah has not closed that door. But show me a man who can move faster than the Holy Prophet(sa) on the path of achieving nearness to God. Something hypothetically happening is clearly different than it actually happening. Allah tells the Holy Prophet(sa) in the Holy Quran to say to the Christians that if God had a son, he [i.e. Muhammad(sa)] would be the first one to worship him. But this does not mean that God has a son. Similarly, we do not say that there is anyone in the world who has surpassed the status of the Holy Prophet(sa). We say that if anyone wants to exceed his status he may try, for God has not closed that door; but the reality is that never has any mother ever given birth to a child, nor will a child ever be born until the Day of Judgment, who can be greater than Muhammad(sa), Messenger of Allah. (Ibid.)