Age of Isa عليه السلام When He Died?
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Age of Isa عليه السلام When He Died?

Allegation is that  Ahmad(as) wrote Isa(as) died at the age of 120 and in other writings he has written that he has died at the age of 125 and then that he was 153. Another complete lie.


Even in this saying the maulvi has lied as usual. He has taken things out of context and stated things which the Promised Messiah(as) has never even said. Never did the Promised Messiah(as) say Jesus(as) died at the age 153.  This is a clear lie of the maulvi. No where will you ever find such a writing. Ahmad(as) never said that after 35 years Isa(as) lived another 120 either as the maulvi lied about this as well. In Ruhani Khazain Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) has said that the crucifixion was a big problem and to be saved from it he prayed a lot to Allah to save him. Therefore Allah accepted his prayers, and not only did Allah save him, but even after this he lived up to the age of 120 years.Ahmad(as) states:




The first paragraph was totally twisted by the maulvi. The word umr refers to the entire lifetime always as well which exposes this lie of the maulvi. Now as for the question of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) writing the age of 125 years, this is actually from the ahadith. The numbers do indeed differ.


He next states that Ahmad(As) said that Allah tells him which ahadith are true and which are not but this is also out of context. Ahmad(as) states:




Where Ahmad(as) states that Allah has told me which Ahadith are right and which are wrong, right over there Ahmad(As) states that this is from Allah showing him the true meaning of the Qur’an as one who understands the Qur’an can only know which ahadith are true and which are not. This is because no hadith can go against the Qur’an. Now in regards to the ahadith of the age of Isa(as) both 120 years and 125 years are both in line with the Qur’an so both are right. The 120 years and 125 years is the same age which the Quran in Chapter 3 verse 47 refers to when stating middle age.