Hadith of 313 Companions?
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Hadith of 313 Companions?

The anti Ahmadi Muslims raise an allegation against Ahmadas for basically stating that there is a sahih hadith which states that the Mahdi would have 313 sahaba and his names and that this prediction is also fulfilled as there is a printing press during the time of Ahmadas. The allegation is taken from Ruhani Khazain, Volume 11, Page 324. The sad part is that the anti Ahmadis accuse Ahmadas of making up a hadith and lyling against his beloved Master Muhammadsaw, but do not realize it is their own lack of knowledge that has caused them to be ignorant of this hadith. In reality this hadith does exist and was indeed fulfilled. Most importantly, this hadith itself is quoted by Ahmadas on the very next page which the anti Ahmadis have forgot to read as every allegation is totally out of context. Had they read the context, they would have never brought up such an allegation. I have attached the page which the allegation comes from and the very next page as well.