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Posts on Tabligh

Importance of Tabligh from Quran:

Importance of tabligh from the Qur’an. PowerPoint available for those interested on the truthfulness of Ahmad (as) (see picture)

Importance of Tabligh from Ahadith :

Love of Ahmad(as) for Tabligh:

Tabligh Story :

Many ask me to share tabligh stories so today I will share a tabligh story of downtown. A year before university I wanted to get more fluent in doing tabligh so I used to go to downtown. Alot of sunnis persecuted me. I was still young and would get so disheartened and sad over it. One day for example a sunni took my flyer which had Quranic verses in it, threw it to the ground and stepped over it continuously till it ripped. Another time a anti ahmadi made his Wife stand in front of me so I couldn’t continue preaching. Many of times people came called me kaffir and even took pictures of me. That was the hardest time of my life, however it was great training and taught me how deceiving these anti Ahmadis were. I then went to speak to a scholar and we spoke on the death of Isa (as). He agreed that he also believes Isa (as) died. Later on in the same day I challenged him to say his beliefs in front of his people and he wouldn’t say it. I swore by Allah that he told me Isa (as) died but to my surprise he started screaming saying get lost as he couldn’t claim his beliefs. I had no success, but it was a great test. The upcoming years are university were more successful than sunnis and shias combined times 1000…everyone knew that if it’s Islam we must go directly to the Ahmadiyya stall. Never be disheartened when doing tabligh. Prophets were persecuted a million times more than us. It happens but it’s a blessing in disguise

Reviewing Islamic Spirit Sunni Jalsa:

Reviving Islamic Spirit is basically the non Ahmadi Muslim jalsa, where all the sects try to unite, despite not progressing at all. There were many good stories and sad stories which I will share. This post consists of some unfortunate incidents.

Many Muslims ripped and threw flyers away. Many used abusive language and one person even gave a death threat. One person tried telling us to leave as well, and some threw flyers in the garbage even. These flyers had Qur’an on it and a picture of the Ka’aba. Furthermore, one person was calling us clowns, and a lot of other abusive words. His own Muslims were holding him back and against his horrible akhlaq. One lady was going all out on how we should only call Promised Messiah(as) a Friend of Allah, rather than a Messiah. Little did she know that this title of Messiah was given to him from Allah and the Prophet(saw). Many girls and guys took pictures of me and my friend while we were doing tabligh, and the banner of Promised Messiah(as) in a derogatory way. It was pretty upsetting. One person came and said Qur’an is changed by us and that I should prove Jesus(as) died. I said give me your Qur’an and I will prove it from there, to which he took out his Qur’an and quickly put it back and began mocking again. What a amazing experience. Best part was he had permission to do this. Our stall was right outside the Sunni Jalsa site entrance/exit which has a attendance of around 25-30K people for three days.

Somali Accepts Death of Isa(as) in One Minute:

Personal Story – The Fall of the Muslims:

Today I want to share a personal story. I often like seeing Muslim events just to see the success of Ahmadiyyat. It was prophesied that in the end times, faith would ascend to the highest star in the sky and there would be complete division. The only cure to this division would be accepting the Messiah and his Khilafat.

I happened to come by an Eid Bazaar and looked only from the outside to see how they are celebrating their eid. Firstly, their bazaar was completely free mixed. Men and women together, no segregation at all. Secondly, there was a full out stage for dancing and music. I was totally confused. Aunties were walking around with sleeveless shirts and men and women were dancing together on stage along with inappropriate music. I spoke to one of their head organizers and asked him which mosque he attends and who his imam was. He replied : ” I don’t know my imam, we have so many. They keep changing” I was totally shocked at what was going on and how he replied. According to the Prophet (sa) the true Islam would only have one imam, who would be the Khalifa and all would be united under him. Next he told me that even their mosques are mixed. He himself was upset and said even in ramadhan men and women would eat together next to each other.

Furthermore, there was no arrangements for namaaz. How can a Eid Bazaar have no prayer? How does that even make sense? There were also photo shoots of men and women together? So you can sing and dance and not make out fifteen minutes for prayers!? Extremely sad that these are the people trying to represent Islam!
This just made me realize how blessed we are for Ahmadiyyat and how much work we have ahead of us. It also showed me how divided Islam is and that Ahmadiyyat is clearly the only cure. Dear Muslims! Wake up and realize your error! Put your ego and pride aside and read the books of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) before it is too late! This was not any ordinary Eid Bazaar so there is no excuse. Those with big beards were busy smoking outside as well.
May Allah Guide all Muslims into the true Islam ameen.

