AhmadiAnswers | Praying next to his Wife?
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Praying next to his Wife?

In Islam when one is praying with their wife or any female is in a gathering, they always stand behind the Imam. This is the sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw and also the way of Ahmadas. The allegation of the anti Ahmadi Muslims is that Ahmadas used to pray next to his wife but this is a complete lie. This only occurred once and if the context of the situation is looked at, there remains no room for any allegation. The truth is that Ahmadas was extremely sick, and he made his wife pray next to him incase he would fall or get drowsy because of his condition. This shows how much he loved the prayers, and how he would never skip any prayer. The anti Ahmadis try making allegations but when context is looked at, these allegations prove the truthfulness of Ahmadas.