Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام Steal His Father’s Pension?
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Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام Steal His Father’s Pension?

The non Ahmadis once again have tried to make an allegation against the Prophet of Allah by trying to misquote statements and twist them into a whole different meaning. They falsely translate passages with the intention of deceiving people. This allegation is just another lie by the anti Ahmadis.


They falsely quote from the biography of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as):


Mother (wife of Mirza) told me (son of Mirza) that once during his youth Hazrat Maseeh Mowood (Mirza Qadiani) went to collect the pensin of your grandfather, then Mirza Imamdin went after him. When he (Mirza) recieved the pension, then he (Imamdin) enticed him (Mirza) and instead of Qadian took him away, and took him here and there. Then when he (Mirza) squandered all the money, he (Imamdin) left you and went away.


This is a complete lie. In reality the passage states:


My respected mother narrates: Once in his youth The Promised Messiah went to collect your grandfather’s (ie. The Promised Messiah’s father) pension. Behind him, Mirza Imamuddin followed. When he (The Promised Messiah) collected the pension, Mirza Imamuddin tricked and defrauded him away from Qadian to somewhere else and took him from here to there. When he (Imamuddin) had squandered all the money, he (Imamuddin) left him (the Promised Messiah) and went away. 


Just like the uncle of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) was a severe opponent of Islam, so was the cousin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) named Mirza Imamuddin. The anti Ahmadis have purposely mistranslated the passage and have accused Ahmad(as) for stealing the pension when this is totally false. It was his cousin who stole the pension from him and I’m sure the anti Ahmadis who spread these lies are aware of this and have the intention to misguide people.


Now one can possibly say that the anti Ahmadis made a mistake and that it was an accident. But the has clearly stated :


“Jab Usnai sara rupaya ura kar khatam kardiya, to aap ko chor kar kaheen oar chala gaya” Anyone who has even a little knowledge of Urdu can see that the sentence is referring to two different people. One is referred to as “us” and the other is referred to as “aap”. In the entire paragraph Ahmad(as) is referred to as aap which respect. How can the Anti Ahmadis really claim that in the final sentence the narrator changes the entire sequence of the sentence and starts to refer to Ahmad(as) as “us” to confuse people? This is a statement full of ignorance. Anyone with even a little knowledge of Urdu can see that the person whos tole the money was the anti Ahmadi named Imam Ud Din. In the entire translation the anti Ahmadis themselves address Ahmad(as) with “aap” while using “us” for Imam Ud Din.


The anti Ahmadis have further mistranslated words here as well. They translate the words “dhoka” and “pisla” to mean entice while entice means tempt and gives the impression that Ahmad(as) had a temptation and wanted to steal the money. Dhoka and Pisla have no relation to the word tempt at all. They would mean defrauded and tricked.


The translation of the Anti Ahmadis is a total lie and has been exposed. The next allegation which comes up is that Ahmad(as) was robbed which shows he was not strong enough to be a prophet. Now where in the Qur’an does it say that a Prophet has to be strong enough to fight the criminals and cannot be robbed? All prophets were persecuted by the opponents. Does this make all prophets false? This itself shows their truthfulness, that despite all of the opposition they are always successful and their message spreads worldwide. This allegation further shows us the lack of Quranic knowledge the anti Ahmadis have. Allah states:







Allah States:And when they despaired of him, they retired, conferring together in private. Their leader said, “Know ye not that your father has taken from you a solemn promise in the name of Allah and how, before this, you failed in your duty with respect to Joseph? I will, therefore, not leave the land until my father permits me or Allah decides for me. And He is the Best of judges. “Return ye to your father and say, ‘O our father, thy son has stolen and we have stated only what we know and we could not be guardians over the unseen.‘And inquire of the people of the city wherein we were, and of the caravan with which we came, and certainly we are speaking the truth.’” He replied, ‘Nay, but your souls have embellished to you this thing. So nowcomely patience is good for me. May be Allah will bring them all to me; for He is the All-Knowing, the Wise.’And he turned away from them and said, ‘O my grief for Joseph!’ And his eyes became white because of grief, and he was suppressing his sorrow.(Chapter 12 Verses 81-85)


Allah Has clearly Told us that Yaqub (as) was overwhelmed with sorrow and even began to cry. He was weeping for many years for his son Yusuf(as) and now with one more of his sons who he loved wholeheartedly was snatched away from him which almost caused him to lose his sight. Will the Non Ahmadis now reject Yaqub (as) as a prophet of Allah?