Make sure to pray for the ummah this Eid

Inspiring Tabligh story:

Alhamdulillah, I have an amazing story to share today. I was spreading the true teachings about Ahmadiyyat on Twitter and many anti Ahmadi Muslims began to abuse me and mocked the Promised Messiah(as). –
Many from Somalia continued to abuse and were spamming me with false allegations. I continued to respond . I explained that there is an Ahmadi Muslim convert who is Somali and one person replied by saying I am lying and if I prove it to him he will reward me $100. Alhamdulillah right away I showed him the Somali Ahmadi and he began to abuse me even more out of hatred and failure.

It reminded me of Hadhrat Ahmad(as)’s challenges to the maulvis. He would always challenge them and none would be able to respond and win the reward. This person tried challenging me based on my arguments from Hadhrat Ahmad(as) and right away had to pay the money. I have a strong connection with Somalia because I grew up facing anti Ahmadi opposition from them as they are really strict in their opposition. Secondly, my Ahmadi friend Abdur Rahman and me are really close and I did the a video defending him in his debate

Alhamdulillah he paid the money and it will now be going to Somalia for Sadqah with lots of prayers that Allah brings and spreads Ahmadiyyat in Somalia. He still hates Jamaat sadly, but he is happy I am giving it to sadqah, alhamdulillah. Please keep Somalia in your prayers. It’s my dream that Ahmadiyyat spreads throughout Somalia one day. Attached is the screenshot of the money statement and the picture of the Somalian brother who is now Ahmadi Muslim alhamdulillah

Trouble While Doing Tabligh:

  • This post is extremely important and I pray it helps many. Many of us are Ahmadi Muslims but have non Ahmadi family and friends. Sometimes our family consists of such Ahmadi hatred, that it brings tears to our eyes. I am included in this and know how you feel. One of my relatives hands out anti Ahmadi literature as that side never accepted Jamaat. It’s extremely painful. They always put us down and feel like they are above us and have some advantage over us. They say bad about us, while we stay loving and respect them and pray for their guidance. Sometimes our friends are Sunni and ruin our tabligh. In high school when I would do tabligh, my own non Ahmadi friends (who are no longer friends) would interrupt and mock Hadhrat Ahmad(as). I would begin with a quote of Hadhrat Ahmad(as) who stated:
    If you desire that the angels should praise you in heaven, then endure beating and be joyful, hear abuse and be grateful, experience failure and do not cut asunder your relationship with God. You are the last Jama‘at of God, so practice virtue at its highest level. Anyone from among you who becomes slothful will be cast out of the Jama‘at like a foul thing and will die in sorrow without having caused any harm to God. I give you the good news that your God truly exists. All are His creatures, but He chooses the one who chooses Him. He comes to the one who goes to Him. He bestows honour upon the one who honours Him. So approach Him with straight hearts and pure tongues, eyes and ears so that He may accept you. (Kashti-e-Nuh, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, p. 15)
    Our job is to firstly remain respectful in all conditions. Now how can we do tabligh to our non Ahmadi family? If we are youth, character plays a big role. They should see your character compared to their own children and realize a world of a difference. Secondly, give them books of the Messiah(as) to read. If they do not read them, that is their fault. Just make sure you deliver the message clearly. –
  • We have to remember there are billions of people in the world. Islam is not only for you and I, and our families. There are so many opportunities out there. If our friends and family are not willing to take interest, and only mock, then it may be time to move on and find better contacts and better friends. Its harsh at first, but in reality brings so much peace to ones heart. We must remember Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) and his messiah come before everything. If you really want to do tabligh to your friends, and others are ruining it, it may be smart to tell your close friends that when it comes to tabligh, you do not want others interrupting. This often works.

