Excessive Urination?
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Excessive Urination?

An allegation which is often raised by the non Ahmadi Muslims is that Ahmadas has written that he would need to urinate hundred times a day, and apparently according to them, this is wrong for a religious man. This is by far one of the most ridiculous allegations.

Firstly, the passage they qupte mentions that only sometimes would Hadhrat Ahmadas need to urinate. Other than that he would go to the washroom 15-20 times rather than 100 (Haqiqatul Wahi Page 364 and Nasim-e-Dawat Page 69).

 This is normal as one gets older and is ill. The Maulvis raise the allegation that Hadhrat Ahmadas did not pray because of this. This is also false has Hadhrat Ahmadas stated clearly that despite this, he would climb the stairs for prayers and never did Hadhrat Ahmadas miss any prayer.

It is not shocking that the anti Ahmadis have raised such a allegation as it is in their nature to mock. Furthermore, the commentaries of their greatest commentators say a lot of worst things in regards to other Prophets. For example describing Hadhrat Ayyubas  that satan blew into his nose and this wounded his entire body to a point where his nails fell off. Imam Razi also wrote that the Prophet was exiled and his body began to smell really bad as well. It also states that he became bald and was in this calamity for 18 years and then everyone abondoned him including his two brothers.

Furthermore Hadhrat Sheikh Farid ud Din Atarrh stated that Hadhrat Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Ahmad al Khawazrh had diarrhoea and bathed 60 times a day and night and would bathe after reliving himself.

In regards to Hadhrat Abdul Qadir Jilanirh it is also mentioned that he would urinate and would have to shower during and the anti-Ahmadis should count and tell us how many times this occurred (Guldastah Kiramat Page 364)

It is sad that the anti Ahmadis lack common sense and do not understand that Ahmadas did more work alone during his time than the Islamic Ummah combined. He defended Islam like no one else, and replied to every allegation against Muhammadsaw. Excessive urination is a normal condition for those who do a lot of work and for those who suffer from diabetes. Ahmadas took on the challenge from the entire world and was ready to prove to anyone that Islam is the true religion, and Allah is our Creator who revealed the Qur’an upon Muhammadsaw. Islam was being attacked by Christians, Hindus, Atheists and even the Jews.  No one was able to reply to these allegations the way he did, and those who learned from him did. The non Ahmadi Muslims themselves have admitted that Muslims were at that time lying flat on their faces sobbing in the aftermath of their shortcomings, either doing nothing for Islam or not being able to do anything for it.

Ahmadas wrote over 80 books in the defense of Islam, which the scholars themselves had to admit, were works that could not be done without the Support of Allah. His works proved the truthfulness of the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammadsaw in such a way that was not known to the world.These books regained the title of the true Religion for Islam and this was because of the Support Allah gaves to Ahmadas who’s writings shatterred each and every oponent of Islam through beautiful arguments.

Once again, there is nothing wrong with suffering from excessive urination during such periods of time where the person is doing a lot of work. Ahmadas worked his entire life for Islam and would work long hours, even though his condition was not the best. This allegation in reality shows the love Ahmadas had for Islam, and that he was ready to serve Islam at any time and at any place. He would travel long distances to protect the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw and would invite people over to Qadian as well, to show them the truthfulness of Islam. Along with this, he himself would pay the expenses. This shows how great of a lover he was, of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw.Now the anti Ahmadis try to say that religious men should not have such condition but this is completely baseless.