Chapter 54 verses 55-56
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Chapter 54 verses 55-56

Paradise Is Interdependent (54:55-56)



“Verily, the righteous will be in the midst of Gardens and streams, In the seat of truth with an Omnipotent King.” (Chapter 54 verse 55-56)


Explained in the Words of the Promised Messiah(as)


“Now, from the point of view of these verses, it becomes quite obvious that Allah, Most High, has made entry into Heaven and occupation of a seat of truth mutually contemporaneous. That is, He has made coming into His presence and reaching Paradise interdependent. So if the verse, “I shall raise you to Me (raafiu‘ka ilaiyya) means that the Messiah has been lifted towards Allah, then of a certainty he has entered Paradise just as another verse, “Return to thy Lord (Irji‘i ilaa Rabbiki)” which has the same meaning as: I shall raise you to Me, is standing proof of this very same point. From this, we can see quite clearly that these three events – being raised towards Allah, Most High, joining the company of those drawn close to Him, and entering Paradise – all take place at one and the same time. Thus, these verses, also, establish conclusively the death of Prophet Jesus (as).…. “ (Izala-e-Auham under verse 26)