    Sometimes it’s also good to confront your family who are spreading falsehood about Jamaat and politely asking them to stop. But what is the main job of ours? We have to pray for them. Pray for them for forty straight days Tahajjud even if you have to. You yourself will see miracles of Allah. And most important of all, never leave Jamaat activities. This is only a trial, and should help us work even harder and attain Allah’s Pleasure. I pray Allah helps all facing this difficulty. There are youth around even 16 years of age who have accepted Ahmadiyyat and chose Allah over everything else. If it has gone too far, it may be time to find a better company and make Ahmadi friends and spread the true Islam to the other Muslims and non Muslims who have not heard about the beauty of true Islam. I pray we all can live up to the expectations of our beloved Khalifa, ameen

Tips to Successful Tabligh:

  • Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best. Surely, thy Lord knows best who has strayed from His way; and He also knows those who are rightly guided. (16:126)

    This post will outline ten successful methods to tabligh.

    The Message is for All the Believers: Although the message is for all the believers, but here only the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) has been addressed. It is not said that O Muhammad! You alone go and start calling people towards Allāh and no companion should accompany you. Thus, it is addressed to the Holy Prophet, but is meant for all the believers.
    Meaning of Hikmat (wisdom, foresight): By pondering over the word Hikmat it seems that we should first look towards the history. By looking over the events of history, we shall have to deal with our adversaries with extreme love and affection. It is then that our point of view will be accepted, otherwise not.
  • Approach According to the Circumstances: The second point of Hikmat, which is usually ignored, is keeping the circumstances in view. Analyze the circumstances and then start the work of calling towards Allāh. Everything is fine if it is done at proper time. Delivering your message to someone who is in a hurry or mentally upset is not proper. This will not be according to circumstances. If a man dislikes something and it is presented to him, he won’t accept it even if it is good. Therefore, if the way of presentation is not so agreeable that it overpowers the hatred to hear the message, Tablīgh will not be effective for him. Therefore, mind that you are engaged in a very delicate task. Follow the model of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), and be kind to others. Similarly adopt wise way of communication. You will have to think that your addressee will surely change by normalcy, therefore, you need to communicate gently.

    3. In Accordance with Human Nature: One of the demands of Hikmat is to talk according to the trend of the person you are talking to, and you should never be oblivious to it. Understand the tendency of the person whom you are conversing with. You should know what he avoids and then deal with him accordingly.
  • Within Your Capabilities: Another demand of hikmat is to take stock of your own temperament and tendencies. Everyone cannot do all kinds of Tablīgh. God has blessed faculties according to one’s own temperament. For instance, a brother used to wear a robe with Qur’ānic verses inscribed on it. Another brother, Qureshi Muhammad Hanīf used to roam and preach on his bicycle. To say that one does not have the capacity for tablīgh is to blame Allāh. It is right to say that as everyone has different capacities, therefore, to face the other person will also be in different ways. Everyone has his own personality and should treat others according to his own capacity. You yourself have different temperaments. God has granted you different capacities. Therefore, you will have to adopt the right way of thinking about yourself and how you can discharge your obligations in a befitting manner. Some do not have good conversational or public speaking skills while others lack in effective writing. Some are shy in public, but are good talkers in a small company. There are others who can address large gatherings. Therefore, if someone will act against his/her personality granted to him/her by God, s/he will become a laughing stock.

    5. Times Also Change: There are different periods. Needs of time also change. Hikmat demands that one should take advantage of those times. Therefore, different ways of talk suit at different times. There are times when one is sad and that time demands a different kind of talk. Way of talking at happier times will be of different sort. Similarly you will have to adopt a different way at the times of panic.
  • Appropriate Selection: Another demand of hikmat is to choose the right person. There is innumerable creation of God who you have to call towards Allāh. With a general view, one can learn as to who will require lesser hard work. There are Ahmadīs who sometimes work hard on someone who is prejudiced, adamant and far from Taqwā. They forget that Allāh has promised to guide those who are righteous and have the courage to call spade a spade. (So said Christ also not to throw pearls before the swine. Matthew 7:6) Therefore, select good natured people especially those who are courageous and may themselves become muballigh later.

    7. Remain Constantly in Contact: To take care of your crop is another demand of hikmat. When you engage in Da‘wat ilallāh or will engage, you will enjoy it. If you will not see the person you are preaching again and again, you will lose him like destroying your harvest. This is because the effect of your tablīgh has not gone very deep. You will have to pay constant attention. If you will not do so, your labor will go to waste.
  • Prayers are Needed: If you do not irrigate your crop, it will bear no fruit. There are two ways of irrigation. One is the water of your knowledge, you impart in this world. But the real harvest is when it receives the heavenly water. If you will irrigate your crop with merely your own water of knowledge, it will not bring out blessed fruit. Therefore, prayers are essential and you will have to shed tears in front of God Almighty. Seek help from Him.

