Squirrels Being Revived From Dead
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Squirrels Being Revived From Dead

The next allegation is that Hazrat Ahmad (as) said that there have been some squirrels that were revived back to life through dirt.

Firstly, this is a misinterpretation of the works of Hazrat Ahmad (as). In Hamamatul Bushra, throughout the book, he (as) explains that one who dies never comes back to life again.

The passage the anti-Ahmadis quote is as follows:

ایک یہ بھی دیکھا گیا ہے کہ جب ایک گلہری کو پتھر یا سوٹے سے مارا جائے اور وہ بظاہر بالکل مر جائے مگر ابھی تازہ ہو تو اگر اس کے سر کو گوبر میں دبا یا جائے تو چند منٹ میں و ہ زندہ ہو کر بھاگ جاتی ہے

The correct translation would be as follows : “It has also been observed that when a squirrel is killed with a stone or stick and is apparently completely dead but is still fresh, then if the head is buried in dung, in a few minutes it comes back to life and runs away. (Chashma-e-Marifat, Page 171)

As we see, Hazrat Ahmad (as) is not speaking of a squirrel that is actually dead. Even when such vocab is used, it is used to show those animals that are apparently dead but still alive. Science till today shows that sometimes an animal may seem dead but then through CPR or other means, it is brought back to life. This is what Hazur (as) is explaining here. He (as) writes in his book Three Questions by a Christian and their answers that we know that certain drugs do cause some animals to be revived after death. Here too, he (as) is speaking of apparent death and this is seen throughout the world daily where an animal seems to be dead but through medicine, it is brought back to ‘life’. The words used themselves indicate the squirrel was not dead as he (as) says بظاہر بالکل مر جائے مگر ابھی تازہ ہو meaning it seems as if it has died but it is still fresh.