Isa (as) Body Switched and Another Crucified?
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Isa (as) Body Switched and Another Crucified?

Isa (as) Body Switched and Another Crucified?

Another narration presented by the non-Ahmadi Muslims is from Durr al-Manthur. It is narrated:

وَأخرج عبد بن حميد وَابْن جرير وَابْن الْمُنْذر عَن مُجَاهِد فِي قَوْله {شُبِّه لَهُم} قَالَ: صلبوا رجلا غير عِيسَى شبه بِعِيسَى يَحْسبُونَهُ إِيَّاه وَرفع الله إِلَيْهِ عِيسَى حَيا

“From Mujahid regarding ‘he was made to appear to them so’ he said they crucified another man apart from Isa who resembled Isa and they thought it was him and God raised Jesus (as) alive.” (Durr al-Manthur, vol. 2, p. 728)

This is not a statement of the Prophet Muhammad (sa), rather a mursal narration which does not in anyway go back to the Prophet Muhammad (sa) or his companions.