Chapter 3 Verse 180
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Chapter 3 Verse 180

A Reward for The Believers

There is a great difference between the believers and the disbelievers. Allah has clearly Stated in the Qur’an :



“Allah would not leave the believers as you are, until He separated the wicked from the good. Nor would Allah reveal to you the unseen. But Allah chooses of His Messengers whom He pleases. Believe, therefore, in Allah and His Messengers. If you believe and be righteous, you shall have a great reward.” (Chapter 3 Verse 180)


Allah has made it Clear in this verse that he would make a clear distinction between the Good and the Evil and has stated that He would appoint a messenger who would reveal the unseen to the people. Allah has told us continuously to accept these messengers and if one tries to state that this only refers to past nations, this would make no sense as Allah states “Allah would not leave the believers as you are”. If this is still the interpretation of the Non Ahmadis, it would mean they themselves do not believe they or anyone else in the ummah are believers. What an erroneous interpretation. Furthermore, the Arabic word which is used here is Yajtabi which means He chooses rather than He Chose. It is an imperfect verb (Mudari) which refers to the present and future tense as well. This clearly shows it refers to a blessing which is of the past, present and future and this is a law of Allah as well. Allah decided to choose Ahmad(as) as one of the messengers as this verse shows.