Chapter 55 verses 27-28
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Chapter 55 verses 27-28

All That Is On Earth Will Pass Away On It

Chapter 55 verse 27

“All that is on it (earth) will pass away. And there will remain only the Person of thy Lord, Master of Glory and Honour.” (Chapter 55, verse 27-28)

Once again this verse is beautifully explained by the Promised Messiah(As). He states: “In other words, everything that is present on earth and comes out of it is subject to destruction. That is, with every breath it travels towards decay. The meaning is that every earthly body follows a path leading towards non-existence – a path, moreover, that is inexorable. This is the impetus that pushes a person from childhood to youth and adulthood, thence to old age, and finally to the grave, and no one is exempt from this law of nature. Allah, Most High, uses the present participle faanin instead of the present tense yafni to make us comprehend that destruction (fana) is not something that will take place once sometime in the future, but instead the chain of decay and decomposition is a continuous one.


Nevertheless, our religious scholars (maulvis) continue to entertain the belief that the Messiah, son of Mary, despite having a physical body which, according to this patent and irrefutable evidence, is subject to the relentless process of degeneration, has gone up to the heavens without any change or alteration to his body and without time having any deleterious effect on him. This, in spite of the fact that in this verse Allah, Most High, has not excluded the Messiah from the status of an earthly human being” (Izala-e-Auham, under verse 25)