    It is the tears of a believer which bring torrents of blessings. Therefore, hikmat was mentioned first and then good word is mentioned. Good word is clear, true and pious advice which has a pull. It has nothing to do with any sectarian difference. It comes direct from heart and goes straight to heart. Therefore, arguments come later, but begin with a good word. First, tell the people that you have sympathy for them. They are ruining themselves. The society is being destroyed. Think, why it is being destroyed. Tell them that divine people come and after delivering their message depart. Give them the message that a caller has come and it is better for them to accept that divine caller. This is the reason that the Holy Qur’ān advises not to hurry. Begin with hikmat so that people should know that you are truthful and their sympathizer. They should realize that you are not interested only in yourself, but are interested in them as well.
  • ahmadianswers Discussion: Despite your good and wise word, people will be ready to argue with you. Allāh says, therefore, We also advise you to face them and do not show your back to them. Now, be prepared and you have the right to argue with full strength and vigor with those who counter you. But this encounter should not be with brute force and it is said that argue with them with what is good. Therefore, even now, encounter with evil will be with goodness. They will come with evil but you will have to present goodness. They wish to harm you, but you wish good for them. They will bring feeble arguments but you present strong and powerful proofs. Represent goodness every time whereas they will be representing hatred and evil.

    10. Patience: And if you will remain patient, then know that this is better for those who remain patient (Holy Qur’ān, 16 Nahl:127). Therefore, remember that you should show patience, and Allāh tells you that those who show patience are more successful than others. It is better for those who show patience, in religious contests, they should not take revenge but should keep overlooking mistakes of others and remain tolerant.
  • You should know that patience is of two kinds. One is patience in anger and other is patience during grief. You know that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) never went even near rage. Therefore, always remember that we have to follow the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) in whom there was least anger. He was the man who showed patience of real mother, and even more. He is the man who is pining for his opponents who are harming themselves by not accepting him. That’s why Allāh says: “And grieve not thou for them.” (Holy Qur’ān, 16[Al-Nahl:128).

    You are all Dā‘īs. Therefore, I call upon all the members of our Jamā‘at to call the whole world to One and Living God. Call people of the east and of the west. Call the black as well as the white. Call the Christians as well as Hindus. Call everyone who has gone astray and call the atheists also. You are responsible to call Eastern Bloc and the Western Block as well. It is you alone who have to grant life instead of death to the world. If you will neglect, the people who have to die will die and will be wandering in the dark. (Friday sermon dated February 25, 1983)

Preaching to Relatives:

  • The Qur’an and ahadith are clear on family relations and the amount of love and respect we must have for our blood relations. If we also cut them off over our religious differences, who would guide them towards Islam or the true Islam Ahmadiyyat? Firstly, let us see what Allah States about maintaining a good relationship with one’s family. After that we will turn to the ahadith and the sayings of the Promised Messiah(as). –
    Allah the Almighty States in the Qur’an:
    “And those who join what Allah has commanded to be joined and fear their Lord and dread the evil reckoning” (13:22)

    This verse commands us to have a true relationship with not Only Allah, but also man. Our family is most deserving of this. The Prophet(saw) has himself done the commentary of Surah Muhammad verse 23-26. He (saw) stated:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Allah created His creation, and when He had finished it, the womb, got up and caught hold of Allah whereupon Allah said, “What is the matter?’ On that, it said, ‘I seek refuge with you from those who sever the ties of Kith and kin.’ On that Allah said, ‘Will you be satisfied if I bestow My favors on him who keeps your ties, and withhold My favors from him who severs your ties?’ On that it said, ‘Yes, O my Lord!’ Then Allah said, ‘That is for you.’ ” Abu Huraira added: If you wish, you can recite: “Would you then if you were given the authority. do mischief in the land and sever your ties of kinship. (Surah Muhammad 23-26) (Bukhari) –
  • The Holy Prophet(saw) stated:
    It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that a man said: O Messenger of Allah, I have relatives with whom I try to keep in touch, but they cut me off. I treat them well, but they abuse me. I am patient and kind towards them, but they insult me. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “If you are as you say, then it is as if you are putting hot ashes in their mouths. Allah will continue to support you as long as you continue to do that.” (Sahih Muslim)

    Hadhrat Imam an Nawawi has explained in the sharh of Sahih Muslim that the ignorance here refers to bad speech and the feeding of hot ashes is a metaphor for the pain they will feel, like the pain of one who eats hot ashes. There will be no sin on this doer of good, rather they would be sinning if they cut the person off. This pain they would feel after seeing their relative treating them so nicely, may end up being the reason for their reconciliation. The Holy Prophet(saw) is the best example for us, who treated his family with such respect that many had joined the fold of Islam despite not accepting at first. They saw his character and were forced to accept that Islam was the true faith.

