AhmadiAnswers | Pigott, The False Claimant of Divinity
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Pigott, The False Claimant of Divinity

John Hugh Smyth Pigott was a leader of the Agapemone, which had similar views to the Protestant Christians. He firstly claimed to be the everlasting Messiah and god as well. It is sad that the anti Ahmadis defend a claimant of the Messiah and god over a lover of Muhammadsaw who was defending the oneness of Allah. On September 7,1902 Pigott delivered a sermon which had over 6000 attendees and had a typical ssermon which occurs at a Church, but also made the divine claim that he was the latter day Jesus and also the God of the heavens. In response to this, some of his followers began to prostrate towards him while others began to swear at him and throw stones at him.


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas of Qadian replied to Pigott and told him that if he does not stop such claims, he would be destroyed by the Wrath of Allah. This was sent to the Christian in November 1902. We see a prophecy of Ahmadas in Tadhkirah which states:


“Upon prayer with concentration concerning Piggott, the Promised Messiahassaw in a dream some books on which it was written three times: Tasbih, Tasbih, Tasbih. and then received a revelation:


This revelation indicates that the present condition of Piggott is not good or that he would not repent in future. It can also mean that he would not believe in God, or that what he has done by telling such a lie against God and planning against Him, is not good. The part Allah is severe in retribution shows that his end will be doomed and he will be afflicted with God’s chastisement. Indeed, it is a very daring thing to claim to be God.” (al-Badr, Volume 1, No.4, November 21, 1902, Page 25, and al-Badr, Volume 1, No.5, and 6, November 28 and December 5, 1902 Page 42, and al-Hakam, Volume 6, No.42, Novembr 24,1902, Page 6)


After the claim of Pigott, dangers arised in regards to his life which caused him to move to Spaxton which was located in West England. He lived in a house which looked like a church and it was called Abode of Love. It was far from the city and enclosed by four walls, and was also thought to be the most safe area for  Pigott as many wanted him to be killed. It is stated that:


“Smyth Pigott had learned his lesson at Clapton, that the opinion of the outside world still counted and he had no desie to face in Somersetshire the kind of demonstrations he had endured in London…When (he) drove through the village he adopted the worldly role of a benign squire rather than that of the Messiah”(The Temple of Love by Donald McCormick, Page 95)


It is clear from the sources that Pigott had not repeated his claim of godship in the lifetime of Ahmadas as he was too scared. Even when he registered the birth of the children he had, his occupation would state that he is a priest. There is no one who can show us that Pigott had repeated his claim during the time of Ahmadas, and in fact he gave a gift to his son which was a bible and stated “To my first born son, David from your father who says with you ‘Our Father, which art in Heaven”. This itself shows that he had taken away his claim. He also had a personal plaque which stated the latin words, “Homo Sum. Humani Nihil A Me Alienum Puto” which means “I am a man. Nothing akin to Humanity do I consider alien to me.”


According to the research of Dr. Joshua Schwieso, Piggot originally took away his initial claim of being a god. The famous historian Dr. Nick Barratt, also did a research into the life of Pigott and came to the conclusion that he originally removed his claim of godship. The allegation is that Ahmadas passed away in 1908 while Pigott passed away in 1927. These people forget to read the true prophecy of Ahmadas which included:


“I therefore warn him through this notice that if he does not repent of this irrelevant claim, he shall be soon annihilated”


As we have said, Pigott had never restated his claim of godship in the time of Ahmadas and therefore remained safe as he originally took away his claim. The issue was the claim of Pigott rather than Pigott himself. Now when Ahmadaspassed away, and a year passed after his death, in 1909 Pigott repeated his claim of godship. Pigott was having sexual relations with women despite him being married and also had children with these women. He was also removed from his post from his Church and this fulfiled the prophecy mentioned in Tadhkirah as he claimed “I do not care for this decision, I am God!!”. Ahmadaswas told by Allah that Pigott would not repent and that he would not attain any victory. The mental health of Pigott also began to worsten, and his bride left hm as well. Donald McCormick states in regards to her leaving him:


“It was a slow process brought about principally through a disintergration of his character”(The Temple of Love, By Donald McCormick, Page 95)


Pigott was unable to speak properly and even his followers wanted him to be removed and claimed that the entire community would be ruined with him as a leader. His followers began to depart him and leave him with no support. Piggot died in 1927, but spend his final days in a state of a mental crisis and was totally destroyed. No one in his area has even heard of him today nor does anyone know where his body is buried. His grave had a expensive goldfinsh tablet which had his name engraved but even this was sold by his alcoholic son to buy more alcohol. The curse of God was clearly on Pigott.


Dr. Joshua Schwieso stated :


“In exact oposite to Agapemone’s situation, the foundation for the Islamic sect which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had laid down is today still flourishing”


The own granddaughter of Pigott said in regards to the Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmadatba:


“I never knew that such spiritual people still exist” and “I have just met a very beautiful personality” and further claimed “It looks as if e can see the inside of people”. She also sent a letter to the Khalifa of Islam expressing her gratitude. This prophecy was clearly fulfilled and anyone who studies it properly is forced to agree.