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Claim of Krishna

The baseless allegation is that Ahmadas claimed to be the latter day Krishna and the avatar. In Hinduism the concept of a Prophet is called  an avatar and it has the same meaning in its own language also. The word avatar comes from “utara” also and it is the same thing as a messenger in the English language. Ahmadas explained the concept of Islam and his claim to the Hindus through their scriptures, and to the Christians through theirs. Some have the misconception that Krishnaas claimed to be God but this is totally false. He did not claim to be God and nor did Isaas rather their message was corrupted by the people who exaggerated their claims to a point where both prophets were called gods. Even if we read the Hindu books we still see the clear message of one God in many areas and the proof that God has no image nor should people make idols of the one Creator.


The Holy Qur’an is the greatest book and is the only book which states one should accept all messengers. All people were given a prophet, and some try claiming there is no proof for the claim we make but this holds no reality. A hadith states:


“There was a prophet of God in India who is dark in color and his name was Kahan [Krishna]” (History of Hamadan Dailmi Chapter Al-Kaaf).


The teaching of Krishnaas also had tauheed and he was a true Prophet but after he died he was worshipped as Isaas was. Furthermore, according to many scholars Muhammadsaw is the Kalki Autar mentioned in the Hindu books so such an alleagation against Ahmadas would be useless.


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas states:


“God Almighty has disclosed to me repeatedly in my visions that a person of the name of Krishan, who appeared among the Aryas, was a chosen one of God and was a Prophet of his time. The expression Avatar which is current among the Hindus is in its essence synonymous with Prophet. There is a prophecy in Hindu scriptures that in the latter days an Avatar would appear, who will possess the qualities of Krishna and will be his reflection. It has been conveyed to me that I am that person. Krishan had two qualities; one, that he was Ruddar i.e. the slayer of wild beasts and swine, [evil characters] that is to say by reasoning and Signs; and, two, that he was Gopal i.e. the nourisher of cows, that is to say he was a helper of the virtuous through his spirit. Both of these are the qualities of the Promised Messiah and God has bestowed both of them upon me.”(Tohfah Golarhviyyah, Page 130 Sub Footnote, Ruhani Khazain Volume 17, Page 317 Sub footnote)




“God, who is the Master of heaven and the earth, has disclosed to me and has told me—not once, but several times—that: ‘You are Krishan for the Hindus and the Promised Messiah for the Muslims and the Christians.” (Lecture Sialkot, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 20, Page 228)




“Now let it be clear that it has been made manifest to me that Raja Krishan was, in fact, such a perfect man that his match is not found in any Rishi and Avatar of Hindus. He was the Avatar, that is, Prophet, of his time and the Spirit of holiness descended upon him from God. God had bestowed victory and majesty on him. He cleansed the land of Aryavart of sin. He was in fact a prophet of his time, but his teachings were distorted in several things after him. He was filled with the love of God and held piety dear to him and loathed evil. God had promised that his reflection, that is an Avatar, would be sent in the latter days; so this promise was fulfilled in my appearance.”(Lecture Sialkot, Pages 33-34, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 20, Pages 228-229)