    Hadhrat Ahmad(as) stated in regards to preaching to relatives:
    “It often comes to my notice that you continue preaching to your relatives. It is a very good thing. One should always think over it as to how he can deliver the message to women as well as men. The hadith tells us that the Head of a tribe will be questioned about his tribe, just as will the Prophet of a nation. No opportunity that makes itself available should ever be lost. Nobody knows how long he is to live. When the Holy Prophet(saw) was told:
    “You should warn your near relatvies”
    He delivered the message to all of them. I also have preached to the women as well as to the men on various occasions. Even now I occasionally preach to the womenfolk of the household” (Malfuzat, Volume 2, page 402)
  • At times our family may mock the true Islam and it may be difficult to keep a relation with them. However, we should try our best to pray hard for them and preach to them to the best of our ability. I myself have relatives who are extremely against the Jamaat and it is hard to show them love at times, but if we don’t guide them to the truth and show them the message, who will? May Allah Guide all of our non Ahmadi relatives to the true teachings of Islam. This includes inactive Ahmadi Members and those against the nizam as well. We need to show them the truth as well. Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) has also explained that if someone gets removed from Jamaat, we should help make them understand that they are at fault.
  • Now some of those married may also have wives or husbands who do not pray or read the Qur’an. In regards to their treatment, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(rh) has stated:
    “You see it is like sharing one’s life with a dead man. But as long as he is the husband, you have to do what’s due to you from an Islamic point of view. Be good in worldly things and let him realize that his partner who regularly says prayer is a better partner in so many ways. Better behaved, and this partner seems to have benefitted from what they are pursuing. So that should be the practical example which you must stick to and should never change your attitude of kindness and goodness to that husband. Again we have in the Qur’an the wife of Pharoah. What worst husband could you imagine for a poor wife who was a believer? The advice rendered to her was pray to Allah and seek help from Him and this is the secular advice. First of all, your conduct should be exceptionally good. Exemplary conduct and secondly to change that husbands part and again the third advice is that you should be more kind to your children than before. Attach them more to you so they escape the evil or dead influence of the husband and they are more gravitated towards you to learn the Qur’an, prayers and all good things of life from you because you are now practically a single parent family. As far as Islam goes, the second partner is not helping you at all”

Emotional Convert Story :


Arab Brother Convert Story:


Extremely Emotional Convert Story of a brother from Pakistan:


Tabligh Motivation:

Many have asked what motivates me to do tabligh. Majority of us know English so this quote will also motivate you in sha Allah. “If it was within my power, I would have desired to go from door to door like beggars and propagate the True Religion of Allah and thereby rescue humanity from polytheism (Shirk) and disbelief (Kufr). If Allah would grant me the knowledge of the English language, I would personally embark on preaching (Tabligh) expeditions and spend my entire life in this pursuit even if I were to die in this cause.” (Malfuzat, vol. 3, page 291-292)

I’m Already Guided:

Some Muslims quickly say “I am already guided” when we preach to them. Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh) explained that in response to such Muslims who say this, should be responded to without giving an involved answer. Ask a counter question and say why don’t you preach to me then? You say I shouldn’t preach to you, I stand in need of your preaching so how about you preach to me? Tell them our attitude is why don’t you preach to me and have a dialogue? Such a counter question is enough.”Alright sir I will not preach to you, but then I stand in need of your preaching.” Your question shows that you are right and I am wrong so it’s your duty to correct me. This is an easy way to begin a discussion with the non Ahmadi Muslims who say they are already guided.

Dear Muslims, Reflect:

Many ask me the difference between Ahmadi Muslims and non Ahmadi Muslims. In short, Ahmadi Muslims believe that the Promised Messiah(as) and Imam Mahdi has already come and is none other than Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian, while the other Muslims still await him. However, it is more complicated than this and it is important to see what both sides believe in, and what is in line with the Qur’an and ahadith.

