AhmadiAnswers | Joined her In Marriage to You and Unmarried or Widow
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Joined her In Marriage to You and Unmarried or Widow

Now the next revelation they accuse is “we have joined her in marriage to you”. The same has been used in Surah Al Ahzab where Allah states:




And remember when thou didst say to him on whom Allah had bestowed favours and on whom thou also hadst bestowed favours: ‘Keep thy wife to thyself, and fear Allah.’ And thou didst conceal in thy heart what Allah was going to bring to light, and thou wast afraid of the people, whereas Allah has better right that thou shouldst fear Him. Then, when Zaid had accomplished his want of her so as to have no further need of her, We joined her in marriage to thee, so that there may be no hindrance for the believers with regard to the wives of their adopted sons, when they have accomplished their want of them. And Allah’s decree must be fulfilled.(Chapter 33 Verse 38)


The Qur’an shows us that Zainab was married to Muhammad(saw) after she was divorced and became a widow which was the same word revealed to Ahmad(as). This makes it clear that it referred to after she would become a widow if her father and husband does not repent, would marry Promised messiah(as). However, the Husband did indeed repent. Ahmad(as) states:


“And as for the issue that the revelation states that the marriage of Nikah of this woman has been announced with me in the heavens, this is true, but as we have already mentioned, for the apparent manifestation of this Nikah, which was announced in the heavens, there was a condition stipulated by God, which was published at that tie too and it is O Lady! Repent! Repent! For affliction shall befall your children.(Haqiqatul Wahi)


The final allegation on this prophecy is unmarried or a widow.


The revelation was


بكر وثیب


The meaning of this revelation in light of the above-mentioned verse is that ‘after’ Muhammadi Begum becomes a widow (if her father and husband does not repent), she would be married to the Promised Messiah (as).


This was regarding a virgin and a widow to enter wedlock with Ahmad(as). The virgin was Hazrat Nusrat Jahan (ra) and regarding the widow Ahmad(As) wrote that Muhammadi Begum would enter in marriage with him unless her father gets her married elsewhere, and if that be the case, her father would die of three years of that marriage and then her husband given if they don’t repent. The father of Muhammadi begum got her married elsewhere, and in six months he died even though his health was not bad. Seeing this, her newly wed husband became fearful for his life, and the majority of that family repented, He would have died as well, and then as a widow Muhammadi Begum would have entered in wedlock with Ahmad(As). However, after this Ahmad(as) was revealed that he himself would pass away before Nusrat Jahan(ra) who was his the virgin mentioned, as a widow. This way the virgin and a widow revelation would be fulfilled in a single person, and it did in this exact manner. What makes this prophecy a miracle is that all of this was foretold before the events.