Chapter 34 Verse 29
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Chapter 34 Verse 29

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, A Prophet for All of Mankind



“And We have not sent thee but as a bearer of glad tidings and a Warner, for all mankind, but most men know not.” (Chapter 34 Verse 29)


This is just another attempt of the non Ahmadi Muslims to close the blessings of Allah with no proof. We have many prophets who came for a nation and even then prophets did appear after them. For example, Moses(as) was sent to the entire people of Bani Israel yet we know that Isa(as) came after him as a prophet. If the ummah of Moses(as) can have prophets how can a sincere Muslim degrade the Prophet Muhammad(saw) to such a level that no one was able to achieve prophethood from following him and the greatest book of Allah ?