With regards to the coming of the Messiah, let us first see the interpretation of the maulvis which is followed by majority of the practicing Muslims who await a Messiah. They say that a two thousand year old Prophet (Hadhrat Isa(as), will wear two yellow sheets (even though the Prophet (sa) regards yellow garments to be the dress of infidels, not to be used by the Muslims), will descend in Damascus from the skies, swinging in the air, his hands resting on the shoulders of two angels. Everyone will be watching him and be clapping in excitement saying that the Messiah has arrived!

When he descends from the heavens, he will get married and have children. A 2000 year old Prophet would descend from the heavens and marry and have children, but it is not mentioned that whether he will first look for a wife or perform other tasks and nor is it mentioned who’s daughter he would marry. If he marries the daughter of a Barelvi, all the Deobandis will reject him and if he marries the daughter of a Deobandi all the Barelvis will reject him. If he marries the daughter of someone from Ahle Hadith, both will reject him and if he marries a daughter of a Shia, all would reject him.

His other tasks show (according to their interpretations) that he would not be sent for the reformation of Muslims although this is the task every prophet is sent with. His main task (as they take it literally) would be killing of pigs. He will rush into jungles and kill all of the pigs. He will chase them on land and sea and not leave a single pig in the world. After that, he would break all of the crosses as well. If he sees a person with a cross, he would go and break it (God forbid) and just imagine, if he breaks 10 crosses in one part of the world how many thousands would be made on the other side of the world?

They then believe that a donkey would also be born who would have ears seventy arm lengths apart and it would consume fire. A one eyed anti Christ will ride on this donkey in the clouds so high, that his head would be hidden. People will ride in his belly. After the Messiah kills all of the swines, he would turn to a one-eyed Antichrist and overpower him. Then the scholars will praise him and say the Messiah has fulfilled his tasks. But the Messiah will again excuse himself and have to break the crosses and even those on churches, contradicting the Qur’anic teachings. He will even go into people’s houses without permission to complete this task, which also contradicts the Qur’an. He will then see crosses stitched onto clothes and then God knows what he would do! Does any of this make sense? Would attributing such signs literally not be disrespectful to the Prophet (sa)?

So what is the reality? The mullahs claim that Ahmadi Muslims have lost their minds! But the reality is, that Hadhrat Isa(as) has died according to the Qur’an and the ahadith. The Messiah was not to be the same Isa(as) of 2000 years ago, nor does breaking of crosses mean the physical breaking of crosses. the swines are also not to mean the physical killing of swines. The messiah would be like all other prophets and be born from among the Muslims. The opponents will reject him, slander him and call him a dajjal. His followers will be persecuted and their houses will be looted and they will be hated against and declared outside the fold of Islam. The Messiah will spread the true Islam with love, reason and wisdom and give such powerful arguments against the crucifixion of Hadhrat Isa(as) which would fulfill the breaking of the cross. He will change the swinish habits of people and reform them and confront the nations who promote deception on earth.

The blind right eye o the antichrist means that these nations are completely devoid of spirituality and their bright left eye symbolizes their love for the world and great progress of the world. The Messiah will wage a spiritual war against these ideologies and strive for the spread of Islam. He will challenge all faiths and show the truth of Islam and establish a community which would become the face of Islam forever. Apparently, our interpretation is considered illogical. The choice is yours! (3)

Interpreting the Bible:

Should we interpret the Bible in light of the Quran?

Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh) stated:
“That is exactly the right way to go about it. The Holy Qur’an came as the judge of whatever had passed before it. So the Holy Qur’an took such teachings from the earlier books as had the strength of (not sure what the word was exactly but the message is clear) everlasting truth and rejected the falsehood added later by human beings. So all the interpolations made by the later period scholars were rejected by the Holy Qur’an. So it gave a true picture of original teachings of torah, as well as the teachings of Jesus, whatever they were. So, in light of the Holy Qur’an, when you preach to the Christians and Jews you will find enough evidence in their books to prove it to them, otherwise if you reject their books, they would say well, we believe in our book you believe in your book and there is no common platform. But the Holy Qur’an doesn’t say. It says they still contain passages, using which you can refute their views from their own books. So this is the best approach you should make in the light of the declarations of the Holy Qur’an, you study their books in which they believe, and tackle them through this way” (Question and Answer Session, October, 25 1984)