Milk of Makkah and Medina Dried Up?
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Milk of Makkah and Medina Dried Up?

This allegation is against the Promised Son, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad(ra). The allegation comes from one of his writings where he states:


Qadian is the mother of all townships; thus, whoever does not maintain relations with Qadian will be cut off. You should fear that someone may be cut off from among you. How long will this fresh milk last? Even the milk of mothers dries up. Did or did not the milk dry up from breasts of Makkah and Madinah? (Haqiqatur Ru’ya, p. 46)


Firstly, wherever Allah sends the Light of Holy Prophet(Saw), in those areas people have said similar things to Hazrat mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad(ra) and never has anyone criticized this. When we come to Mecca and Medina, we know that after Ibrahim(as) died, Mecca was full of idol worshippers to the point where there was an idol for each day. With the passage of time the place of a prophet does start to worsen and people start to go on the wrong path. If the Holy Prophet(saw) did not descend, Mecca would be in the worst situation right now. Would it be wrong to say that the milk dried up at that time ? Of course not. It is an obvious fact. It is obvious that after the passing of the Holy Prophet(saw), Mecca and Medina would worsen.


Now the milk of Qadian as well would become worst as well and this is what Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood(ra) is saying.He is saying that just like Mecca’s milk has dried up because of the separation of the time of the prophet, in the same way the milk of Qadian would also dry up. Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad(ra) is showing us that the milk of Qadian will also dry up at one point. He is simply saying that Qadian will not always be a good place and will also become bad at one point. These statements are said by the religious saints and scholars where they make such comparisons. Here are some examples:


When we look at Chachran Sharif for example which was the homeland of Hazrat Khawajah Ghulam Farid(ra), it is given a extremely high status. One of his followers wrote:




“Chachran appears to be like Madinah and Kot Mithan like Baitullah. Apparently, it is our beloved Farid, but deep within, it is Allah”


This simply shows that the blessings and Light of Allah also descended upon these villages. It does not mean that the writer claimed the village to be greater than Madinah or Mecca.


Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki used to say:




“Wherever this impoverished one should reside, That place shall be Makkah and Madinah and the Tomb of the Prophet(saw)” (Khairul Afadat, Malfuzat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Published by Idaah Islamiyyat Lahore, August 1982)


The Sheikh of India Maulana Mahmood Hasan stated in regards to Maulavi Rashid Ahmad of Gangoh:




“People who still maintain zest for knowledge and wisdom in their bosoms- will wander in Ka’bah, asking for the way to Gangoh.


By comparing your enlightened tomb to Mount Sinai, I keep pleading again and again “show me your face” See how Simple I am. ” (See Mersiyah, By Mahmood Hasan, President Deoband Pages 6-17 Published by Matba Bilali Sadhora, Ambala Distt.)


Why was there not a fatwa against one of the leaders of the Deobandi Sect? He has compared the tomb to where Allah spoke to Moses(as). These words are respected and never has anyone accused these words. He is basically saying that people of faith are not able to achieve peace until they ask the way to Gangoh and that Makkah and the Holy Ka”bah are only a compass while Gangoh has become the two of the Qibla, God forbid.


Allamah Iqbal respected by millions around India till today states:




“It is the homeland of Guatama; and a sanctuary honoured by Japan, For the lovers of Jesus it is a small Jerusalem (Bayat-e-Iqbal, page 328 Published by A’ina-e-Adab Chowk Minar Anarkali, Lahore Second Edition, 1947)


Hazrat Baba Faridud Din Ganj Shakar stated:


“A dervish must cover 70,000 spiritual stations. At the first station the dervish reaches a stage where he offers his five daily prayers before God’s Throne along with its residents; and whenever the dervish returns from there, he always sees himself inside the Holy Ka’bah. When the dervish returns, he sees the entire world between his fingers” (Anwar-e-Sabri By Hafiz Ubaidullah Sabri, Islami Kutub Khanah , Gujranwala, Page 118)


Furthermore, Sultanul Mashaikh Khawajah Nizamuddin Auliya stated:


“On one occasion, I became very eager to make the pilgrimage to the Holy Ka’bah. I had decided to pay a visit to Pakpattan (A city in Pakistan) before setting off for the Hajj. Upon reaching the noble city of Pakpattan, I was honoured to encounter Hudur Sheikhul-Islam Hazrat Baba Sahib (ra), and the purpose of my performing the pilgrimage was fulfilled and I obtained even greater rewards from Allah”


He then states:


“After some time, the eagerness to perform Hajj again dominated my thoughts, so I once more visited Pakpattan and Allah further bestowed special bounties upon me. Sultanul-Mashaikh, with tears in his eyes, said with his blessed tongue: “That is the way to the Ka’bah, But here is the way to the friend (Anwar-e-Sabri By Hafiz Ubaidullah Sabri, Islami Kutub Khanah, Gujranwala page 172)