False tafsir Tanwir Al Miqbas
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False tafsir Tanwir Al Miqbas

False tafsir Tanwir Al Miqbas

This is a totally daif tafseer and here and many references from non Ahmadi scholars themselves.


ome quotes of people regarding it:

1) Muhammad bin Marwaan Siddi Al-Koofi. He is popularly known as Siddi as-Sagheer


Imam Dhahabi said about him: Muhadditheen have abandoned him and he is accused of lying by some and he is a student of Kalbi. (Meezan-ul-I’tidaal 4/32).


Imam Bukhari said: He is Matrook (Taarikh Al-Kabeer 1/232,Narrations can never be written from him (Ad-Dua’fa as-Sagheer p-350)


Imam Nasa’ee said: He is abandoned in hadith (Ad-Dua’fa wal Matrookeen 538)


Imam Bayhaqi said: He is matrook (Kitaab Asma-wa-Sifaat p-94)


Imam Yahya bin Maeen said: He is not thiqah (Al-Jarh wa tadeel 8/86)


Imam Abu Haatim ar-Razee said: Matrook (Al-Jarh wa tadeel 8/86)


Imam Ibn Hibban said: He used to narrate fabricated narrations from Thiqah narrators. Its not permissible to write from him (Al-Majrooheen 2/286)


Imam Ibn Numayr said: Kadhab (liar) (Ad-Dua’fa al-Kabeer of Uqaili 4/136)


Hafidh Ibn Hajr said: Accused of lying (Taqreeb at-tahzeeb 6284)


Hafidh Haythami said: He is weak by Ijmaa. (Majoo az-Zawaaid 1/214)


2) Muhammad bin Saa’ib Kalbi


Imam Abu Haatim Ar-Razee said: There is an Ijmaa of people that his ahadith are Matrook.
(Al-Jarh wa tadeel 7/271)


Imam Sulaymaan At-Taymee said: There were two Kadhaab (liars) in Kufaa and one among them was Kalbi.(Al-Jarh wa tadeel 7/270)


Imam Jawzjani said: Kadhab (liar) (Ahwaal-ar-Rijaal 37)


Hafidh Ibn Hajr said: Accused of Kadhb and Rafd (Taqreeb at-Tahzeeb 5901)


3) Bazaam Abu Saleh


Imam Nasa’ee said: Daeef Koofi. (Ad-Duaafa wal-Matrookeen 72)


Imam Bukhari mentioned him in (Kitaab at-Dua’afa :21)


Imam Dhahabi said: Daeeful-hadith (Deewan ad-dua’fa 544)


Hafidh Ibn Hajr said: Daeef (Taqreeb at-Tahzeeb 634)


These include imam Bukhari(ra), Imam Dhahabi(ra) and Ibn Hajr Asqalani(Ra)so be careful when quoting such tafsir.